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  1. 3D All Stars Mario 64 is based off the Japan-only Shindou release, which included bug fixes alongside N64 rumble pak support.
  2. This did the trick for me, circa early 2000s. I was pretty stoned, though. WARNING - It's sweary
  3. Microsoft opening with we've bought all the things, btw. Sonic and his shitty mates vs Capcom x Namco exclusive.
  4. Quite possibly a fair bit cheaper by the time there's enough PS5 games out there to make the purchase.
  5. It'll be an off the shelf PC part, they don't seem to be going the proprietary route like MS are.
  6. Assuming you mean expandable internal storage, Mark Cerny mentioned back in March that they'll recommend compatible nvme ssd specs after they've done some testing, probably some point after launch.
  7. Your save file gets deleted. Also, pull down on the left stick to slow yourself down if you're having trouble with navigating tight corners during the slidey bits.
  8. You'll need an nvme SSD to expand storage for PS5 games but they'll need to meet a certain spec (which we don't know yet). I think they mentioned you'll be able to store games externally, but they'll need to be copied to internal storage before you can play them. I assume you'll be able to plug a SATA III SSD in externally for PS4 stuff and still have fast load times.
  9. Ninja Gaiden Black Bastards
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