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  1. Most of the organising groups and activities goes on in Discord for the PC version. Positivity Club - https://discord.gg/JZZaXAD Chums (which is more active for D2 at the moment)- https://discord.gg/RVvZMgf
  2. This happened in my Tower instance earlier:
  3. No. It'll probably speed up your progress, thanks to the load times. You'll miss out on the season pass thing (if you bought it on your main cross-save account). The power cap is the same for everyone regardless of paid expansion / F2P players.
  4. For us lot, yes. But probably not for the influx of new F2P players.
  5. Yeah, it's probably a bug. I don't have the Eris shell despite pre-ordering the silly version.
  6. Patch notes. Lots of patch notes: https://www.bungie.net/en/Explore/Detail/News/48198
  7. DK for TT or GP, due to the weight / bully factor. Light/Nimble mans for Battle Mode, but Toad is best because of the silly hat.
  8. Poundgarden Jazzy Star Yo La Pengo Arcade Hire Suzanne Sega My Broody Valentine Lame Impala Beach Louse
  9. The Yeastie Boys Nomni Trio LTJ Nukem Peanut Butter Golf Mage Against The Machine The Boobie Brothers Passive Attack Dearth, Wind & Fire Blonde Bedhead
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