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  1. It has to be a slash button, you shouldn’t be getting grab as kick doesn’t count so can be left out of the tapping. I can’t remember if it’s 4 or 5 taps in this game from my dabbling last night. In SF it’s usually 5 but this might be more lenient. Using multiple slash buttons (piano-ing) is usually recommended so you can do L/M/L/M to get it out it faster. You don’t need to tap forward repeatedly you just hold it. The trick to using them is to buffer the input inside other actions. Chadlotte’s has great forward motion on it, so I can back dash, then hold forward and do the input while she’s locked in the back dash animation and it will come out as soon as she recovers from the back dash. This is is how you can combo into them also. If you have a normal attack that can be cancelled into special moves it will cancel into the rapid fire special move as well. So you could do a medium slash and input the move while the medium slash is coming out/connecting and then the medium slash will cancel into the rapid fire attack as soon as you finish the input. You can also use the opening attack as part of the input, so you could press towards + medium slash to do the medium slash, and that will count as the first input for the special move, then when you tap out the rest the medium slash will cancel into the special move. Keep in in mind that the normal attack you’re cancelling will usually need to connect (hit or be blocked by the opponent) or the cancel won’t happen. This is useful though as you can stick the normal slash out with the rapid fire input happening in the background and the special move will only come out if the opponent gets touched. This is special move buffering. Many games have exceptions to this so you can cancel moves into special moves without them connecting (empty/Kara cancel) but I’m not sure if SamSho has that. I hope all of that was somewhat coherent I know fighting game terminology is baffling to a lot of folks.
  2. If you're literally just starting I don't want to spoil too much. Definitely have at least a few runs blind. The game teaches you the basics very effectively and by the end of the first run you'll already have the gist of it,. I hadn't played any deck-builders or card battling games before and still picked it up in no time. After that it's just a case of how far down the rabbit hole you will fall. Any questions about how anything works you're in the right place.
  3. Ironclad can be played very aggressively at the highest level, using Reaper and Feed as your defense, face-tanking enemy damage and generally pummelling things. He also has builds that use health as currency to power yourself up and kill things before you die and can run all sorts of crazy high risk/high reward stuff with Corruption. Not strictly glass cannon builds but far from turtly. The character is much more versatile than peope think on first impressions. There are plenty of non-turtle Defect builds as well. The Silent is the most turtly of the three but that is clearly the design ethos of the character as evidenced by a starting deck that has an extra exclusive block card and a mitigation card, an xclusive power and potion that grant intangibility and a passive damage mechanic in poison. I'd say The Ironclad is a high-risk character who CAN be played turtly, The Defect is whatever you want him to be and The Silent is a turtly character who can do dumb stuff if the situation is right. I think it's a pretty good mix.
  4. Yeah it feels horrible upgrading a quick slash or dagger throw when neutralize or footwork are sitting there, but Laguvulin and Nob need to be dealt with so fast and cutting through the first sentry ASAP is a massive win as well. Dash+ is a solid A20 Act 1 upgrade too. Solid damage and good block against Nob without having to play a skill. I've seen Jorbs upgrade a strike before at his first camp fire. A strike! That is the level of his twisted genius and commitment to early front loaded single target damage. I think deadly poison is actually OK to take pre-Nob. I notice Jorbs taking it straight away if it's the first damage common he's offered. If it's upgraded it still does enough work in the fight to be worth the risk and once it's stacked up enough there are turns where you can actually block a bit against him to take slightly less damage. Like playing one block card is pretty bad, but if he has 14 poison on him you can play survivor and two defends and even with the strength buffs you give him you'll still mitigate enough. Your deck is small enough that you've got a good chance of drawing it turn 1 as well when it's safe to play skills. More importantly though it's strong against Sentries and really really good against Laguvulin. Also it remains pretty good throughout the rest of the run in a way that most damage commons don't. Crippling Croud+ is an incredible upgrade for Acts 2 and 3 but yeah it doesn't need upgrading in Act 1 unless you have Slime Boss and don't have the damage or potions to ensure a good split. Some Crippling Croud trivia: it was actually re-worked very significantly during early access. It used to do 3 poison and 3 weak to a single enemy and it didn't exhaust. Upgraded to 5 poison and 5 weak. For 2 energy it was not great.
  5. Yeah Wu is amazing, tonnes of personality in everything she does. Long term would like to try her as well as I love trap zoners. She's going to make people so mad.
  6. Ha, Genjuro is totally the Iori/Evil Ryu xxxPhoenixShadow666xxx character of choice for this game so I'm not surprised he's everywhere online. I like him though. I was quite keen on Ukiyo for a bit as well. Cancelling things into apple toss feints looks really fun. Sadly he has already been claimed by one of my local scene pals and we always try to avoid doubling up for games where there'll be so few of us playing. Think it's going to be Charlotte with a side-line in TamTam. Honourable mention to Kyoshiro. I really like his standing jab and he can make a frog eat people. Seems legit to me.
  7. Oh man yes, good shout, I played on Steam without fast mode for FAR too long. First time I saw someone streaming it I was like whaaaa.... @imp I have only managed a single A20 victory so far so I am also struggling. It's very, VERY difficult but I love it. I also go for three elites if possible but it depends on the path. I follow the Jorbs rule of trying to make sure the route has a camp fire before the first elite to upgrade whatever my damage common is and will settle for two elites early if I don't have that. It is very difficult to find the balance and Act 1 deaths are still depressingly common. I don't think you can commit to any more than two common damage cards but you can't be too picky about what they are. Also as a general note, I had been massively under-valuing deadly poison+ and over-valuing bouncing flask. I feel like they literally swap roles as to which one is better once you get above A15. Also Piercing Wails. All of the Piercing wails. So many of my decks that get anywhere at all have a common theme of many wails. Also upgrading damage over Neutralize in Act 1 is something I do more and more often, even if it's just to get through the first elite fight. Neutralize+ is great but you need front loaded damage and you need it fast and it doesn't help enough against Sentries or Gremlin Nob. I still try and get it upgraded if I can but I've found that supplementing weak with a Crippling cloud or leg sweep later on can achieve the same thing. Also if I can get Crippling Cloud+ I will prioritize that over so many other upgrades. Other than that I just watch endless Jorbs Silent runs on Twitch and Youtube and absorb everything I can. I'm hoping it will eventually make me as good as him but it obviously won't. @smac On non-Ascension/Lower difficulties it's safe to play very risky with your path. On act 1 especially I'd always go for three elites and take upgrades over healing unless I'm in real trouble. The main benefit you have at this difficulty level is that you heal to 100% after bosses, so any HP spent during the act to make your deck stronger is guilt-free. You really want to try and get some cards removed in this act also as it's the best time to remove strikes. Act 2 it really depends on how equipped you are for Act 2's specific challenges. It's widely regarded as the toughest act because it's a big bump in difficulty from Act 1, it tests your deck for very specific things and, in the first half at least, your deck will be far from complete. Act 3 has a lot of challenges and hard fights and obviously the bosses, but by then if things have gone well you should be well equipped to face it. The Act 2 elites are very capable of ending a run that would have been fine if they'd been avoided, so if you know specifically that you can't win those fights then duck them. Act 3 it's even harder to say. It is so specific to the run that you're on that it's hard to judge. If you still have a lot of missing pieces then you need more fights, if you're generally under-powered you need relics, if you know you're boned against the boss you've drawn then you might need a shop in the hopes of finding a solution. I dunno, it's hard to give general advice on that it because of the nature of the game.
  8. Only had a quick dabble with each character and familiarised myself with the mechanics so far. It looks and feels fantastic. I wish Dimps had done SFV as well as they are so good at getting the feel of these games right. The hit stop, the weight of the characters, the impact sparks, it's all so solid and satisfying. Loving all the effects on the specials and supers as well. I do love a good sparkly projectile. Yoshitora's stuff with the seven shimmering swords and the flowers all looks lovely. I worry about the game's future because the trend in fighting games this generation is a move away from slow, patient neutral. Also because it's an incredibly niche series in a niche genre that has more titles vying for players than ever before. I can see the Twitch-viewing masses writing off the game as boring because it doesn't have enough flashy combos in it. It's made for dedicated to players to play rather than for casual players to watch, whereas most other modern fighting games seem to want to be both or skew towards the latter. It's a shame as I personally love dry as hell chess-style fighting and would like to believe there's a still a place for it in fighting games alongside the more crazy stuff. Hopefully it'll at least do well in the East like KOF so I'll still have plenty of stuff to watch. From my initial dabbling I am shocked at how much I like TamTam. He has always been one of the least appealing SamSho characters to me but he has a standing medium slash that goes half screen and his zoning looks annoying as hell. Also I loooove that his command grab has the same start up animation as his fireball. Such shenanigans. Also quite like Charlotte as she has a slight touch of SF4 Rose about her with a very strong mid-range game and a fireball that's best used at full screen. Also it's an enormous fireball that you can hold onto to mess with people's jump timing. I also like that her standing heavy can be used as both a poke and an anti-air depending on timing. Think it'll be nice to have a reliable go-to option when I'm still learning what's what. Again it's similar to Rose where she has a very reliable anti-air normal but also a DP input option if you were more prepared for the jump. In contrast to Rose she has one of the lowest jump arcs in the game and it makes me feel more at home as someone who still plays a lot of SF4 with a side of KOF. Lot of characters in this game have extremely high and floaty jumps, which makes sense as it's a game with a huge emphasis on the ground game. Her cross up jumping heavy slash looks naaasty though and I want to hit people with it. Haven't ventured online yet but will be playing with my local fighting game pals this evening. I'm hearing bad things about the lobby functionality but the netcode reports haven't been too bad. It is SNK so we shall see...
  9. Sorry should I be putting things in spoiler tags? Don't want to ruin people learning the game I just get overly-enthusiastic talking about it.
  10. For artifacts you need them in place beforehand. An artifact prevents a debuff from being applied but it won't remove a debuff if it's already applied. So you'd play Core Surge to get the artifact, then play Biased Cog, you'd get the focus, then the artifact would block the debuff before it gets applied. Same with the speed/steroid potions. Get the artifact on first, then drink the potion. As long as the artifact is in place it doesn't need to be the same turn. You can sit on an artifact until a debuff is applied. You need to make sure the enemy you're facing won't pop the artifact by applying their own debuffs though. Orange Pellets works differently as it removes a debuff that has already been applied as long as the turn meets the requirements (you need to play a skill, and attack and a power in the same turn).
  11. You can top up Focus with Defrag, Consume or a Focus Potion also. But yeah, as those guys have said you can stop the debuff happening which is the dream. Can achieve this via potion (Artifact potion), relic (Clockwork Souvenir, Orange Pellets) or card (Core Surge). Biased Cognition/Core Surge is one of The Defect's more powerful go-to synergies. You can do other fun stuff like that with artifacts. Like you can use a speed potion which gives you +5 Dexterity temporarily and removes it at the end of the turn, but use an artifact to stop the removal bit, so you have +5 Dex for the whole fight.
  12. Yeah I know, I watched the film. I was suggesting a slightly different take on it that I would have preferred and that would have made the movie more interesting to me.
  13. It's a 5/10 for me. It's by-the-numbers but it's competently done and the kid is pretty good.
  14. It was indeed early access and underwent a loooot of changes during the day year I was playing it before release. New fights, events, cards, potions, relics, removal of cards and reworking/balancing of almost everything. There was a significant patch every single week on a Friday without fail and it’s why the game feels so polished in terms of balance. The Transient and Reptancer were added very late into the game, Corpse explosion was pretty “meh” til they reinvented how it works, that optional fight where you can fight two Orb walkers (pyramid/fortune cookie things that buff strength every turn) used to be a standard elite fight you couldn’t turn down. Act 4 was added very late on also. The devs do have plans for further updates and they have mentioned a fourth character on numerous occasions. Cannot wait for that.
  15. For the longest time I saw the noxious fumes art as a sort of demon Magneto type figure dressed in red and purple. Even after seeing what it actually is I still see that first.
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