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  1. It'd be cool if shiny Ditto turned into the shiny version of whatever it copied, but alas it does not. I think any shiny is a cool find though. Not counting distribution events I've got a fairly good collection of shinies now. In Diamond I did a bit of chaining and got a Geodude, Shinx and Starly. Then in HG/SS I got a Swellow and a Magcargo by pure luck stumbling across them. Magcargo is cool as he comes in a fetching shade of Lavender. Swellow is disappointingly similar to the original colour. Then most recently in Sun/Moon I got a Granbull. The Granbull was quite an ordeal. I was level grinding in a spot on Sun and Moon where my Charjabug could kill everything on the route in one or two shots (Raticates with X Scissor, Gastrodons with two X Scissors, Pellipers with Spark) and the only exception was Granbulls where it’d take longer so I was in the habit of running away when I saw one. I was doing it sort of absent-mindedly so I didn’t actually see the little sparkle animation when it appeared. Also shiny Granbull is a sort of peach colour instead of light purple, so at first glance I didn’t even clock that it was shiny. I actually mis-clicked and went to my bag when I meant to hit run away, then when I went back to the fight I had a second look and realised it was indeed shiny. Then I realised I only had 5 ultra balls on me and none of my usual catching squad. I have never taken such care to avoid killing something whilst also needing it on the lowest HP imaginable. Caught it with the 4th ball, heart racing. Sadly I can't bring him to Sword and Shield because of Dexit. I'll train him in Hawaii instead though, we'll get through this together.
  2. #GamefreakLiedownonamassivebedofmoney.
  3. Yep you can trade it straight back once it's evolved.
  5. Also in the animé the Pokedex entry for Farfetch'd says they make "a delicious meal" and it's why they've been hunted to near-extinction. Perhaps in Galar the ones who receive a knighthood are exempt. Also Basculin's Pokedex entry:
  6. There’s a restaurant in X and Y that serves Slowpoke tail. Their customers are humans. Sorry to break it to you man.
  7. There are so many fish and shellfish! The flavour text for Barraskewda even confirms that people eat them:
  8. Sell them back to the Pokémart, get yourself a 360 pad with a wobbly analogue stick and a stolen ipad on store credit.
  9. JLM

    Gaming Podcasts

    What the hell. What in the HELL. I haven't had a gaming podcast to listen to for ages because I got sad when Joypod ended and didn't think anything else would fill the same niche for me or hit the comedic heights of the Beatnik Bandit. How in the HELL have I missed TCGS? I have a lot of catching up to do it seems.
  10. Zeku's little cat helper v-skill is wonderful. Also another nice nod to Strider.
  11. I love that the very first train station in the very first town has a delayed service. After visiting Japan I wondered what the hell they would make of our public transport and now I have seen it.
  12. Yeah it's lovely so far. The cartoon Britishness is hilarious also. Wonder what's on the telly me old matey.
  13. 3.6 lol. People sure are having a paddy about that Dexit. The story is always easy and short. It's got easier and shorter as the series has gone on because they've cut down on the hellish caves with Zubats every three paces. This is not a bad thing.
  14. They can have good coverage and versatility, but they don't get STAB (Same type attack boost) on the elemental moves they can learn. This sounds super jargon-y but it just means if an electric type Pokémon does an electric type move it'll do 50% more damage. Normal type Pokémon can only have this boost on normal type moves, whereas a Pokémon with dual typing can have STAB on two types of move. Also normal type moves are not super effective against anything. Also a weakness to fighting can be a problem as fighting moves are very common, so normal is seen as one of the weaker defensive types as it doesn't resist anything and has a notable weakness. Ideally you want good coverage across your team, so some of your Pokémon can specialise a bit as long as the rest of the team can cover their weaknesses.
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