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  1. Going by the papercraft versions MS posted a little while ago the Series S is about at tall/long as a piece of A4 paper.
  2. Is 3 years the maximum you can add? Quite fancy just topping it up as and when with a year on at a time if possible.
  3. Are there any preorders for the Expansion card available yet?
  4. Yeah, it's an easy purchase to make with Gamepass. £250 and £10 a month and I'm done.
  5. S get from MS after all that. Continually got the 'you have too many of this product' message so opened the basket in another tab and there it was. I'm hoping they take payment now so I feel a bit more secure that it'll actually arrive on the 10th.
  6. Microsoft site seems to be getting back to life. I had to hard refresh on the basket page though, it wasn't actually adding to basket via the product page.
  7. Can't even see a product page on Amazon?
  8. Ta. Obvious when you say but having flitted between MS and Sony across the generations I’m taking nothing for granted. You’ve just saved me a couple of hundred quid (that I’ll promptly spend on a memory expansion)
  9. This is probably a really, really stupid question that I'm looking in the wrong places an answer to... Say I want to play Morrowind on my shiny new machine. I can currently buy it for 360 (the only MS device I have on my account) digitally for £12 (it's on the back compatible catalogue). If I buy this now (or whenever) can I expect it to be playable on my Series S? I get that the new gen can play 4 generations of (selected) Xbox games and all that, but that shouldn't be dependent on a disc, should it?
  10. This feels like one of those games where a dev is at the top of their game. Everything about it is just brimming with style and confidence.
  11. In the end these did very well - £36 for the games, £104 for the Game Boy and £38 for a spare copy of Pokemon Emerald I had hanging around. After flogging a copy of Half Life 2: Raising the Bar for £91 I've managed to swap all this shed junk for a new Xbox in November
  12. I'm doing the same. Already grabbed the KOTOR collection.
  13. Ooh yikes, didn't know that. Was going to start a completely new Xbox Live profile but will have to try and dig out the password from my 360 days now.
  14. Right, so I'm ready for this. I've literally never (ever) bought a console at launch before. Anyone have any recommendations for where's best to keep on eye on, preorder wise?
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