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  1. In preparation for the arrival of NEXT, I've revisited No Man's Sky and tried the photomode for the first time. Here are some Flora and Fauna shots:
  2. I'm back on Assassins Creed Origins now:
  3. It definitely shows its limitations in places though. For example if you are aiming down a guns sights and flick to photomode the character is shown holding the weapon at waist height. Its definitely one of the most restrictive photomodes out there (the FoV in particular is really poor) but you can still get some good results with a bit of tinkering.
  4. Player Character.. it's about as close as the photomode allows you to get though.
  5. A few more Far Cry 5 shots:
  6. Four from Gran Turismo Sport for todays set:
  7. Cheers @wev, plenty of other great pics in the thread too. I was beginning to think that hardly anyone on the forum bothered with photomodes, however judging by the response to this thread that doesn't seem to be the case. Ingame photography definitely seem to be growing as a gaming subculture and don't think we are far off having the majority of AAA titles including some form of mode in future... after all a lot of the time it works as free publicity for them. Also @VN1X, love the look of Mudrunner. Might have to check that out. Anyway enough rambling and back to more pics.
  8. A few of my favourite Wipeout Omega Collection pics:
  9. U-1

    ONRUSH - A New Breed of Arcade Action

    Thats sacrilege! It's an easy GOTY soundtrack contender for me. Struggle to think of a better suited one to this style of arcade game.
  10. Its on PS4 Pro.. but no photoshopping used (I don't edit any of my pics apart from the occasional crop) The Farcry5 photomode has quite a few things wrong with it but you can still get some good results. Loving how popular the thread is btw. Great to see shots from such a variety of games.
  11. Great thread idea @VN1X I'll start off with a few from the FarCry5 photomode released today: Looking forward to seeing everyones pics
  12. U-1

    ONRUSH - A New Breed of Arcade Action

    Alternatively it could work out to be a bit of genius marketing. Its an ideal Post-Pub game so may benefit from a few pissed up people trying it and taking the plunge on a digital purchase.
  13. U-1

    Far Cry 5

    I'm ready!
  14. Yep.. it definitely relies on knowledge of certain gameplay mechanics picked up during the main game
  15. Great vid that explains what Mooncrash is about way better than I ever could. It's criminal that such a great expansion is going pretty much unnoticed.

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