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  1. Well, I'm thankful that the stage length isn't too long - there seemed to be the right pace, visual changes, and gameplay elements throughout that. The music was okay - matched the stage well enough - but I hope that there are at least a few very straightforward catchy as tracks. I mean Stage 1 has to nail this: And thirdly, I really hope that they don't make the game too long - 8 stages should be the absolute maximum - but don't make that last stage too long either (SOR1 major downfall is long boss rush of Stage 8 IMHO)
  2. Yakuza 3 out now Yakuza 4 in October Yakuza 5 in February Yakuza Ishin? Yes! Double yes! I will have every Kazuma game on PS4 on disc!
  3. If this is hackable then Sonic 3 Complete is the first game that's going on here: http://info.sonicretro.org/Sonic_3_Complete
  4. Not me. Become a subscriber and help ensure the continued existence of the Rllmuk community (and find out who!) Anyway, not really true on Tetris - partial incomplete versions exists which is a bit like another game that I can't quite remember...
  5. Yeah, mystique is great and all, but then you try and play it and it all just evaporates away. Darius and Tetris are timeless.
  6. Yeah - it's excellent! The puzzle mode is perfectly pitched in terms of difficulty and default continues and it has my favourite soundtrack of the series. I used Wipeout 2097 as I didn't know how much XL differs and my nostalgia doesn't want to see a different (crappier) logo! Ialso found that all the games with CD Audio (Wipeout, Vib Ribbon, Ridge Racer, Bust a Move) only really work properly as BIN/CUE and the PBP files have missing/skipping audio. The biggest reason for updating the emulator was to stop the crackling audio and I'm happy with the results. I followed a process on Reddit (which includes installing an intercept patch which allows all sorts of clever things) I'll share if you like?
  7. I've taken my modding one step further with the internal titles and although not for the faint of heart it is possible to: 1) Change the internal emulator to either the Autobleem or Bleemsync version of PSCX Rearmed 2) Allow use of PBP files instead of BIN files allowing more games to fit on 3) Increase the number of internal games past 25 (this is really straightforward and just need to copy/paste/renumber the correct folder in /DATA folder (not the /GADATA folder) I've done tinkering and I've got 28 games, sorted into release order. Now it definitely feels like a really good curated collection of classics and missed gems!
  8. I talked a fair old while about Ridge Racer on the latest episode of Playing Catch-Up (plug!) I'm continuing to have a growing appreciation for the series as I often ignored it during the PS1 era due to preferring Sega offerings more. Ridge Racer Type 4 is probably still my favourite but I don't play that very often as currently bouncing around playing 3-4 different versions. Original Ridge Racer is the one I'm getting into, because of my PlayStation Classic - I feel like it has a clear place in history and importance as the very first PlayStation game and honestly it's still weirdly mind-blowing. Some of the design is very interesting and rewards precision in a way that none of the other games do.
  9. I'm not using Bleemsync, but I haven't had any issues with R-Type Delta - played through the first two levels just fine. I would recommend utilising Retroarch - it definitely has the best emulation (but at the expense of a nice interface!)
  10. Apparently this patch is an absolute mess - creating bugs and glitches all over the place. However it looks like somebody is going to work on cleaning up the code. @partious comments don't fill me hope that this game will be remotely good but still interested in trying it out briefly regardless.
  11. The fan translation is available here: https://www.romhacking.net/translations/4887/ I know very little about this game - but the description is intriguing enough for me wanting to give it a whirl. Very Deadly Premonition sounding:
  12. The stock version runs at 25fps - even if you try to force-boot into NTSC it still remains so. As soon as I replaces it it runs at 30fps.
  13. Definitely go NTSC versions as much as possible for all games.
  14. So I've messed around quite a bit and my internal games are running 95% perfectly and really happy with the 22 games I've got there now. Its really not that complicated or risky and nothing too different from when I've messed around with Wii and PSP with modding, but there are a few things that took a bit of googling around the internet so I thought I'd collate it here for others. I used this guide to make a start which explains quite well the initial steps and then how to setup the database files and internal folders correctly: https://medium.com/@bertinjoseb/replace-playstation-classic-stock-games-from-internal-memory-easily-e3307b09b0d8 Each game folder should have a pscx.cfg file - to start I just copied and paste this into every folder and made the following tweaks (in Notepad++): Region - 1 (this changes the games to NTSC 60hz - the default version of MGS still didnt run at 60fps after this so I would recommend replacing every single stock game on the console with the NTSC version) psx_clock = 54 (this just makes the emulator work harder which helps improve performance) Troubleshooting Game doesnt boot past the Playstation Logo and just freezes This is a bios problem and certain games choose to use romJP.bin - easy fix: A lot of people have issues with certain games not starting because the wrong BIOS file is trying to boot it. A simple way to fix this is to make sure that both BIOS files are actually the same file. Go into the "/gaadata/system/bios" folder. The "good" bios is the romw.bin. It's actually the same one the PSP used and has high compatibility with all regions. Download this file, rename it to romJP.bin and upload/overwrite the one on the PSC. Now both are just romw.bin with different names. Slowdown and framerate issues This took me a while to figure out but it is always a good idea to check the framerate of the game. Easiest way to do this is to plug in a keyboard in and press the ESC once in game. Under options look for the show framerate option and turn on - return to the game and in the bottom right will be the framerate If its something like "30 / 60 " then this is a 30fps game and will be running well under the current setup as the framerate will be throttled from going higher If its something like "59.1 / 60 " then this is a 60fps game and you will probably notice some issues with extra frames and weird increases in speed. In Symphony in the Night this results in text mis ing l tters l ke this. For 60fps games you are going to want to go create a modified pscx.cfg in the games folder with the following change: frameskip3 = 1 This changes the frameskip option from AUTO to OFF and will solve these performance issues PSClassic wont boot into menu and says something like "Please switch off at the AC adaptor and restart" This is easily done when messing around adding additional game folders. Whenever you switch off the console it remembers where it was on the game wheel and if at boot-up it cant find that folder number anymore, it gets confused. Easy solution is to just re-add in additional game folders again, reboot, and then when switching off go back to the game in folder 1, and then re-delete the folders you don't want anymore
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