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  1. MW_Jimmy

    Official J-Music Thread

    Not much new on the J-Pop front this year and have mainly jumped into a bunch of old 80s and 90s city pop, but a couple of artists stuck out this year: Manon is like a mix between MIA/Yelle/Halcali/KKB - I still absolutely love any sort of rapping that is a little bit naff mitigated by a healthy dose of attitude: I've been following MICO solo stuff for a while, with none of it really appealing but the latest releases have toned down the sugary vocals and ramped up the feelings of nostalgia and I think she has hit upon something here - but in the fickle world of finding J-Pop success I'm not sure she'll continue with this style: And the first track above was produced by TENDRE whos own releases are pretty damn nice laid back bass-laden funk: And finally, the best Perfume track this year was this:
  2. MW_Jimmy


    Not yet prepared to name my favourite albums of the year (alas I don't think Louis Cole solo makes it) but the video below is far and away my favourite video of the year. Just watch it!
  3. MW_Jimmy

    PlayStation VR

    That's completely normal @bimbam - that's just how it looks and is definitely always more noticeable in loading rather than gameplay
  4. MW_Jimmy

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Happy 5th Birthday PS4! *PARP* I've made another video for you but you'll notice I have literally only played one game from 2018 and only for a few hours. Still, enjoy! Previous years videos below - which is your favourite? Put your comments in the comments below and press that bell and subscribe and maybe put that picture of bob in his tank like all the cool kids did.
  5. MW_Jimmy

    Playstation Vita

    Games that I've loved on Vita (in order) Gravity Rush Persona 4 Golden Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f2nd Spelunky TxK Downwell Hotline Miami Everybody's Golf Megaman Maverick Hunter (PSP) Crypt of the Necrodancer Steins Gate Axiom Verge Tearaway Velocity Vib Ribbon (PS1) Ridge Racer Type 4 (PS1) Crash Team Racing (PS1) Ys Origin VVVVVV Dracula X Chronicles (PSP) Severed Tomba! (PS1) Jet Set Radio Spyro 1-3 (PS1) Duke Nukem 3D OlliOlli Luftrausers Sayonara Umihara Kawase Gaia Seed (PS1) Geometry Wars Dimensions Killzone Mercenary Games I think Ill love when I get around to playing them VA-11 HALL-A Papers Please Trials of the Cold Steel I & II Cosmic Star Heroine Suikoden 1&2
  6. MW_Jimmy

    Playstation Vita

    Vita is probably the last great niche gamer machine. Indies plus JRPGs is a potent mix and it joins a great list of machines that didn't have those hits but still have amazing libraries like Dreamcast, NGPC, and Atari Lynx.
  7. MW_Jimmy

    Playstation Vita

    Also don't need to worry about a Vita memory card. Once hacked you can buy a small device which goes into the Vita slot which allows you to mount SD cards. Or you can attach an external USB stick/HD.
  8. MW_Jimmy

    Gaming Predictions 2018

    Nailed it. Didn't do too well with my other predictions except that 3DS and Vita would continue well into 2018 and 2019. Ha to the 'perfect on switch' crowd.
  9. MW_Jimmy

    Best New Music of 2018

    Also new Say Lou Lou is out and it's less pop and sultry disco and more trip-hop and cinematic. It's pretty excellent all round, fits their aesthetic more and has a great Church cover. 30mins, 7 tracks, so worth giving it a spin to see:
  10. MW_Jimmy

    Best New Music of 2018

    Tints was produced by Om'Mas Keith - sound of Sa-Ra lives on! Album was co-produced/mixed by Dre this time and I honestly expect it to be stellar. Bubblin hasn't made the tracklisting which probably means it was too weird to fit in, which is a bit of a shame.
  11. MW_Jimmy

    Rez Infinite - Coming to PS4, VR support

    It's fine - you clarified. The PS4 version is better than the 360 version. The VR version is still higher REZ but with the VR goggles is a different experience with your eyes much closer to the pixels.
  12. MW_Jimmy

    Rez Infinite - Coming to PS4, VR support

    Infinite looks worse than previous versions of REZ smells like some grade A bullshit!
  13. MW_Jimmy

    PlayStation VR

    Download the two free animations Garry the Gull, and Allumette. Also there are a couple of live music performances that show the potential future of studio performances. Minters Polybius still remains the most relaxing VR experience to my eyes.
  14. MW_Jimmy

    Gaming things you regret buying...

    In an era of having more games released per day, than at any other point in history, this is a ridiculous statement. My biggest gaming regret was putting £12 into The Simpsons arcade game in the early 90s. I was young and foolish and thought it would help me finish the game but it didn't. Years later I played through MAME and worked out how much more it would've cost to finish it. This is probably why I hate gambling mechanics and loot boxes so much, because I recognize how easily you can fool the young and vulnerable.
  15. MW_Jimmy

    PlayStation VR

    Just got the farthest I think I'll ever get on SUPERHYPERCUBE. Most runs tend to end on Stage 2 or 3, but tonight every little bit of luck aligned:

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