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  1. You can it directly through Virgin now for £15.99.
  2. Pan. Who the fuck can't cook rice?
  3. I think Zanzibar is a great example of how, sometimes, being able to see how something is constructed just raises it up to another level. Like Adaptation.
  4. It is amazing and gives me shivers every time I see the film, at least once a year. The reworking for Battle Beyond the Stars and Aliens is equally great.
  5. Twice I've had the game fail to come back from standby, and corrupt my save, and the game has dropped to single figures several times on the one x. I'm persevering, mainly because I've been able to use a backup save to recover, but disappointed overall. And there are parts of the soundtrack in Luna Pools which sound like a direct rip from Wall-E.
  6. The character who gives you the quest tells you where to look.
  7. I would love Alan Bennet's 'The Twits' please.
  8. But the marketting is aimed at the consumer. How much work is involved, for the consumer, in getting the BC games to run?
  9. Agree with all of this and on another level it Wonderfully efficient storytelling.
  10. The scene where Such good child acting.
  11. I've settled right into this having not played PSO since the dreamcast. That music sent tingles.
  12. The word you were looking for here is Medici, one of the best puns in the series.
  13. I've requested that the interval music from Quest for the Holy Grail be played at my funeral as the curtains close and I'm committed to the flames. Hopefully got a few years to go before that though.
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