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  1. I’ve ordered an AV cable which should come tomorrow so we’ll see Yeah pictures don’t really show it, basically on the boot screen the blue dot & spiral animation is a yellow white colour with only little patches of blue, and in second pic the top section is the same yellow Fingers crossed the new cable sorts it and I can start building up a collection again
  2. Have dug my remaining gaming collection out of the garage to setup a little games room, and after crying for days at the amount of stuff I’ve traded in for pennies over the years I plugged in my Dreamcast for the first time in 15 years to be amazed it still works However the picture is partially washed out looking like the below. It’s just with the standard RF cable. Is this likely to be a fault with the machine, or cable? I haven’t got a controller or game to get past this point
  3. Not for their theme tunes - which are also great - but I loved these growing up
  4. I was naively hoping it would be a bit like Mario Maker where you can see a rotating selection of islands to visit, including stuff like Nintendo created or specially themed ones, maybe even with rating systems etc As much as I put tonnes of hours into it and loved it, Nintendo have been incredibly lazy with so many missed opportunities to draw people back in who inevitably drop off after the first few months (like me). Decent events, new items (how have they not updated the nook miles item list yet?), interesting features etc.
  5. Anyone got anything remotely decent over 100? Ive given up on the turnip game but my Mrs and daughter have a few to sell but only 60 on ours Thanks
  6. Are the villager relationships individual to each player profile or only based the on the lead player? Im the lead player and don’t really interact with other villagers but my wife is giving them all gifts every day but nothing really seems to be changing, no quests to catch bugs or fish etc, so wondering if it’s my fault?
  7. Thanks Lighthouse - white & blue Climbing frame - red & yellow Vending machines - both black Any good? Will post any to you
  8. Hi, let me know if you open and will pop over, what do you need in return? Thanks
  9. Thanks, you still open, not finding you? No probs if not, can try another time thanks
  10. Does anyone have 1 spare large star fragment and 3 old tyres I could buy? Had a good run on Celeste items lately so building a space room in my house but just need these 3 last bits Let me know how much £ or anything else you’d like in return Thanks
  11. Id like to visit for that price if possible? Thanks
  12. Don’t worry about it thanks, happy to finally spend some Miles that doesn’t involve repeatedly requesting bell tickets one at a time
  13. I have a green so will send it to you shortly
  14. Open now if you’re around, will be away putting kids to bed Nothing to water though thanks jamesh - Ellijess
  15. Maybe a stupid question but can never tell with Nintendo and online so thought I’d ask So at the moment it’s just me who has an online account, but my wife and daughters all share the same island on 4 profiles So at the moment any island travelling is only on mine, and I’m the lead player on the island My daughter now wants to be able to visit her friend, so if I just upgrade to family membership can she then visit islands and have people visit our island independently of me? Thanks
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