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  1. Mine stopped reading reading games and DVDs, the tray mechanism was fine. Discs would spin up, but that was it. Tried cleaning the lens no no avail. I did try taking it apart at one point but noped the fuck out part of the way through, put it back together and boxed it up. I bought it around 2003/4, too. YouTube wasn't much use back then
  2. Go for a broken one if you ever find one at a non-silly price. They were very prone to failure - the DVD drive stopped working on mine after a couple of years. A couple of friend's Qs also broke in a similar time frame. I had mine sat in its box for years, periodically checking the internet to see if anyone could fix it. No joy. I guess mine would be a PC Engine LT. I'd probably never use it due to the value, though. I know someone who has one - he pretty much kept it boxed up for years. When he went to use it a few years back it was dead
  3. Pretty much. Same goes for Blue Thunder / Airwolf. I still lapped it all up though. Top 5: Knight Rider - I even had a watch that played the theme tune. Airwolf Buck Rogers A-Team Automan Honourale mentions: Hardcastle and McCormick Wonder Woman (although I think that may have been released in the 70s too) Manimal - The intro is still pretty incredible:
  4. I probably should've mentioned I have this on PC too. Lovely little lobby session with joffo earlier. Starting out with Dan as you'd expect, before casually going through the cast. I tried my best to do the same but it became quite apparent very quickly that I'd forgotten what the good buttons were for certain characters, let alone which ultra is which. We had a very buttonsy Guile join at one point. He got absolutely mauled. Poor thing. I even made someone rage quit in Ranked. It was a good day. Might hop back on this evening, around 8ish.
  5. I downloaded this earlier again on PS4. I can't remember the last time I played it, so I'm about to (literally) dust off my stick and hop into training mode for a bit. If anyone fancies interrupting me and getting a lobby going... Combos from Nathan Brown are not expected, but most welcome.
  6. "Some of these people are actually killers" - Mike Ross, E3 2014
  7. rllmuk Mario Kart races. Everyone's trying their utmost to be the biggest cunt they can be but somehow it's fine. Even when you clearly get stitched up by lag: Still bitter. Overwatch POTGs where you've actually done something useful:
  8. Yeah, seems you may have been preoccupied at the time.
  9. This is just all of the third party stuff. I'm sure we'll see a direct with some hardware announcements soon.
  10. https://www.nintendoenthusiast.com/animal-crossing-new-horizons-switch-gear-and-merch-are-rolling-out/
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