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  1. Fondue


    I've accidentally become slightly addicted to this: It really shouldn't work, but it's balanced just about right. Not sure I fancy trying the jam and toast one though, that's seems a step too far...
  2. Fondue


    Gah! So worked out the first bit but now...?!
  3. Fondue


    Thanks - I appreciate the mini tips. I'm going to try out few things before reading the last one!
  4. Fondue


    I just did this myself, with accompanying paper everywhere! Love how it's in plain sight all along! There are a coupe of bits still to go though - missing at least one coin and ability card, and also....
  5. Fondue


    So, I've finished the game (well, first ending) and was offered retry or new game plus. I assume because there's still a lot to uncover I should hit Retry?
  6. Fondue


    I turned on the infinite stamina pretty early on though - not being able to roll out of trouble at will just go too frustrating.
  7. Haha! Got it in one! #Worldle #56 1/6 (100%) https://worldle.teuteuf.fr
  8. It's there now! https://www.nintendo.co.uk/Games/Nintendo-Switch-games/Kirby-and-the-Forgotten-Land-2045110.html#
  9. I really want to make some buckwheat gallettes - it's been far too long since we had them (having not been able to travel to France for the past 2 years). I saw this recipe in the Gruniad and am tempted to give it a go.
  10. Got lucky today I think. Daily Quordle #35 quordle.com
  11. First time trying this. It's pretty neat! Daily Quordle #24 quordle.com
  12. I could see myself getting caught in that trap so tried to narrow down the other letters first. It didn't go well. Wordle 241 5/6 I'll take 5.
  13. I went a bit left field to start and it paid off! Wordle 234 3/6
  14. Really enjoying this. Beat the final boss tonight and am mopping things up now. Glad to see the music has rightly been called out as excellent; the whole thing is to be honest. The battle with the In particular was striking visually.
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