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  1. Don Wiskerando

    Switch - Too many ports?? (Ports Die Twice)

    This is the first I have heard of a potential Castle Crashers release on Switch. Port Ho, I say.
  2. Don Wiskerando

    Xbox One Console Thread (s4Kiro)

    I love the music in that.
  3. Don Wiskerando

    Retro gaming magazine scan archives

    I've just discovered the first 12 issues of retro gamer in my attic (I have more but not got round to looking at which ones) along with the first 30ish issues of Games ™. Do you need any of these for the archive or should I just toss them?
  4. Don Wiskerando

    Xbox One Console Thread (s4Kiro)

    I can go to the us store in the browser but the link to buy on that page then opens the uk store in an app. EDIT: This is on a desktop running windows 10 sorry. Might try changing the region of the console and buy through there. EDIT 2: Got it on the mobile site as that doesn't redirect to the Windows App store. FINAL EDIT: I had to change the region on my xbox to start the download.
  5. Don Wiskerando

    Xbox One Console Thread (s4Kiro)

    How? The 'Get' link on that page just opens the UK app store and this isn't available on there.
  6. Don Wiskerando

    Side characters that terrified you

    My mates son looks like Choccadooby.
  7. Radio Rentals are still alive and kicking under the name Brighthouse. Slightly different business model, same shitty business practises.
  8. I know but I'm already paying around £26 a month for the various streaming options plus the cost of Virgin. That something like The Princess Bride, which by this point must cost peanuts to licence, is not available on any of those within the monthly cost was a bit of a wakeup for me. It's a clear sign that not only do I spend too much on this shit, the streamers could never replace physical for me because they are not as comprehensive as they would like you to think.
  9. I tried watching Once Upon a Deadpool a couple of weeks ago with my son, but quickly realised that the framing was lost on him because he hadn't seen The Princess Bride. After I'd finished flagellating myself for the obvious error I tried to locate it on a streaming service and guess what? It's not on any of them. Luckily I quickly located the disc and we could continue but that film is a stone-cold classic and should ALWAYS be available somewhere. FYI I subscribe to Netflix, Prime and NowTV (entertainment), in addition to getting Sky Movies through Virgin.
  10. I've watched the entire series over the last couple of days and reality enjoyed it all. There are lots of stories being told but they all interweave beautifully. Carey is a standout in a great cast and the moments where Looking forward to seeing where it goes.
  11. The left has stayed where it always was but has been unrepresented for years. The centre has shifted to the right meaning that someone who describes themselves as centre-left can mean anything from Jeremey Corbyn to Pol Pot. Left-------------------------------------------Centre---Right
  12. No. You pay your sub and have access to the games that are currently available. The list of what is available at any given time does change as games are added or removed. If you buy a game during your membership (to take advantage of the discount) then that game is yours to keep forever.
  13. Don Wiskerando

    Trials Rising

    You manage your ubi club friends through the web page. I don't think it can be done through the console but I have been known to be wrong, from time to time.
  14. So when did you have your sense of irony removed, LeChuck?

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