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  1. bimbam

    Pokemon Go

    Yeah, been playing this casually since day 1 and still need 100+ Pokemon, but it’s very rare I see a silhouette of something I don’t have or anything interesting on the tracker, it’s always the same shit even when they put special events on I’ll very rarely battle but never raid, I’m in it most for catching, hatching and evolving and the challenges, but even those are slow progress And shit like locking evolves behind special items is annoying, spent ages catching Murkrow and then got to 100 candies before then realising I need some Sinoah stone thing which in turn seem mostly locked behind 7 days in a row challenges which then still only give you a random chance of actually getting I still love it but think it doesn’t mix things up enough for the non hardcore players, events mostly focus on raid stuff. The best moment I’ve had in the game was randomly going to a big park with the kids not realising there was some event on, everyone young and old you could tell we’re playing it, and then I loaded it up and there were hundreds of these little question mark metal bolt things around. They should do more stuff like that, I know this Meltan thing is about again now but something new
  2. Bad news is I think this 3D depth option is not available on PSVR - updated it but can’t find the option and checking the update history apparently it’s just for an Area X fix edit: that link is to a story about this option being added to Steam version in 2017, looks like confused between the same patch number across PS4 and Steam Gutted, got excited about this if it was PSVR
  3. Worked perfect, downloading now, thanks!
  4. Really want to play this in VR, so much so that I’ve just gone through the whole creating a JPN account and linking it to PS4, but now really struggling to find the demo on the JPN store, every page I go to on AC7 has Yen figures Is there a way to change the store language or could someone help explain where the demo is? Thanks
  5. bimbam

    Nintendo Switch

    Dammit, long day sorry
  6. bimbam

    Nintendo Switch

    Edit: double post
  7. bimbam

    Nintendo Switch

    Mario Party. My 5 year old daughter hasn’t shown huge amounts of interest in games but until we got this, now she wants to play everyday and it’s been a gateway to her then playing Smash and others She regularly wins games on Party and gets loads of stars which gets her very excited each time. Its simple enough to learn for newcomers not just to the game but to games in general, she could never handle control sticks until this and now she can find her way around other games
  8. What’s Gran Turismo like? Better image than Driveclub?
  9. bimbam

    Pokemon Go

    I have a task to send loads of gifts which I’m halfway through, so if anyone would like to add me I’d appreciate it, I give gifts as often as it lets me 5078 6898 3522
  10. I do still enjoy this after all these years but it’s getting increasingly difficult to put up with the staged ness of it The worst bits always in the final, where the candidates pretend they have no idea what brand names, logos etc to go with when this is supposed to be their idea or even ongoing business that they’ve been working on for ages
  11. bimbam

    Pokemon Go

    New to the whole Friend thing so just adding a bunch from the last few pages My code is 5078 6898 3522 Really got back into this now with adventure sync, makes it so much more interesting having buddies and eggs go quick. Finally got a Snorlax from an egg after 2 years
  12. I love both Skyrim and Doom, my only experiences of both so far being on Switch. I mainly love the oh my god how am I playing this on a handheld thing, so I’d like to re-experience them both in a new mind blown sort of way in VR Dont see much said about them though especially Doom, are they any good? Are they blurry?
  13. Finally got one of these a couple of weeks ago and adore it, had some stunning experiences and with my kids and family also love it Astro Bot and Wipeout are exceptional One question though - does everyone else’s view seem like looking through a net or really speckly, especially during dark images and across the whole field of view? Its not the game image itself as it moves with the headset and just looks like it’s on the visor I know the image quality isn’t supposed to be great but this seems odd and not by design so just wondering if it’s normal?
  14. bimbam

    Nintendo Switch

    My digital is the same.
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