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  1. Exactly - remember the fallout from the Fallout canvass bag! Nintendo Europe are advertising this special edition, so will be available here.
  2. Excellent that all those gaming websites that run their "Everything we know about the Switch Pro!" articles are now running shonky hot takes on "Why didn't Nintendo announce Switch Pro at E3". The worst being Tech Radar (I'm not linking to it) with nuggets such as: The answer to all these is "to play Switch games." Likely to dedicate an entire Nintendo Direct to it? Says who? Why? You guys are clueless.
  3. I keep thinking the same but that idea of pushing a little bit further seems far too difficult and complex, and so I done even bother to boot it up. Complex because the design doesn't feel as obvious to know how best to progress to the next challenge (is: what is it). And difficult because it's too difficult. Increasingly feel the delicate design of Spelunky 1 has been over-egged.
  4. She was playing deliberately badly to show you what happens if you get caught. I'm pretty sure the Treehouse folk are the internal testing department at Nintendo, so will know these games inside out back to front.
  5. Nintendo as they showed a bunch of games that are all going to release in the next 6 months, showed games we didn't know about, gameplay trailers and not CGI, and used all the colours. Metroid, Wario Ware and Monkey Ball are all games I'll buy (and actually play).
  6. I'm super happy that Mercurysteam is getting the chance to work on an original Metroid. They really changed so much in Metroid 2 for Samus Returns, and on the whole it worked very well. Only Mercurysteam make Metroidvanias.
  7. I'm in. (Samus Returns was really good. It looks like it's expanding the movement set with additional parries and free movement.)
  8. LRG only selling a collector's edition suggests to me a normal retail release from a different publisher.
  9. Captain Falcon speeds along a highway with his rock tunes blasting out - shot pans upwards to a Starwing overhead - they give each other a wink and a nod and the Starwing lands next to Falcon and transforms into a car! Both are now hurtling around corkscrews and U-shaped turns when suddenly on the intercom: "Ribbit! Ribbit!" "Slippy Toad dives into Smash!"
  10. Short haired Lightning, bloke from Infamous, and Mitsurugi? PlayStation All-Stars is back baby!
  11. I'm really hoping for some good things from Nintendo (and Capcom) events but so far: 1) Demon Throttle - There isn't enough Pocky n Rocky style shooters in the world. Love the Castlevania style intro too. Made by the folks who did Gato Roboto so should be good. Only thing I really really don't like is making this a physical-only release. 2) Metal Slug Tactics - the visual tone and style is so distinctly captured and I love how it fits rather well to a Tactics setup 3) Elden Ring - although still quite close to the Souls series there are some
  12. There wasn't any beat-em-ups, platformers, shumps, tabletop style games, visual novels, puzzle games, music rhythm games shown at all. That's not taking into account any personal preference on visual style or story. The vast majority of stuff shown felt like first person post apocalyptic action movie-narrative experiences. Xbox lineups haven't been for me for years now, and I'm totally fine with this.
  13. I liked the look of the Halo Multiplayer - had very strong Halo 3 vibes. By going completely free to play maybe it's not going to be chasing trends as much. Or maybe it will radically transform over the years. I'm still convinced the single player campaign isn't coming this year.
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