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  1. It would definitely be a Nintedo thing to release the New Nintendo Switch on the same day as the Switch Pro with no indication as to which was the better machine.
  2. When Harry Met Sally. I don't have anything new to say about this. It's the perfect romantic comedy and it makes me swell up with lots of different emotions throughout. It feels like a real relationship. The Ethiopian food jokes don't hold up but that a small mark against it. It's wonderful. 5 talking heads / 5
  3. No one's got this yet plus 3.
  4. Correct. The second is a touch unfair and should have a (wi-fi) after it.
  5. I was just playing through Psychonauts for the first time in several years and spotted this. Is this the origin of Dick Butt?
  6. The music in this (currently still on B5) really reminds of Metroid Prime and it made me think, if Nintendo had released this with standard Metroidvania progression and called it Metroid Prime 4 I don't think I would have felt like it was out of place. It does solitude, logs, discovery, varied enemies and areas. The only real difference in my head is the roguelike(lite?) structure and 3rd person perspective. I'd certainly give Housemarque a shot at it if I were Nintendo.
  7. I am now at a brick wall. I am in and need to get I have only managed 1 so far. I assume I need to do it all in a single run?
  8. That hotel episode is one of the smartest things they've done.
  9. With All Access the offer is activated during the console setup. It doesn't come as a code in the box. It's associated with the console. You can choose to activate the offer during set up our to activate it later. Once you've activated it on an account you can, of course, use it any Xbox or PC that has your account signed on it. I don't know if it asks for a payment method to be added because I already had one associated with my account.
  10. It's nonsense. Looking at my Xbox games and Playstation games, the variety is all on the Xbox side and my Playstation is for exclusives only.
  11. I've just had a magnificent run. I've been in b3 maybe four times but never made it to the boss. This morning I've not only smashed Nemesis the first time, I also made it all the way through b4 and beat Hyperion first time too. In one run. I'm not sure this game is as hard as it thinks it is.
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