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  1. JLM

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    I thought Keita's first half performance was good today. He had some frustrating passes but then he was also the one trying to play the most incisive and ambitious through balls, so it was to be expected that some of them wouldn't make it. People can be very quick to write players off sometimes. I still think he can be a success for us and he’s barely had a chance to get started yet. I don't think tonight was a bad result and I don't think it was a bad performance either. An alright result and a clean sheet with a makeshift defense against a very well organised Bayern side who defended brilliantly, Kimmich especially. Don’t see why we can’t beat them in the second leg.
  2. JLM

    Weezer. Does anyone like them?

    I was disappointed with the teal album because it was Weezer doing karaoke rather than putting their own stamp on any of the songs. Lazy and boring. I've got tickets for June as well. Properly gutted that The Pixies are only touring with them for the U.S. shows but still very excited for the gig as I've wanted to see them for years.
  3. JLM

    Ultra Street Fighter IV

    I still play almost daily. PS4 is still lively enough, though it's a shame Steam has gone quiet as it's a better version of the game. Offline sessions are still a big thing at the moment too, we just have to work at it these days. There was an amazing session at Hadoshrooms' house late last year with NevBamshew, Miligano, BigFool, White Daigo, Super Squaddy and other familiar old faces in attendance. Our team got second at Rival Scenes last month too, coming second to Miligano and BigFool's team. Was amazing to see all the old heads back out for SF4. We also had a 14 man house session last Saturday with everyone traveling to Leeds to play sets until 4AM. It would have been 15 but Uchiha Strider said he'd only attend if there would also be a SFV set up and he was denied. I'm very fortunate to have a local monthly that still runs the game and enough people in my city and the surrounding areas to never be short of games/sessions, though a big part of it has been having the determination to keep running the game and to keep going on about it on social media until people listened and showed up. What's been great is that we've found a couple of people who only picked the game up right towards the end of the game's life and managed to get them to venture out to offline sessions too. Any time we find a UK player who is keen to play and doesn't send any rage mail we try and see if we can get them to attend a session or come to SFO. The USF4 Revival Group on Facebook has been a big help too. If anyone wants to play online on Steam, PS4 or 360 at any point I'm always still down for games. It is still the best game.
  4. JLM

    Nintendo Direct - 13.02 10PM GMT

    Slay the Spire release date please. I currently have to stop playing it when I go to bed an I am not happy about this.
  5. Not including any sort of split screen in Halo 5 was a huuuge misstep, especially when throughout the development and life of Halo 4 the message from 343 was "thank you for trusting us with your beloved franchise, we promise we won't fuck it up". They've explained why they had to leave it out but they didn't seem to anticipate just how much it would upset people. They even had to promise to never do it again: https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2017-02-24-every-halo-fps-from-now-on-will-have-split-screen
  6. Dedicating time to practise does allow one to perfect one's skills. Hence the expression: "Practise makes you more likely to be good at something."
  7. Man this is sad to me. I am utterly obsessed with fighting games so I am biased and I'm unlikely to change your mind, but to me that's like saying Chess is just the same moves being repeated again and again. It's understanding the "why" that unlocks the magic of it. The divide between people who casually button mash at fighting games and people who really understand them is so vast that they are essentially two different games though. Not in terms of "noobs don't understand and need to git gud" elitism, but more that if you only casually play them and don't delve beneath the surface, I completely agree with you that they can get boring very quickly and it's hard to understand why anyone would be obsessed with them. If you do go beneath the surface though, it can change from a game that's fun for an hour to a game that's fun for thousands and thousands of hours. I find there isn't much middle ground and that the games themselves are very bad at bridging the gap. It's a shame.
  8. JLM

    Fighting Games that are not Street Fighter

    It looks like loads of fun. Not as fun as Marvel Infinite, but loads of fun nonetheless. Definitely going to have a dabble with it, but then that's true of 99% of fighting games for me. They need to do something about the hits though. Don't know if it's the hitstop or the sound or what but it comes across as very squelchy, to use the technical term.
  9. People can speed run Dark Souls, complete the game without taking any damage, finish it with basic/underpowered character builds etc. People are very very skilled at it. It's pretty ignorant to suggest otherwise. That's why I threw babyman poop at you if you were wondering.
  10. JLM

    Slay the Spire - Roguelike Card-em-up

    Yeah comfortably my game of the year too. Defect is tonnes of fun. There's nothing quite like the moment in a Defect run where you have a turn that is utterly broken and you realise you're onto a winner. My friends and I tend to call it out as "that was a pretty Defect turn right there". He's just a bit squishy and prone to dying before you get to that point on higher Ascensions, and on A20 he struggles with the endgame. Silent is the strongest character for Act 4 and killing The Heart but is most likely to die before Act 2 on Ascension 20, which is why doing it with her has cost me so many hours of my life. Still my favourite class of the 3 though, to the point where I'm still only on Ascension 7-8ish with the other two. I watch a lot of Jorbs' streams: Last night was absolutely incredible. He won 4 out of 5 Ascension 20 Heart runs. It nearly cost me my soul to win one run of Ascension 20 after 550 hours of gameplay without doing Act 4 and killing the heart, so doing it 4 times in one evening is utterly mind-blowing. If he had managed to win all 5 he'd have the world record as nobody has beaten 4 in a row yet. He also had 2000 viewers instead of the usual 400 or so thanks to launch day and so many subs that he had to turn off notifications and round up all the thankyous at the end. Was heartwarming to see as his content is consistently excellent and the guy is a straight up genius. Lovely to see him included in the official launch trailer too. DolphinChemist and The Munchdown are also fantastic streamers for A20 Heart Runs. I also like BaalorLord's streams where he tries to streak on Ascension 15 (without doing Act 4) rotating through the characters to try and beat the world record for that. A lot of folks contend that Ascension 15 is the game's difficulty sweet spot where the A20 bullshit factor isn't quite as a high and you can streak more reliably if you are excellent at it. Seen him get 5 wins in a row to equal the current world record but not 6 yet.
  11. Slay the Spire is so good. I have 550 hours on steam. 550 hours of my life. I still play it several times a week. When it comes out on Switch I think I'll have to give up doing anything else but eating and sleeping to make room for a portable version of it.
  12. JLM

    Have you ever lost your save file?

    I lost everything on my Saturn when the lithium battery died. Unlocking all the Guardian Heroes characters again years later was actually loads of fun though, so not too sad about it. My favourite save file story involves my younger cousin (Aaron) and his experience with The Great Bay Temple in Majora's mask. He had an absolute nightmare with the temple the first time and was on it for several hours. In his early teens he would get very very focused on games and get "locked in" on them to the point where you could barely reach him. If you asked him a question it didn't feel like he was choosing to ignore you, it was more like he genuinely didn't know you were there. My uncle used to get very frustrated with this, and he was also of the belief that gaming was a very destructive and wasteful hobby. To combat this, he would make attempts to get everyone in the family to stop gaming/watching TV and go outside and play cricket/football etc. instead. The problem was that he'd always talk a big game about taking the consoles away/banning them on Sundays/imposing a time limit on playtime etc. but never actually follow through on it. My cousins knew that if they ignored him a few times he'd have a bit of a grumble about how they were wasting a nice day sat inside playing games and then give up. On the day of The First Great Bay Disaster, Aaron was at maximum "locked in" and my uncle was at the end of his tether with being ignored. He decided to take action and, after the third or fourth time of being ignored yet again, he came into the room and turned everything off at the wall. It took a few moments for my cousin to register what happened, but once he did he completely lost his shit. He threw his controller across the room, had a massive tantrum and then stormed out of the house and did not return for hours. My uncle took it as a small victory that he'd got him to go outside. The Second Great Bay Disaster was a few weeks later. Whenever I used to visit my cousins I'd bring most of my gaming collection with me, so when it was time for me to leave I had to do a thorough sweep round the gaming room to make sure I had all my stuff. I was notorious for leaving stuff behind, so my older more responsible cousin would also do a check on my behalf to grab anything I'd missed. On this occasion when it came time for me to leave, we'd all been playing Dreamcast multiplayer games, but Aaron had been sat on Majora's mask since he'd woken up and was on the verge of completing The Great Bay Temple for the second time. My older cousin went into the room to check for my stuff and, without thinking at all, yanked the cartridge out of the N64 under the assumption it was one of my games. My younger cousin went absolutely bananas. He was FURIOUS and was hurling threats at his brother like a boy possessed. "I'm going to trash your room, I'm going to delete all your saves, I'm going to rip down your posters you STUPID STUPID STUPID FUCKING STUPID STUPID STUPID FUCKING STUPID!" etc. etc. It had been a genuine mistake by my older cousin, but he could not stop himself laughing at the scenario and his little brother's reaction. He was desperately trying not to laugh and was apologising profusely but he couldn't hold it in. We eventually manged to calm Aaron down and all appeared to be well. He immediately went back to Majora's Mask to get on the grind again and appeared to be over it. I was later informed that, on the following day, he had gone to TOWN on my older cousin's saves. Every N64 save deleted or over-written, every Dreamcast VMU save gone, 200 hours of Pokémon Ruby overwritten with a new save. Everything he could find he purged. It was actually quite frightening how thorough he had been in his quest for vengeance. Aaron has mellowed out massively over the years and is now one of my best friends, but The Great Bay Temple remains his darkest gaming memory.
  13. Reading the first few posts in here before I got to the one explaining the thread move was very confusing. Why is everyone saying Bird Box so much, it's a thread about Bird Box, you don't need to keep saying Bird Box. Bird Box.
  14. Oh my goodness:

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