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  1. Crucial have confirmed their P5 Plus M.2 drives are compatible with PS5. 1TB currently up for preorder for £155.99 on amazon.
  2. I had the opposite happen recently - inputs worked fine in-the system UI but not in game. Pressing in the reset switch on the underside of the pad (next to the Sony logo) and resyncing sorted it.
  3. They just went and tarnished one of the best races I've witnessed in a some time. Fucking Incompetent Arseholes.
  4. Stopped by the Chip Shop last night with some horrendous World Warrior Guile tech https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1103012312?t=2h13m30s @Singho wasn't ready.
  5. I haven't played this game for some time, but Killng Wind isn't a terrible perk and that's a very good roll
  6. Mikeysoft Flight Simulator DLC. Seems like something nutters might pay actual money for. Fuck those nutters, though.
  7. It's probably the best thing you've got while you're still stuck in Plague Island, to be fair.
  8. I guess that depends on your interpretation of what the whole point of PC gaming is. It's not always about an overkill build with all the fancy RGB fairy lights. The specs are somewhere between a base PS4/Bone and a PS5/S/X. It's fixed hardware, meaning that developers can tailor their stuff to it and get the most out of it. Same goes for emulation developers too. It's probably got enough grunt to run stuff all the way up to 360/PS3 - for XBLA/PSN stuff, at least.
  9. Mine is now showing as Q2 2022 (previously Q3)
  10. Oh, that's probably due to the crossplay update:
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