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  1. JLM

    Fighting Games that are not Street Fighter

    Oh man yeah, Teklen is by far the biggest culprit for me. My opponent will do some gigantic somersault of doom that looks like the opponent has broken both of their legs on landing . I block it and it’s still their turn. KOF is a real mixed bag for those visual cues, and the inconsistency makes me lose faith in them. Also a lot of moves are specifically designed to be safe unless you spend a meter to guard cancel roll through them. Or sometimes you have to block two hits, guard cancel roll the third, then run back the way you came to punish their move while it’s still whiffing. Game is hard, and it’s still by far the easiest KOF they’ve ever released.
  2. JLM

    Fighting Games that are not Street Fighter

    Omen of Sorrow is looking a hell of a lot better than in some of the earlier footage. It looked like War Gods or something similarly shit in the early builds. Still looks pretty poverty, but then that puts it right up my street if I'm honest. May still hold out for a Steam release somewhere down the line though as I barely touch my PS4 these days. In other news, I've been all about King of Fighters XIV again recently. The guys from my local scene I used to play with all dropped it over a year ago and then every time it's come up in conversation since we all reminisced about how much fun we'd all had playing it. Then we had the truly ingeious idea of,,, starting to play it again. There are still people to play on both PS4 and Steam, though I'm finding the best approach is to add anyone I have a 5 bar connection with my friends list after finding them in lobbies. Ranked is pretty much dead on both formats but I wouldn't be bothered about that anyway for this game. The good thing is that the time I've spent in the meantime learning MVC: Infinite, Them's Fightin' Herds, Killer Instinct and a bunch of other games besides has really improved my hit confirms and execution, so I've got better at KOF without practising it. The main problem I'm having at the moment though is lack of match up knowledge and experience. A hell of a lot of moves in KOF require extremely specific punishes and the roster is almost 60 characters deep. I find myself in a cycle of fighting a character I've not fought before, getting absolutely ruined and then swatting up in time for the next session. I'm also really struggling with the KOF equivalent of the flowchart Kens. I learned the game in a bit of a bubble playing with the local people. None of us play the top tier characters, and top tier characters in KOF are next level bullshit. The people on the internet have no qualms about using them, and using them in such an upsetting fashion where almost everything I get hit by seems to be caused by gaps in my knowledge. I'll block a thing that looks punishable and the BAM, eat the DP they were mashing after it. At one point a guy did wake up DP - > cancel into super - > DP - > cancel into super > DP > cancel into super > DP > cancel into super > DP > cancel into super > then a final DP which he couldn't super cancel as he'd finally run out of meter. I just had to sit there and block the whole thing as I had no idea how to punish the super and he made it VERY clear that there would always be another invincible move behind it. It's the sort of thing that the wilds of ranked Streetfighter made me very adept at punishing but in KOF I lack the know-how. My current goal for myself is to be consistent enough with my punishes that I stop losing to these people. Still having a blast with the game though. The neutral game is so fluid and fast paced and exciting. The way fireballs have to be played like a serve and volley tennis style makes the zoning unbelievably fun. Kensou in particular can be played like a Streetfighter shoto, or he can throw a fireball and then throw himself all over the screen with his amazing mobility to hit whatever response they had to the fireball and rush them down. He can switch between lame play and intense rush down in the blink of an eye and it's just so much fun. It makes it all the more gutting that SNK Heroines was rubbish and introduced Smash Bros. Blocking of all things in a 2D tag fighter. Another game where I could not only play Sylvie Paula Paula, but play TWO Sylvie Paula Paulas would be right up my street. Still, at least not buying it will keep me off whatever watchlists owning that game would put me on.
  3. Punch planet’s solution to back dashes is a really nice happy medium for me. They get you airborne and have very limited invincibility, so you generally get air reset, but all the characters have certain normals that slam the opponent or have different properties if they hit an airborne opponent. These attacks also have quite a few active frames, so you can meaty with one of those and tag the back dash and put the opponent back in a difficult situation if you make that read. So if you read a back dash and you’re right, you get a little bit of damage and maintain advantage. The opponent doesn’t fully escape the situation, but the defender doesn’t get utterly murdered for it to the point that it feels suicidal to use it. What’s nice about it in that game is that the game’s parry mechanic will beat those meaties too, so the attacker making a big read on the back dash is a commitment for them. To combat this they can use light attacks to tag the back dash as it goes airborne and stay safer against parries. The trade off is they’ll only get an air reset. The attacker gets a slightly advantageous situation but not as big as if he’d committed to the riskier read, and he gets less damage too. The defender doesn’t quite get out but they only suffer a small life loss and slightly unfavourable situation because the opponent only committed to a jab. Best implementation of both parties and back dashes in a fighting game for me. I know this isn’t the Punch Planet thread but this post was definitely relevant when I started it I swear.
  4. JLM

    Veronica Mars - revival in the works?

    This is as good an excuse as any to watch the show from the start again. IZombie has done a good job of scratching that itch but it's still not quite Veronica Mars. Excellent news.
  5. JLM

    Fighting Games that are not Street Fighter

    UNIEST (Pokemon evolution of UNILAD?) is excellent fun. I totally agree about the bizarro names for existing/familiar mechanics. We've translated them all to alpha counter/MAX mode etc. from other games to make this easier but it's taken ages to get my head around them. A huge selling point for me is that you don't have to do manual instant air dashes. I never got consistent enough with those to do them without thinking about it, which massively scuppered my attempts to play almost any other anime fighters. The GRD/Vorpal system is indeed great fun and so well implemented. Charge characters who have moves where you charge forwards and press back to do the move are so odd but it's the only way they can work when holding back is penalised. Fantasy Strike is a lot of fun but I’m disappointed at how many silly shenanigans they've put into the game. The early builds where it was just the shoto and the grappler were fantastic as it played such a clean game based around fundamentals and good decisions. Then they've gone down the same unfortunate route that Dive Kick did where they couldn't resist adding all sorts of extra nonsense to it that, for me, waters down the quality a bit. Still a good game that largely achieves what it sets out to do, and agreed on the visuals being very appealing. Also this is great (needs sound) : I've also played some Blade Strangers recently. It's bizarre. They've simplified special move inputs and reduced the number of main action buttons compared to most main stream fighters, but then there are a ton of extra mechanics that require different combinations of two buttons/three buttons to activate. What on Earth is the point of reducing the number of buttons if you have to use half a dozen macros anyway? Pocket Rumble and Fantasy Strike do simple controls well, this game does not, and the whole time I was playing it I was just thinking it'd be better if it used six buttons. Aside from that though it's a good game. The character tool sets are interesting, it moves and feels much better than in the earlier builds and you can be Shovel Knight.
  6. JLM

    Slay the Spire - Roguelike Card-em-up

    Thank you for the kind words @JDubYes. If I get into a game I tend to get reeeeaally into it and enjoy backseat playing/theorising about it as much as I do playing it. I think if you are passionate about a game it's almost your duty to help newer struggling players, especially if they're genuinely asking for help rather than going down the "this game sucks because I can't win at it" route. It applies to fighting games especially as there are so many niche titles that live or die by their (usually tiny) player base. If I can encourage more people to play my favourite game then that's better for the game and ultimately better for me as well. Everybody wins! Speaking of winning, VN1X and the council of elders play STS has been excellent. Broodoo and Savant were very sad that they couldn't make it last night but I kept them updated. Last night Griffmaster had everything covered. I found that I was just agreeing with everything he suggested and sometimes the plays he came up with were better than mine, so I could see you were in very safe hands. Night 1 we all conspired to construct a pretty cheap deck. Night 2 you had top class coaching to help you the rest of the way with the important plays. STS by community vote is a super fun way to play. Might try it myself when I try to take on the later Ascension levels. And fail. Repeatedly. I hope some more Rllmuk folks get into this game. It's so much fun and Mega Crit are doing early access so right.
  7. What has been even more positive for me is
  8. JLM

    Slay the Spire - Roguelike Card-em-up

    Yeah it was a lot of fun man. SFO Savant and Broodoo are my two friends, will try and make sure we all tune back in tomorrow. I will be so hype for this win.
  9. JLM

    Slay the Spire - Roguelike Card-em-up

    If you can win consistently I'd recommend Ascension if you haven't already. The ones they've added for levels 16-20 look nuts. Going to have a go at 16 tonight but I think finishing the rest is going to take ages. The one that changes the enemies' attack patterns/requirements etc. looks especially nasty (byrds take 4 hits to knock down, the bronze automaton doesn't take a turn off to recover after hyper beam etc). And yes, The Silent is the greatest . She's exactly who I'd pick if this were a fighting game and has everything I want to do. Defensive builds/poison builds/card draw/options/I will play 30 cards before you get another turn etc. There's so much you can do. The only thing that makes me sad is that Shiv/Storm of Steel builds can still come completely unstuck if you get the Time Eater as your floor 3 boss. You can have a deck that would totally maul everything else in the game with no issues at all, then suddenly it's all for naught. They've buffed shivs in recent patches too but I still don't think it's enough. I also think The Silent will be the hardest of the three to finish Ascension 20 with and I know that a number of the top players on Twitch are coming to that conclusion as well, but that's part of what I like about her too. Ironclad I find I have to switch up my playstyle entirely and tend to fare best if I do builds based around stacking obscene amounts of strength and dealing enormous damage. Thanks to his healing and damage he can often annihilate the first floor with little resistance too, so you can be pretty reckless and also quite ruthless about trimming the deck/trying out whacky cards. He also avoids the problem I sometimes have with The Silent where I have done too much trimming and building in preparation for my master plan and then die when I get speed checked by those "kill us in five turns or you are DEAD" type fights. Looking forward to the stream tonight. Would be amazing to see someone get their first win.
  10. That feels like Tommy Wiseau saying The Room is meant to be a dark comedy to me. Wasn't it panned by critics and punters alike? Is M. Night Shyamalan the only person smart enough to get it? I've seen it suggested that it's an intentionally schlocky ode to B-movies and I've also seen an essay claiming it to be an "Anti-film". I feel that both are giving it too much credit.
  11. JLM

    Slay the Spire - Roguelike Card-em-up

    Love it. I’ll be there. Will try and enlist a couple of my pals who have gone in deep with the game and are light years ahead of me. I’ve got pretty good at the game now (after 300 hours!!) and I’ve done Ascension 1-15 with The Silent. I still play her almost exclusively and will be attempting the recently added and truly insane looking Ascension 16-20 with her soon. That said, I can win reasonably consistently with The Ironclad too so can offer some tips there. I am useless with The Defect though as I’ve still barely used him. My two friends who play have done Ascension 15 with all three and now speak about the game in terms that go over my head despite the hours of graft I’ve put in. If I can get them in the Twitch chat they’ll be great for tips and advice. I’ve already given them the brief that you’re after that elusive first win and not trying to set a speed run world record etc. Getting your first win makes such a massive difference, and if you can get a couple in a row it changes everything. The first time I got three wins in a row with The Silent was when I realised I do actually know what I’m doing and should maybe have a go at Ascension. Before that it was getting wrecked repeatedly and then having that one run in fifty that seemed to have the gods’ blessings before going back to getting slapped. After that I managed to clear each level of Ascension in fewer than 10 attempts as I actually had a plan. Sometimes it still didn’t pan out but at least I understood why and what had gone differently this time. Before you get some wins it feels like you’re flailing in the dark each time. What a superb game though. Since I started playing fighting games competitively there have been very few games that have managed to steer me away from fighters for any length of time. This one is he first in years that has managed to completely consume all of my gaming time at the expense of everything else. I cannot sing its praises enough, and with early access and the developers dropping a substantial patch every Friday with comprehensive patch notes it’s the gift that keeps on giving.
  12. JLM

    Do/did your parents game?

    Ha, my mum is terrible for this. Every time she's had a go at gaming she's become completely engrossed and had a great time, but if you asked her what she thinks about them she'd say they're a waste of time/don't hold her attention/don't interest her. I guess I didn't see her getting obsessed with Aladdin on the Mega Drive to the point that she actually rage quit the game following her 300th failed attempt to escape The Sultan's dungeon. She also revealed that she had bought me Sonic 3 by calling me upstairs to say she was stuck on Aladdin again and needed help. Post Mega Drive she has done little to no gaming, which is a shame as she watches some truly abysmal TV when boredom takes hold and I think it'd be a great replacement for that. The Wii got her attention as it did with 99% of all humans, but aside from that she sadly retired after Aladdin. Other than that, the only "grown up" in my life who played games was my older half brother. He's a good 15 years older than me and didn't really play games in his own time, but he used to delight in making myself and my friends absolutely furious with his antics when we were kids. A favourite was to start a race in Mario Kart, then if he got into first place at any point during the race (including the first lap), he would pause the game, disconnect his controller and "retire as champion". He retired as champion from so many games that I think he might be one of the greatest gamers who ever lived.
  13. I paid actual money to see M. Night Shyamalan's "The Happening" and I don't think I'd have sat through it to the end if not for my fellow audience members. It seemed that everyone in the room realised early on that the movie was horrible, and what started out as individuals and small groups making little quips and comments eventually turned into the entire cinema laughing out loud in unison at the unintentional comedy. Ended up being a lot of fun. Normally I would absolutely hate an audience hijacking a screening like that, but that film deserved everything it got. Oh, and my older half brother traumatised me when I went to see Stargate. I was 11 at the time. He was 26. About two thirds of the way into the film, he went out "to go to the toilet". He then crawled back in on his hands and knees to avoid being seen, crept down the row behind me, then grabbed me by the shoulders and shouted "I am Ra!" right into my ear. I still don't think anything in my life since has made me jump worse than that.
  14. JLM

    Great scenes in disappointing movies

    I love the introduction scene for Kingpin in Daredevil despite the rest of the movie being a turd. I miss Michael Clarke Duncan.

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