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  1. So, you're saying you want a run at it tonight eh? Hey, with just the last seal to work out, forget about it.
  2. mop

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    The concept of 'best styyyyle' is not one that admits of a hard border demarcated by necessary and sufficient conditions of definition. It will naturally overlap with the criteria of 'best looking'. The result is always a tortured discussion borne of the above fact of the 'grammar' of the words. They'd save themselves a of pain if they just dropped the category.
  3. Yeah, I was up until 2am trying to knock it out but still ain't finished.
  4. That happened to us last night I think...yes, I'm certain of it actually!
  5. I got the new exotic sword from a gambit match last night. Which was nice.
  6. mop


    I'd imagine it was nitrous oxide, not oxygen, consider how fucking grim the injury looked - the ankle going back and around...and out, (sorry I am a massive pedantic prick...but oxygen is no pain killer and of the 5+ times I've dislocated my knee, I've never had anything but nitrous...why am I even talking about this? I'm drunk that's why, sorry). I really feel for Danny after recovering from two ACL injuries on each knee and now this, right at the end of his contract. If he really fucked the ligaments in his ankle that's basically it for him .
  7. You do indeed. It pops up and into you inventory once you kill the ascendent.
  8. I hate to be that guy but the first game of Gambit I played last evening an ascendant showed up in round two. I nearly cried because - as always - my team seemed to be made up of...let's just say indecisive team mates (save the standard guy who is always on your team who jumps through the teleporter to promptly die 9 times out of 10), and I was sure the other team would annihilate their primeval long before we did. Thankfully, somehow, we did it. Which was nice. Still lost the match of course.
  9. Gambit has a habit of turning me into a frothing maniac spitting expletives like a child. I've seen some truly inexplicable behavior from teammates. I now just down a fistful of benzodiazepines whenever I dive in and I froth a little less.
  10. I think I stumbled upon that secret, discussed up thread, by myself tonight. I was pretty excited to give it the old 545 college try and just got thorn to shreds within five second of the first encounter. It was satisfying all the same to find it by blind chance (I was trying to find where the oracle engine is to offer up my first offering, which was also neat - I'm guessing that would have been a little different had I done that earlier). Anyway, loving this expansion. It's already eaten into the first semester of my final year something fierce.
  11. mop

    Nioh - Feudal Souls

    I can believe it simply going by its almost oppressive popularity! All I know\remember from its bonuses (I don't use it myself) is that you don't stay in a stun state too long because every time I knock the wind out of a revenant they recover with a frustrating quickness!
  12. mop

    Nioh - Feudal Souls

    I'm started playing this again after I bought all the DLC months ago. Anyway, fucking everyone seems to wear this set! At least that's the impression I get fighting player revenants. Nine times out of ten, they'll be completely kitted out in that set.
  13. mop


    I would have really liked Carlo Ancelotti to take over but I don't know, maybe Arteta will nail it. I've heard a lot of talk about there being a lot of talk of Arteta's promise, so here's hoping.

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