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  1. Don Wiskerando

    Xbox One backwards compatibility

    The Only ones that are not BC are Conan, Final Exam, Rotastic and The Outfit, and they are labelled in the sale as 'Deals with Gold' rather than 'Backwards Compatibility Sale'.
  2. Don Wiskerando


    I see what you're saying but Phil Wang was terrible on Would I lie to You too. He blamed it on overeating at Waggamama's before the recording.
  3. Don Wiskerando


    I would love to see Paul Foot on a series of this. His nonsense would be perfect.
  4. Don Wiskerando


    I enjoyed Greg's comment about
  5. Don Wiskerando

    The Expanse - officially saved by Amazon

    I know Scottish people who speak with a brummie accent at work and very broad Glaswegian when around their family. It's fascinating to hear.
  6. Don Wiskerando

    Rllmuk Renegades Clan

    I have applied to join the clan. Not played for a while but want to get back to it with the next release. I am DonWiskerando
  7. It's got my absolute favourite story sequence in it and I am grinning now just thinking about it.
  8. Don Wiskerando

    New Earthworm Jim game

    @deKay No. You arrive at the restaurant and get given one of those things. You then wait at the bar for it to start flashing/buzzing/playing The Star Spangled Banner. This indicates that the staff are ready to seat you.
  9. Don Wiskerando

    Xbox "Scarlett" - next gen consoles

    This is dangerous advice.
  10. All the best moments belonged to Cap for me. Off the top of my head we had a reprisal of the elevator scene and a reversal of 'You're taking all the stupid with you.' from Winter Soldier, 'I've located Loki', America's Ass, that look through the window at Peggy, growing old with Peggy and passing on the shield. I think the only two things I would have liked to see would have been an Arnim Zola reunion in the 70"s and Cap returning the Soul Stone to Vormir. I am stunned that they have pulled off the finale to the MCU in this much style. Awesome doesn't cover it.
  11. Don Wiskerando

    Xbox One backwards compatibility

    This why I was always confused at the assertions that HD game development was more time consuming and costly than SD. Surely, the higher the resolution that the console can display, the less work is required by dev to downscale the assets for display and performance.
  12. Don Wiskerando

    American Horror Story

    Is Peters doing Pose with Murphy and Falchuk? My wife is insisting that I watch it with her.

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