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  1. Looking at CDM role. Kadira isn't perfect.
  2. I packed a scream! As well as a cheeky Brazilian left back.
  3. I've packed an untradable Godin tonight but as I had him already sold mine for the max 75k. Then packed Sane. Not bad at all.
  4. I packed Costa (juventus) in my untradable. Which was nice.
  5. I think the problem with the hazard card is that he'll get a few more TOTW appearances and the 93 card will be bettered sooner rather than later.
  6. What is with the crazy requirements this time round? The icon SBC wouldn't be so bad if you didn't have to give an icon away for it!
  7. I got TOTW Stuani. of absolute no use to me!
  8. I was going to attempt it but it's some SBC and will cost a fortune!
  9. EA access is 10% off plus you can get the Xbox credit 13% off at the moment too.
  10. Not sure if I'd sell him or not! You'd have to use him for a bit first.
  11. Compared to Lucas it's a total rip off really. Unless you pack a special player I guess.

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