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  1. I've settled right into this having not played PSO since the dreamcast. That music sent tingles.
  2. The word you were looking for here is Medici, one of the best puns in the series.
  3. I've requested that the interval music from Quest for the Holy Grail be played at my funeral as the curtains close and I'm committed to the flames. Hopefully got a few years to go before that though.
  4. I watched the first episode last night and so far it's exceeded my expectations. It's the only adaptation I've seen that made me feel the real undercurrent of creeping horror that I got from the book. There were places where I felt sick in my stomach with dread and I don't get that with most horror films or shows. I really felt Harker's unease as he realises that his situation is never within his control. The turn from fear to hope and then ruin was really well done imo. Reading the comments I might just watch episode 2 and leave it there.
  5. I really like the passthrough HDMI on the Xbox One. I use it all of the time and being able to switch from gaming to tv without the tv remote has become second nature. I, personally, will miss it. I'm pretty sure it's the reason that the Xbox has stayed as my main console this generation.
  6. I remember the same. I saw Star Wars at Christmas on TV, then saw Jedi in the cinema and watched Empire sometime later on VHS. For this reason Jedi has always been my favourite and while I love Empire now, when I first saw it as a kid it felt a little underwhelming because i already knew the ending.
  7. And the president in Iron Man 3.
  8. I listen to a prety good podcast called The Soundtrack Show where the host goes through various soundtracks and picks out the cues and the musical language. They are currently doing a series on The Return of the Jedi and have also done good series on Raiders, Danny Elfman, Back to the Future and both other films in the original trilogy.
  9. Smitty, CGMF, DaveDaveDave and Elmo.
  10. This was exactly my thought and makes me want another Rocketeer film so badly.
  11. I don't really look like that. I'm merely wearing a Jake mask.
  12. Only one Jake? I was expecting at least three.
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