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  1. Karzee

    Sniper Elite V2 Remastered

    Because it was a No.1 bestseller? I'll be buying it. I bloody loved this game, and although each successive game in the series got better and better I was always a bit disappointed that the devs dropped the scoring mechanics from them. Competition on the SE:V2 scoreboards for each level got so much so that to get anywhere near the top rankings you had to chain headshots from as far away as possible on the hardest difficulty. Very tense and immensly satisfying, it made the replayability go through the roof. I remember sinking over 50 hours into the demo level alone. Great game if you like shooting Nazis in the face.
  2. Karzee

    Metro Exodus - First on the Epic Store

    I've played the first two games several times over the years and really enjoy the setting, narrative and humour of them. I picked up Exodus not knowing a thing about it and am VERY surprised to find myself outside in a wide area without a mask on rather than the Metro tunnels. I'm loving this new direction, it''s exactly what needed to happen. Playing on Hardcore and trying to rescue some people from a bandit camp and getting one-shot by a guy with a shotgun. This is perfect difficulty for me, it was never about run'n'gunning, and several times I've had to leg it as I'm short of ammo. I'm really having to take things slow. Loving the workbench, the graphics, and the open area game play, the setting, and can't wait to see where this story goes, then bung it on Hardcore Ranger mode.
  3. Karzee

    Xbox One Console Thread (s4Kiro)

    It worked! Updated the XBOX and both games installed just fine. Cheers!
  4. Karzee

    Xbox One Console Thread (s4Kiro)

    That's a good idea, Mr Gerbick, I'll take it to a mate''s tomorrow and try that. I only bought Res Evil 2 three weeks ago and that installed fine.
  5. Karzee

    Xbox One Console Thread (s4Kiro)

    I've looked and neither state it MUST have internet connection to install or play, only for downloadable content or multiplayer.
  6. Karzee

    Xbox One Console Thread (s4Kiro)

    I need help. I have no Internet connection so only play games offline on my OG Xbox. After finishing my sixth playthrough of the excellent Resident Evil 2 remake I bought two new games today, Dirt Rally 2 and Metro Exodus. Neither games install. When I put either disc in, the icon for the games appear on the home screen with the disc symbol to show that it knows the disc has been inserted. The disc spins a few times then stops. I click on the game icon and it says: "Something went wrong. Blah blah 0x8b050066 blah blah". I've looked it up and suggestions is to set my Xbox to Offline mode, this I've done, as well as reset and reboot Xbox. I've put in other game discs I have and all begin the installation no problem. What could be the issue here? Are games beginning to come out now that must be online to install?
  7. Karzee

    Resident Evil 2 Remake - no spoilers pls

    I'm finding my Hardcore Claire B run rather difficult. I haven't made it to the sewers yet and Mr X is relentless in his pursuit, forcing me to often run which attracts the zombies and lickers. I'm having to plan every trip out from a safe room, doing an objective and quickly getting back to safety. Tense as hell. I'm bloody loving it!
  8. Karzee

    Resident Evil 2 Remake - no spoilers pls

    Yep I played on Hardcore. I'd be really interested in hearing from someone who played on Normal then upped to Hatdcore to see what sort of a different experience they found it. Item management was a real issue at the end as I only had ten inventory slots, six of which held three weapons leaving only four for sub weapons/ammo/health. It was very tough deciding what to take to the final fight.
  9. Karzee

    Resident Evil 2 Remake - no spoilers pls

    Just finished my first play-though - Leon A - Hardcore. Rank C, 25 saves, time 21:30:03. It actually took MUCH longer than that because I died loads on the boss fights (only discovered the quick-turn button two hours ago....doh!). The game was tough but a good kind of tough (although will have to apologise to the neighbours tomorrow for all the frustrated shouting and swearing dying over and over during the last boss fight). Overall I've loved playing this modern take on my favourite RE''s (the first three). I am disappointed to hear that playing the B senario isn't as intertwined with senario A as the original, however this game is definitely a keeper for me as I can see a lot of replay trying to beat ranks and times, plus the other challenge modes. Now onto Claire B....
  10. Karzee

    Resident Evil 2 Remake - no spoilers pls

    Bought this yesterday having not seen so much as a screenshot and I'm SO impressed with how it looks and plays. A fan of the first three Resi''s I decided to go straight to hardcore mode Leon A and I'm finding it sufficiently tough to make every encounter tense and the resources scarce enough to require careful management. Eight hours in and i'm in the undergound section of the Police Dept wondering how the hell to get to the clock tower. This isn't the first time I've been stuck in the game and I'm so pleased they have kept true to the original enough that there's no hints or floating arrows telling me what to do next. I haven't got a single critisism to make against the game so far, they've really nailed the atmosphere of original games and kept it challenging enough (on hardcore anyway) to make any progression a satisfying experience. Well worth the full price I paid and my first contender for GotY so far.
  11. Don't you have to hand the data in at a station before it''s registered that you discovered it? If it's like it was a few years ago others could beat you to it by handing the data in earlier.
  12. Great shots there, Thor, how's the trip going? Are you meeting/seeing any of the other 10,000 players doing DW2?
  13. The best tip I offer regarding landing is to switch to the alternative controls to fine tune your position before landing. Turning this on allows you to move the ship left or right without turning the ship.
  14. Took me weeks of playing and researching on websites to learn all the game''s mechanics. A very steep learning curve. If you have any questions at all let us know.
  15. I'm currently playing Vampyr and I was just chatting to an old woman in a hospital bed when out-of-the-blue, mid-conversation, she used the word "cunt". It was so unexpected. In Bioshock I remember entering one of the flats in Olympus Heights and there on a sofa in front of a TV were two dead children. I've seen skeletons of children in games before (Fallout 3) but never bodies. I was genuinely shocked and moved by the scene. I tried to use Telekinesis to throw them across the room but the game wasn't having it.

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