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  1. Who the fuck was Sideshow? The person with the second-most wrong opinions on the internet just behind Ben Shapiro.
  2. I rewatched the first series a month or so ago and it beats everything. Hermano and Tio. Bees? Justice is blind. Michael can't tell one Mexican from another. Annyong. Light treason. So many great running jokes that intersect in surprising ways. I'm still finding new things in it all these years later.
  3. KickStart. There must be an audience for this sort of thing. Get some amateurs on trial bikes and get breaking bones. The format would be like Extreme Sports MasterChef. And don't fuck with the theme tune.
  4. I remember the TV show Otherworld. From memory it only ran for about ten episodes. The Otherworld of the title had really fascistic overtones and it made an impact thanks mainly to the wonderful theme tune. It also has Jonathan Banks. Edit: Looking at that video it must surely have been an influence on a young Roland Emmerich.
  5. Are you certain about that bolded bit? I've seen shows that looked like they had zero special effects, only to later discover that almost all of the background scenery was CGI. Mindhunter is a good example.
  6. It's really quite simple. The universe is jazz, something, something. I have finished it but only because I wanted the achievements. I'm having a gamerscore race with my brother.
  7. Re the frame hitching, what device are you watching it on? I'm sure someone on here mentioned that the effects are forced to run at 60hz and some apps (360 Amazon Prime?) we're trying to run it at 50hz. I had the problem on Xbox but not if I ran through the app built in to the TV.
  8. That's the hope. He gives me enough grief, it's nice to be able to pay some back every now and then.
  9. Now that my son's PS5 is sorted I can get to work trying to find a series x for myself. Are there any good discord channels for stock alerts?
  10. It's arrived and wrapped up since it was a late Christmas present. I'm very excited for him to finish school now.
  11. 519. 450 for the console, 49 for ps+and 20 for the psn credit.
  12. Yeah. It was the only offer.
  13. We got a call back from the local store and my son's last Christmas present is finally on it's way.
  14. I've just watched Goodfellas and it's really boring when Jimmy just has everyone killed at the end. Why do gangster films always resort to the same old tropes of shootings and stabbings?
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