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  1. Finally unpacked and got my Roccbox on the go for the first time today. I was really pleased with the results, though my turning skills need sharpening. Sexy flame action! VID_74260713_090531_448.mp4
  2. Man, I saw that in my library when I got my Series S and was sorely tempted to fire it up again - I used to LOVE that game. Just assumed it'd be ultra quiet though.
  3. Rumour has it that Libertalia may be being reprinted by Stonemaier Games... Link
  4. Movin' on up! (But still miles behind!)
  5. I mentioned to the mrs that I could probably resell it and make £££ profit and her eyes lit up. I fear I've unleashed a scalper.
  6. Well... never say never. Partalert came good! I'm actually still in a genuine state of shock.
  7. So, I bought this - my first MH game - and other than the bewildering amount of STUFF, but in a very Japanese game way (I get strong Phantasy Star Online vibes mixed with Hyrule Warriors), I'm very much enjoying it. Like Steve, I've mainly been doing village quests and using the expeditions to get a good lay of the land of everywhere. I've done almost all the 3* village quests now, but mainly due to my tried and tested approach of twatting things, running away, healing and getting back in the fight. I have no doubt that I'll have to learn more nuanced attack styles (and the use of all the good
  8. Dozens Of 'Orrible Monsters?
  9. Interesting that the Estebanocon did pretty well, indicating the Renault Alpine seems pretty decent; am looking forward to seeing how Alonso gets on tomorrow.
  10. Oh, I just assumed that Merc would send their other car out whilst the first was being prepared?
  11. Ah, so when it says they're only allowed to run one car, that means only one car for the whole weekend, not only one car on track at any time?
  12. Other than paying a fortune to Sky, what's a good way to follow the testing live? I don't think Radio 5 are covering it at all
  13. Entered but not happy about my team. I was half a million over budget and then it went all wrong. I like how I can create three teams so I can see how the one I spent almost no time on beats my carefully chosen team by miles
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