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  1. Good ol' Murray has decided to trigger a bunch of people. https://www.motorsport.com/f1/news/hamilton-senna-schumacher-comparison-walker/4849818/
  2. Just imagine the unintentional comedy if it was just everyone eyebrows.
  3. It's still better, just not as much as it could be.
  4. 10-15 minute shader compilation every time you change video drivers... What the fuck is this shit?
  5. It's likely to be across the board. When NV work on a title like DS they send in their own people to help optimise things. I suspect AMD have tossed some money at Sony to get branding and done little else. Leaving the developer whose expertise is not the PC to do all the work.
  6. That's how it worked on my OG UK PS3. It wasn't pretty...
  7. Exactly. After the brilliant DS port I was looking forward to playing a great version of a game that has had nothing but praise. Instead it seems we have been handed a half arsed bodge. Not exactly something I would have expected from a port of such a tent pole Sony exclusive.
  8. Yet it still runs and looks better than on the PS4 Pro. Just not up to the standard you would expect, especially given what Death Stranding managed with the same underlying tech.
  9. Even more annoying as Death Stranding has shown just how amazingly well it works with this engine.
  10. It is and more. Mine is running at about 10 times the PS4 given its clocks. Hopefully Nvidia will be able to sort out AMD's mess with a driver update soon enough.
  11. This and Death Stranding both use the same engine. Death Stranding was developed with help from Nvidia and runs beautifully, while this is a AMD promo. Nope, this is a AMD promo game.
  12. When random internet people with no documentation can do a better job you know it's not a priority.
  13. It could have been better, see above
  14. These cunts loved it. If you have a halfway decent PC you can do the whole 4k many fps route (as long as you own the original of course!)
  15. It is, but iirc I was too busy with BoTW 3 years ago.
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