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  1. My mate got Illic and Son from his two after 14 wins!
  2. I read somewhere a conspiracy theory of FIFA is that EA weaken players over time. When I got Essien he seemed a total monster sat in defensive midfield for me. Now I'm indifferent. I'd say it's more likely that other players are improving with better cards rather than players getting weaker, but it's an interesting thought. I'm even thinking Petit in the Icon picks to replace him now!
  3. Yeah about 1.8 on Xbox. Will give him an run out today and see what he’s like!
  4. Nice! but probably going to sell.
  5. Ramos is a decent RB but move him to the centre he’s even better! Birthday Hazard is fantastic BTW
  6. The only useful player for me was Robertson, so I'm fairly happy! my best Prem Left back now. My other options were a random 82 and Aspas 87 from my single pick
  7. Robertson from my picks, useful.
  8. 11 wins again. it's not an enjoyable experience though.
  9. Likewise - nice! my only question is around Costa, may swap him out.
  10. OK, I couldn't resist. Becomes
  11. I’m tempted by the new Hazard Card. any thoughts? Any clue in what price may do? in other news, packed Prime Giggs, Aguero and TOTW moments Williams tonight.
  12. So was that for the 9 tokens? I’ve got 11 but thinking Dennis looks mint for 16.
  13. Yeah that’s the option I was thinking if I couldn’t Tetris him in somehow!! I have coins. 2.9m of them. But was going to get Bergkamp from Icon swaps as next icon!
  14. can't get him into my team withoiut changes! Unless anyone is brighter about these things than me? Ideally dropping Kimich to the bench for him. My 4-3-3 ends up a 4-1-2-1-2 - I'd like to keep the formation as it works nicely for me!
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