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  1. Bump: Ouendan/ Eba with new interview with the devs below:
  2. shynra

    Nintendo Labo VR

    Im not sure but a quick google going by the official site - seems Nintendo have an option - will that remove the 3d? https://labo.nintendo.com/kits/vr-kit/
  3. The final 19 hours for Forks: I just backed it.
  4. Ill look into hunters dream when i get round to it - thanks. Batman is big! had to separate the 1st mission content and carry separately to work to play. Only played once - seems cool. But your best served reading impressions of people that have played it a lot more than me
  5. I'm only tempted by the kickstarter exclusive big expansions, I only had a quick look but many of them had massive models, I do not paint so they are really wasted on me. I'll see if one of the bigger kickstarter exclusive boxes which has more content/extra board /not massive figures and grab it. But might be happy with just the base and the regular expansions when they are at retail (if I play it that much). I went all in batman season 1 and looking at season 2 I think im served well enough already. May grab the 5th player expation + missions but will read into it more.
  6. Bloodborne - just checked mine I have the base game pledge (at the -$10 early discount) Sub-total:$90.00 Shipping estimate Kickstarter: EUROPE: $20-$30 to most countries. Actual Shipping cost:$33.27 Ill wait to see if this changes and confirm later.
  7. Are the dates set for next year? I couldn't find them with my Google-fu Had a great time this year, tried Star realms creators next one Epic, seemed more fiddly than it should be but assume will flow with two experts. Grabbed a bunch: star wars outer rim, sidereal confluence, dice throne season 2(box4) and bring and buy Luna Llena, 3 wishes and Kaos Ball Wanted to try Wacky Racers but didn't get the chance.
  8. Cmons Wacky races for me, was tempted by the pre painted version, hoping for a lite fun racer and a demo is up for it.
  9. Nice! I'll be in the market for a new 2ds xl, there's a detective conan ds fan translation I always wanted to try!
  10. About the new 3ds 3d,it does head tracking with the front camera and ir zapped at you adjusting the 3ds focus point to subtle head movements - so it holds the 3d much better. I still have a lot of games to play on the 3ds,just need more time. Tales of the Abyss is next for me.
  11. I've been playing handheld 100% too, on the third island now (playing normal difficulty) I've been using the buttons instead of analog, I've gotten used to it.
  12. I'm going sat and Sunday with a few friends, you are the third on the stand I'll be sure to say hello. I've not been keeping up with the latest stuff (as I do with games) so it's genuinely fun exploring and trying new ones. There is a list of old games I'm after for a good price, I'll see if I have em too!
  13. Oh! Tempted. Played the base game about five times now with different groups each time-people genrally enjoy it but has not been requested again. Edit: grabbed the expanse expansion now, thanks for the impressions
  14. Sorry to interrupt the game talk, red bull just posted up the live concert, enjoy
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