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  1. Holy shit was not expecting that and I was already sold. Give it now!
  2. When I play against other Roses I try to OS but often I just hard read forward dash on their wake up. Usually get a free grab after it as they don't expect to be followed.
  3. The jumping fierce punch on Cody I can’t even tell you which side that hits on.
  4. Mario Kart 8 is gorgeous yeah. The course that's made out of sweets, when you drive up that pink taffy looking stuff it looks genuinely delicious.
  5. Hello SF4 friends. Still playing this daily with SFO running online tournaments during the lockdown. I was extremely bored yesterday so finally trawled through my replays and put some clips together. Please enjoy:
  6. Snecko eye is absurd with The Watcher. Like it's already one of the top 3 relics in the game, but for her it's something else. Omniscience, Vault, Ragnarok, these cards should never cost less than 3 energy and it is utterly busted when they do. You can use omniscience to play a second omniscience and get ridiculous like water stacks, double ragnarok, do a whole turn of madness then use a 0 cost vault to go again.. Snecko Eye is a risk/reward relic but for her the rewards are preposterous. Simmering fury + too. End turn in calm, play that, bust out of calm in the next turn into wrath, get the energy from that, plus the extra draw from Snecko Eye and the card draw simmering fury adds to it. End up with an enormous hand full of sheer brutality. My last run with it I killed Clock Sucker on turn 2. Good grief.
  7. [9] Years no less.
  8. Too early to announce the Cygames Beast sponsorship. I see you Nate.
  9. Snecko Eye you absolute mad lad:
  10. Oh man this was #QuiteWellSuitedToThisHardware already so I was prepared to triple dip and by a third copy. Extra game modes only sweetens the deal.
  11. Ooh that's fun let's have a go at this: Gran: OP Ryu. Bizarrely plus in many situations where you wouldn't expect him to be. Katalina: What Imp said. Charlotta: Rushdown E. Honda with a demon flip. She has headbutt, butt slam and hands. She also has links off EX hands like Honda. Zeta: Best fireball in the game. Solid buttons, horrible abusive stompy pressure. Ladiva: What Imp said. OP Zangief. Ferry: Dhalsim with a DP, crazy mobility options, Feng Shui Engine and ludicrous hard knockdown setplay. Preposterous character. I love her. Metera: What Imp said, though she also has really nasty King of Fighters short hop rushdown for some reason. Lancelot: Yeah he's odd. Rushdown/mix up character with safe pressure and high/low/left/right mix ups with a really oppressive fireball used to help him get in. He also has a bit of SFV Nash slipperiness about him with his teleports. He feels like one of those characters who massively exploits a lack of knowledge. If you don't have specific answers to him he'll get away with murder. Lowain: Oddball with a stupid gimmick. It's a shame as I really like the character he is before he summons YGGpeaceout. Has Marvel-esque assist type special moves with his little robots and the boyz. Vaseraga: Yeaah, some kind of Boxer/Hugo/Abigail hybrid with enormous buttons and tonnes of armour. Has a command grab, and an EX command grab that he can cancel out of a stance when he's pressuring you. Can also make his rush punches safe or even plus on block if spaced correctly. He's the sort of character who's usually terrible in anime games but the more Streetfightery pace of this makes him very potent. He won TSB recently, beating a lot of the supposedly top tier characters on the way. Percival: Big damage, one button confirms into super, oppressive corner control/rushdown. Big bully.
  12. I've still never been to a Merseybeats, definitely looking to change that soon. I play Ferry. Even if she gets nerfed to hell I can't imagine having as much fun with any of the other characters. I like pretty much every character too, but she is an absolute delight to play. Between us SFO mans we've got: Benners playing Vaseraga/Ladiva Savant playing Katarina Broodoo playing Zeta with a side of Lowain Thai Son playing Metera with a side of Beelzebub Simatron playing Narmaya with a side of Percival Between five of us it's pretty good coverage but we have no Charlotta, Lancelot or Gran. Lancelot in particular is going to ruin me the first time I fight him. Shenanigans abound. I've briefly played against Gran when I played Imp but that's the only time I've ever fought the character. The only online I've done is the ranking matches they force you to play (got rage mail from one game!) and a short dabble with Imp. It's such a good game.
  13. Who do you play Jonster? I've been doing fairly sizeable house sessions every Sunday since the game came out and we have fairly good character variety but there are still a number of match ups I've never played.
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