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  1. I feel for Adrian because you cannot replace Alisson's saves, presence and just as importantly his distribution. Also being thrown into the first team so suddenly is something nobody could have planned for. What he needs to do though is avoid doing anything catastrophically bad or avoidable. If he doesn't find 70 yard passes to Salah or make super human saves then I can forgive that because we didn't pay 70 million for him. But amateur hour stuff like that is really unacceptable. Lacazette and Aubameyang next weekend, he better be clearing shit fast by then!
  2. The worrying thing is that the exact same thing happened in the first half and he didn't learn from it then. He wants waaay too much time on the ball, it's scary. Also Ings missed an absolute sitter there. Much better second half with a needlessly nervy ending.
  3. Southampton have been pressing extremely hard and playing very well, I can't see them keeping that pace up for the full 90 minutes though. I think Liverpool have done well to weather the storm given how knackered some of them must be. What a stunner from Mane though, absolute gut punch for Southampton who have been so dominant for most of it.
  4. Unlocking obviously gives you more options but I don't think you're handicapped without them. It varies how important they are and some of the weaker stuff you unlock actually waters down the card pool. With Ironclad I'd say Immolate is the one that most feels like a missing piece from his set of tools before you have it. Havoc/Sentinel/Exhume can all do lots of really fun tricky stuff and can be very strong but I don't think any of them are close to being win conditions for the character. Evolve is handy and nice to have but again it's rarely a winning pick up. Wild Strike is entirely mediocre and I think he probably gets a bit weaker when that's unlocked. The Heavy Blade/Spot Weakness/Limit Break bundle is probably the most potent set of unlocks but that's hist first one so you're not without it for long. On the relic side, Omamori is... OKish. It can be good but you're generally disappointed that you didn't get something better. Shovel can be good and can be totally useless. Prayer Wheel is quite good but far from a run-winner. Blue Candle is extremely situational and can often be a dud relic. Singing Bowl is pretty good but Ironclad can do HP tank builds just fine without it. Then, admittedly, Dead Branch is one of the best relics in the game. It is a rare one though, so again it's not something that's likely to define your win/loss ratio. It can turn a mediocre run into a win and it can turn something good into something truly broken, but it's expensive to buy and rarely turns up as a reward, so again the character is fine without it because he has to be most of the time. And yeah, the daily challenges are often quite easy to win but people use them as a high score challenge as you can compete against everyone else knowing that you're all playing the same seed. It's a fun challenge to see who can make the most out of it given just one attempt.
  5. Have you even read your own posts though? Rllmuk is pretty spoddy, don’t make the mistake of thinking your own flavour of spoddy is any cooler than the next person’s. We alll spod down here, it’s a great outlet for it.
  6. Yeah I've done with a Nigthmare/Burst/Catalyst combo before. My favourite Transient kill was when Jorbs managed to kill Transient with Ironclad and finish him off with Feed. Not only killed Transient but ate it as well. The absolute mad lad.
  7. Nah it's well rubbish. I thought by hour 1000 of gameplay I might start to enjoy it but it's just not grabbing me.
  8. Just had an amazing little Defect combo. Necronomicon (first attack in a turn that costs 2 or more energy gets played twice) + Echo form (First card in the turn is played twice) + Sunder + (Costs 3 energy for 32 damage and gives you 3 energy if you kill with it). Necro/Echo combo means it get played 4 times as long as it's the first card played. Bonk, bonk, bonk, bonk, free energy. It's not often I win with Defect by just whacking the enemy on the head repeatedly, but there it is.
  9. Ascension 20 is very, very difficult. If you're looking for a bigger challenge it should satisfy. @smac can we see some of the decks or do you have any way to record or stream your runs? We did some great "Slay the spire by committee" runs when @Nespresso was struggling with the game and everything clicked for him after that.
  10. Wonder if Desk has had a hand in these. They have some very cool and very specific meaty/trade combos in there that I wouldn't expect to see in these character showcase videos.
  11. Excellent work Nate! With Apotheosis I think its rarity, the money you have to spend on it, the upgrade, having to actually draw it and also being massively obliged to play it on the turn it comes up all do an OK job of balancing it. Also I don’t think it gets you out of upgrading your key cards automatically unless you have reeeeally good deck manipulation or a small deck. There are still plenty of cards I’d want upgraded anyway because they need to be upgraded the first time I see them and that might be before I draw Apotheosis. It it is very strong though no doubt, and if you manage to bottle it or have bottled Seek with Defect etc. it can become especially cheap.
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