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  1. I've been in good form this week (for me!) and have enough for Weekend League too, but never enjoyed it.
  2. This is where the game is fucked up. A 80 rated Saint-Maximin card is far more useable than a 91 Lewa. Lewa should be untouchable in the game, but just isn't.
  3. The SBCs and Promos have been simply awful so far. I am however loving the silver lounge stuff.
  4. Managed to crack these objectives tonight: Assist in 100 games = rare player pack Assist 500 goals 85+ team = jumbo rare player pack Score 500 goals 85+ team = jumbo rare player pack Opened all at the same time. Rare player pack - 7 duplicates (out of 12) Rare Jumbo 1 - 19 duplicates (out of 24) Rare Jumbo 2 - 17 duplicates (out of 24) Absolute fucking disgrace. Best player was 83 Vertongan out of that lot.
  5. @MardiganX formation wise, I'm finding 4231 working again, seems to give the best balance if you utilise the CAM correctly. Packed Vardy in the 80+ striker reward pack, so gives Aguero a run for his money. Not sure if anyone else if finding it, but I'm packing so many high rates keepers.
  6. Its a glitch. The SBCs have all been for non loans. I've done them all.
  7. I think Aguero is astonishing - bought him as a stop gab but will really struggle to shift him now. Another couple of gems today - The Vydra card is great fun! well worth it. The silver challenges are entertaining. James Rogriguez SBC was done, and no he's not fast, but he moves so well, great feet, passing and finishing - lovely option from the bench.
  8. Have you tried Martinez up front? I think he is tremendous!!
  9. I packed Salah tonight, which was good.
  10. Seems a lot (think early Vardy POTM last year was 1 x 83!!)
  11. I packed Son, De Ligt and Kimmich, Alison and Ter Steven today! Try fitting that lot together
  12. Anyone on xbox?? I need the coop stuff for objectives!
  13. Wasn't any last year so assuming same this.
  14. Yeah totally this. I'm just too impatient. TBH packs even paid for are mainly a waste of time!!
  15. It would be more rewarding! but unless you get pack lucky or can spend many hours trying to play the market then it'll be a struggle.
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