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  1. My Mrs ordered me Fifa 20 today as a surprise. So there goes next years salary.
  2. The market looks terrible expensive too on PC
  3. Dead in here now! just out of interest, who is is a yay and who is a nay for FIFA20? ive not pre-ordered at this stage and trying my best not to..... don’t want to get sucked into the money pit of FUT this year haha. As far as FUT 19 goes, I bought TOTS Salah to create the greatest subs bench ever... Certainly the best squad I’ve ever assembled.
  4. Raheem Sterling TOTS card is awesome. 8 goals in 2 games. So I’ll end up with the icon
  5. I’m assuming that’s FIFA 19 complete now, no more interesting SBCs, decent packs etc? I have 815k to spend and around 1000 plays still. 99 Messi now 2m and beyond my reach.
  6. Urg. I’ve lost the will with FIFA now so do I go for it and get a shit keeper or just bag Fabinho. Something fun about the icon gamble though.
  7. That’s huge. Weekend league was ruined for me with all the skillz boys. Just isn’t football. Doesn’t resemble football. Ive not pre ordered yet and probably won’t and see how it turns out.
  8. It’s a glitch I’ve had a few times
  9. So the TOTS upgrades are there. All I get are fucking duplicates!!
  10. That’s why Fabinho is the better bet with the swap deals. So much junk compared to the TOTS cards.
  11. I have done the two La Liga players in the objectives, both are excellent. So I then complimented them with Hazard SBC. Have about 790k in coins now and may save up for TOTS messi although prices are climbing. The two objectives are dead easy to complete so well worth it! this is deffo the best month for FIFA
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