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  1. No. He mentions videolog-like devices to tell the story, like in a lot of videogames. His post doesn’t imply any of that, that’s just you fantasizing.
  2. The base game is dirt (sic) cheap atm but with all the dlc it gets significantly more expensive. Do you peeps recommend getting all the seasons or should the pack with S3 and S4 be sufficient?
  3. So Death Stranding ain’t gonna get reviewed? Lol
  4. [edit] Not the strongest of his relatively serious, critical videos I must say. I’ve watched the first two or so minutes and stopped because of the spoilers, but the points he makes so far are all pretty unfair and ill-thought-out. I mean, he’s basically expecting the game to control like Assassin's Creed or a 3D Mario with effortless movement and then slags it because it doesn’t.
  5. Why would all of that matter when the content is good? Is he spouting lies or something?
  6. No review for Link’s Awakening?
  7. Looking forward to this one. Got a 9 in a recent EDGE.
  8. Is there any notable difference in performance between Switch and PS4?
  9. This has been posted before but whatever. Great episode of Boss Keys that illustrates in detail the design genius of LA’s dungeons and why they are the best of the series.
  10. Should this play well enough on an iPhone or is PC clearly the better choice?
  11. Why the fuck is the P from World Premiere just outside of that circle.
  12. I’ve already seen the film, but that actually IS kinda huge. Wouldn’t recommend looking at that spoiler.
  13. Does it have a dedicated single player mode?
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