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  1. JLM

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Solsjkaer wondering how long his Homer Simpson "I'm someone else!" card is valid for. Also I can't believe a picture of Gary Neville's ratty little face was posted in here. At least link to that shit.
  2. JLM

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Anti-football is the hero we deserve. Lukaku, to the surprise of no one, is not.
  3. JLM

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    I hope this is the only game I ever have to watch as a Man United supporter. I feel disgusting. But yeah, they are marginally less hateful when they're against this Football-manager-money-cheat freak show of a team. They're just about doing enough for me to believe they can get a point but it's still going to be an extremely nervy second half as City have definitely been in charge. United could still score if they get in behind Kompany though. He's looked uncharacteristically shaky and Pogba can pull a magical pass out of thin air at any given moment. Uni...ted? *Throws up in mouth*.
  4. JLM

    Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike

    There was a follow up video where Floe explained it. Ricki Ortiz had played Daigo in casuals earlier in the weekend and had also made the mistake of trying to chip him out with that super. Until then the U.S. players had no idea it could be done, so that Chun super was seen as a checkmate situation against an opponent with pixels of health. Floe had talked to Ricki about it but apparently nobody had told Justin. The Japanese players and that small handful of American players who had seen or heard the tale of it were the only ones who saw it coming.
  5. JLM

    Fighting Games that are not Street Fighter

    Got Power Rangers: Battle for the grid for Switch last night. It's really good fun. The animations are quite janky in places (going from standing to crouching seems to happen in one frame ha) but the core of the game seems solid and like it'll be a lot of fun. Only nine characters at launch but that's still a decent number of possible teams and combinations available as it's a 3 v 3 team game. The tag/assist system is somewhere between UMVC3/MVCI/BBXTag and allows for some very dirty stuff. If you press the assist button your partner will come in and do one specific special move like a traditional Marvel assist, but if you press it again while the assist is on screen you get to swap to the assist character immediately and they stay in. The grimy mix up potential is huge. So far the three characters I'd been most interested in from previews are exactly what I wanted them to be. Pink Ranger is essentially Hawkeye's build from the MVC games with added floating trap moves, Yellow Ranger is a mid/long range flail/whip character who has big Ghost Rider type buttons and Mastodon Sentry plays a little bit like Chris from MVC and a bit like Deadshot from Injustice 2. I probably need a rushdown character instead of one of those three but haven't decided who to drop and who to pick up yet. The tutorial is hilariously shit. I had to figure out that the characters have EX moves by sheer fluke in training mode.
  6. JLM

    Samurai Spirits/Shodown - 2019

    It looks delightful. The Dimps guys being involved makes a lot of sense as it has a lot of SF4-esque qualities. This is good news for me as that remains the BEST game.
  7. Look mate, just build the fucking bookcase already.
  8. JLM

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Yeah it is odd that he hasn’t been deployed like that recently. Wonder if that is indeed a training thing.
  9. JLM

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Still wouldn’t dream of starting Shaqiri ahead of Salah even if Mo hasn’t scored for a bit. He’s still been getting asssists and he has ten times Shaqiri’s workrate. If gegenpress is what them team does then super sub is Shaqiri’s only role for us. I think it’s the best use of him anyway.
  10. JLM

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Look at him in that last picture, doesn’t even know where the ball is any more the clown. Also Salah’s assist for the 3rd was delightful:
  11. JLM

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    I'm aware it's possible to play poorly and win a football match yes. I appreciate you taking the time to educate me though. I just don't think we were shit. First half wasn't great but Bayern also started very brightly and forced errors and, again, they're a pretty terrifying side at home. Second half we were largely in control of the game and looked comfortably the better side. I didn't say it was a brilliant performance I just thought "shit" was massively overstating it. It is possible to not be brilliant whilst simultaneously not being "shit" you know? FFS. Over both legs a lot of the comments would have you believe Bayern are some pub team we'd expect to run rings around. My original post wasn't solely aimed at you though, it was more the general lack of positivity in the thread as a whole. We'll win the league and there'll be posts about how we'll fuck it up next year and fucking HENDERSON will probably drop the trophy the useless twat. Cheer up lads!
  12. JLM

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Honestly I'd love us to get United because it would be so utterly joyous to knock them out and the atmosphere for both games would be unfathomably hot. There are easier draws we could get but I think it'd be incredible.
  13. JLM

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Yeah that's a real shame about Robertson's yellow card. Other than that though what a tremendous result.
  14. JLM

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    3-1 up at the Allianz, in control for almost the entire second half against a team known to be monstrous at home and we've been shit??? This thread is so fucking miserable. It's like nobody remembers Salif Diao or something. We have it so good right now. One of the best squad/manager combinations Liverpool have had in the 30 years I've followed them. Am I the only one enjoying it?
  15. JLM

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Proper shit that Mane.

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