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  1. Id like to visit for that price if possible? Thanks
  2. Don’t worry about it thanks, happy to finally spend some Miles that doesn’t involve repeatedly requesting bell tickets one at a time
  3. I have a green so will send it to you shortly
  4. Open now if you’re around, will be away putting kids to bed Nothing to water though thanks jamesh - Ellijess
  5. Maybe a stupid question but can never tell with Nintendo and online so thought I’d ask So at the moment it’s just me who has an online account, but my wife and daughters all share the same island on 4 profiles So at the moment any island travelling is only on mine, and I’m the lead player on the island My daughter now wants to be able to visit her friend, so if I just upgrade to family membership can she then visit islands and have people visit our island independently of me? Thanks
  6. jamesh on the way over, thanks
  7. Does anyone else have a 50” wall mounted TV which switches off on its own every time you leave the house? Mine does, my small wall mounted one and big standing one stay on fine but the big wall mounted one switches off - I have a table with stuff on underneath so if I want it back on I have to move all the stuff underneath out of the way each time Annoying bug or another usual obscure Animal Crossing intentional thing?
  8. That would be awesome if you don’t mind, thanks
  9. Came for the beehive but unfortunately gone, but first time for a while at your island and it’s looking amazing. I really need to get into the flower breeding stuff
  10. Left mine open as well if you’re still exploring
  11. Thanks on way gonna be close!
  12. Only just seen this, would also like a code if not too late? Thanks
  13. Not sure if someone has already sent the polka dot plastic pool but I’ve just sent you one in case
  14. @Broker thanks for the box sofa, have checked your wish list and unfortunately don’t have anything you need, anything else I can send? Cheers again
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