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  1. Critereon did a great job, the only great NFS since most wanted imo. It was like Need For Speed: Burnout
  2. Oh I mean the vehicle warehouse missions my mistake, you get them once you have the office and vehicle warehouse, not the Simeon ones
  3. I quite like these vehicle missions so I do a few, and once you fill out all the low and mid tier cars 100k each delivery would be decent when you're only getting top tiers but it takes time (of not being paid for the jobs!) to get there
  4. When doing vehicle missions if it's a well populated lobby I tend to leave it, i do the nat type test trick to dump everyone out of my lobby and sell cargo and do deliveries etc on my own. Out of interest you are selling top tier cars as you get them? Even before you filled out the low and mid range? Not 100% on this one I've just been collecting the cars
  5. If you arent looking to grind I know an 'exploit' in the casino you could walk out with a few million, easily.
  6. Nothing will top saints row 2 for me, they got a bit ridiculous after that
  7. once you have the nightclub you can forget about doing supply missions and deliveries etc for your businesses, you can forget about the other businesses altogether actually so long as you have them up and running, the nightclub will generate stock without need for any resupplies and you can sell the whole lot in one truck load and get over $1m for a drop off, people also go "AFK" in the nightclub viewing the DJ on the CCTV or watching tv in apartment, so while you sleep or are at work your nightclub is still generating stock to sell. I bought and upgraded all businesses worth getting after i took the casino for a hefty amount Edit: Important! I should say if you do the AFK trick load into a mission like "A titan of a job" when you are afk to avoid your daily intake fees (they add up quickly! An in game day is 48mins I believe)
  8. A few videos I stumbled on, liverpool fans in the Barcelona shop https://mobile.twitter.com/alanrowanlfc67/status/1135536864469929986 Netherlands national team congratulating Gini and Vam Dijk https://mobile.twitter.com/onsoranje/status/1135677985430880256?s=21
  9. Getting loads of crashes when trying to play multiplayer, getting rather irritating now
  10. I have definitely noticed some drops on my X
  11. I managed to purchase it at gone midnight but it wasnt available for digital pre order which is very strange
  12. Is this available for digital at all? Or is it physical only? Cant see it anywhere on the xbox store to pre order
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