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  1. Reminds me of a grungier Sword of Ditto (in terms of artstyle and locations shown thus far) and the puzzles from Code Cross (a game I have desperately, desperately tried to like ever since I bought it sight unseen). Though I've been burned more than a few itmes diving in on hyped indies so I'll be holding on for reviews.
  2. Thank you for articulating perfectly my own endless fascination with these games. There's something intangible about them that nothing else matches, for me.
  3. It’s obviously very different and a bit lumpier but by god that multiplayer is just beautiful. So many hours piled into that bad boy.
  4. God if they bring CTF to this… Q2 next please!
  5. Yeah, Quake was the one for me. Doom was a bit too early in my gaming life - and either way my parents would never have allowed it - but Quake and to a lesser extent Duke 3D came at just the right time. I was old enough to be trusted with my choices and multiplayer gaming was something a bit more magical than today to me, dialling into the Wireplay system at god knows what per minute and playing against actual people felt like being part of a community. Until the obligatory phone bill hundreds of pounds more than usual.
  6. Oh my. I have to say it's been a bit disapointing in that the MP servers for Q1 are pretty dead - usually 1v1. On the flip side all the old shit I remember as a teenager has flooded back and (using a controller aside) it's been fun being the best in the room at an online game in 2021, for now at least.
  7. I was literally just browsing the GP app to register points for the day and this was RIGHT THERE. I actually squealed.
  8. I don't know what's happened with my game but I'm getting continual 'No Multiplayer priviledges on this account' (or similar) errors when logging in. Reinstalling helps but I don't have the patience to keep doing it. Annoyingly I'm getting an error with Titanfall 2 as well (the game freezes when a multiplayer match starts), meaning both my favourite MP experiences are out of action at the same time.
  9. Weirdly it's kind of made me pine for 'Car Simulator'. I really, really don't know why.
  10. I don't know why flying down the Bastard Acle Straight in Gt Yarmouth - my most loathed road - has made me feel quite emotional, but there we are.
  11. I do enjoy this - having never, ever played a MOBA before - but I do wonder what I'm missing to be so low scoring all the time. I get quite a few kills each game but my focus is scoring goals. However I usually hover right in middle of the scoreboard in the end.
  12. I was a tad euphoric after that good run but it's at least an equal to it, for me anyway. The slow build and synergies are more on my wavelength. Taking nothing from Hades, is brilliant. I just *enjoy* this more.
  13. It really is. I love Hades but to me this is better. Bit of a cliche but there's no fat on it whatsoever; straight in and BOOM. Had a go on Xbox for the first time tonight and it's gone pretty well:
  14. It's great, absolutely love it on Switch. It is nails though, gets proper frantic. I've played it a load and completed a yearly cycle a couple of times but don't feel I've seen half of what it has to offer, in terms of content or mechanics.
  15. I'm eagerly awaiting my commission to design the box artwork.
  16. I'm no fan of cutscenes either but playing this at the moment (very slow progress) Chapter 3 just kicked off with a 15 minute cutscene as entertaining as anything I've watched on telly recently. (The Cabaret manager, for those who know).
  17. I'm literally playing through it again right now for the second time (I played for dozens of hours on the 360 back in the day, making zero progress with the storyline) I'm now at 32 hours played, level 21 and still haven't met Bennyor even visited the Strip On the plus side though I'm finding dozens of new locations or spots that have just been lost down my memory hole. It's a phenomenal game, well recommended if you can switch of the desire for shiny graphics. I still think it looks pretty decent tbh.
  18. If it helps, I've been replaying this on Series S and it's still absolutely flipping brilliant. I'd love mods and a bit more shiny but the game itself is a class act. I'm currently trying to balance my relationships with all the factions I've met so far (Legion/NCR/BoS and Powder Gangers) while still completing missions for them. I'd given up on remaining neutral (or at least not shoot-on-sight-hated) by the Powder Gangers but after rescuing a couple of them from a Legion camp (silently assassinating the Legion members so as not to ruin my rep) I'm now known as a 'Merciful Thug'; something I didn't even know was possible. It's this kind of flexibility in the systems that makes me absolutely love the game.
  19. The new Worms Rumble game is now available to download/preinstall btw. I'm hoping it has a similar sleeper hit quality of Knockout City.
  20. I do enjoy it but I can't take it in any way seriously. I usually hover around the top 20 but don't really care either way, which I suppose is quite a failure to engage for a game like this. I'm likely to sack it off but Apex (afaik) doesn't have a solo mode.
  21. I can't tell you how much I wish this, above pretty much all other multiplayer games, had a Halo 3 style cinema mode to rewatch the entire thing. God knows what's going on in the nooks and crannies of the map.
  22. I honestly don't think I've laughed so much at a (non-comedy) game in years. Absolutely glorious carnage and frankly, any game with a dedicated 'Bwaaaargh' button is immediately in credit with me. I know it's all very heightened but it goes give that sense of absolutely desperate melee, limbs flying, heads getting chonked off and everybody screaming. As someone sitting cheerfully in the bottom third of rankings consistently I'd like to watch some of the people at the top of the leaderboards to see what they're doing differently.
  23. Oh well, I feel justified in doing it the easy way earning (and not realising there would be points in it) the ‘Invincible’ achievement (finished a match without getting KOd). It’s a brilliant game btw, well worth playing beyond the points.
  24. Absolutely right, Knockout City has been a revelation for me. Only thing I think I would change a tad would be the standard respawn time, maybe shaving a couple of seconds off to keep things flowing a bit faster. But otherwise it's a heap of fun.
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