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  1. Boobni82

    Games on Gold

    Bound to be an April Fools and it will be Blood Money instead - its more in the same release date that they have gone for in the past
  2. I've a number of keys if anyone wants them Ticket to Ride + DLC Worms Reloaded Anomaly Korea Batman AO DLC Lord of the Rings Online starter pack Mortal Kombat Kollection Guardians of Middle Earth and DLC
  3. Biggest surprise this gen for me had to be Bioshock. I hadn't seen any reviews or heard anything about the game at all and went into local video store to rent a game as the missus was away for the weekend and I was skint and was just staying in all weekend. Got home and fired it up and from the moment of crashing into the sea at the beginning and swimming to the lighthouse and opening the doors to be greeted with Beyond the Sea all the way through to the end is still my favourite game this gen. The art-deco style visuals and the whole back story was incredible. It was one of the first games where I really had to know more about the whole game universe and went off searching for all the audio diarys and when they were found in the right sequence and really detailed the breakdown of an area or person was a brilliant pay off. The only real draw back in the game for me was the paper thin morality choices you had in relation to the little sisters were you were either good or bad essentially. I've seen people complain about being able to freeze and wrench enemies to death easily but to me it wasnt really an overly valid complaint - I never played that way and loved testing the new plasmids out to see what different ways I could take people out. I went through a phase of watching loads of game trailers, previews and reviews of games that I was looking forwards to playing and whilst it was cool getting to the same awesome bit that you had seen in a trailer and recognising it it always felt like I was losing something by not seeing it for the first time. I've went back to avoiding mostly all trailers etc for games and movies and just having a quick check of reviews before playing and really love finding a gem that I've had zero knowledge about.
  4. I'll be up for a few rounds of Golf at some point - will add you on 360 if thats ok? Have tried playing a few times but each time people have quit after about 5 holes and left me to it.
  5. Cheers for the nips Mr Do - I also stole some perfect peaches on the way out and tried to leave an extra 99k of bells but got resettied again and getting back my town I still had the peaches and the tip somehow sorry. Love your town - waiting on my guys giving me more suggestions for the town but havent had any since my town hit perfect status for some reason.
  6. Yeah I'm getting the same at the moment - just reset my router in case it was me
  7. Added, my friend code is: 3566 - 1689 - 8295BTW, my turnip price is a massive 636 I made 10 million bells this afternoon. I can open for those who wish to sell. Can I get an add please - are you about this evening? Fc is 3136-7842-8191
  8. Added now - I'm just playing gta so probably won't be about
  9. 3136-7842-8191Will add you in a few mins - have someone in town Don't worry about tips - made a good amount in nips this week so it's grand
  10. Hey can open when it suits - what's your code?
  11. I have 347 in my town if anyone is interested
  12. Whats the app for - read the description about the car customization and stuff but does it link into the game at all? Pre-ordered this after playing it at my mates yesterday after he got the early pre-order from Amazon. Instantly decided that however little money I had before payday I could find enough to get the game.
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