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  1. got it yesterday and played a little on the xbox one X, and it's the same story here
  2. 2002 but still only had a ps1 then IIRC. Driver 2 was my game of choice. As for what games were released - Sega GT 2002, TOCA race driver, NFS Hot Pursuit 2 and Burnout 2 along with Vice City released that year which I enjoyed massively a few years after, and furthered my enjoyment for driving/racing games
  3. There was a stage when literally nobody wanted a kinect I noticed CEX were selling kinects off at around £20 a pop and had something like 12000 in stock on the website, stores were full of them too and I had the thought to invest in a shed load, but didn't bother. when the kinect free xbox was released they'd shot up in cex and up to maybe 60-80+ each on ebay and I was fuming. Now I have my original one still here I'll probably sell it with my boxed day one at some point as I need some extra cash! Still stings years later.
  4. is it possible to share PC game pass games? with the person I gameshare with?
  5. The most boring reveal in history.
  6. Regarding Lalo fate and Breaking Bad spoilers also
  7. King Kenny has been tested positive for coronavirus https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52250176 Sad news although they said its a shock and he is showing no symptoms
  8. I pre ordered and got the disc but no sign of a code or anything for it, I thought I read it was a pre order bonus. Its only 3.99 so ill probably buy it anyway. Got given £4 out the blue by Microsoft the other day
  9. Critereon did a great job, the only great NFS since most wanted imo. It was like Need For Speed: Burnout
  10. Oh I mean the vehicle warehouse missions my mistake, you get them once you have the office and vehicle warehouse, not the Simeon ones
  11. I quite like these vehicle missions so I do a few, and once you fill out all the low and mid tier cars 100k each delivery would be decent when you're only getting top tiers but it takes time (of not being paid for the jobs!) to get there
  12. When doing vehicle missions if it's a well populated lobby I tend to leave it, i do the nat type test trick to dump everyone out of my lobby and sell cargo and do deliveries etc on my own. Out of interest you are selling top tier cars as you get them? Even before you filled out the low and mid range? Not 100% on this one I've just been collecting the cars
  13. If you arent looking to grind I know an 'exploit' in the casino you could walk out with a few million, easily.
  14. Nothing will top saints row 2 for me, they got a bit ridiculous after that
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