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  1. Panzer Dragoon Saga does it in a famous way. Cross-posting this from a topic on the same subject from a few years ago:
  2. Grobbelboy

    It Takes Two

    That’s awful dogshit. Won’t be playing this then, thanks for the heads up.
  3. I only kept watching for the wtf comedy factor. It’s hilarious how noticeable the writing struggles to keep everything happening inside the house. There are characters showing up at the door spontaneously and acting completely illogical constantly to give the bogus plot a push or a twist when needed. The goofy campiness was compelling enough to keep watching, but the contrast with the first season couldn’t be bigger. Still a well produced show and I’ll probably watch the third season.
  4. I thought this was abysmal. The voice-over is used in all the textbook wrong ways, unnecessarily describing what’s already apparent on screen or articulating emotions or feelings instead of showing or inferring these things. It has one the worst scripts in a big Hollywood production I’ve encountered in years. The characterization is paper thin and cliched, the dialogue is often excruciatingly superficial and the meager plot is stretched to a breaking point. There’s some incoherent, superfluous visual stuff in an aimless attempt to spice things up (color filters, switching aspect ratios, slo-mo
  5. I recently learned on Time Crisis (Ezra Koenig’s radio show) that the show runners actually wanted Vampire Weekend’s M79 for the intro, but for some reason something went awry and they had to compose an original tune. The resemblance is pretty uncanny:
  6. A spectacular work of art on its own but also succinctly summarizing the themes and conveying the atmosphere of the show in less than two minutes. The “subject superimposed on the silhouette of something else” style has been copied numerous times since.
  7. Left 4 Dead technically is an escort game, with the roles of escorter and escortee constantly switching. The parts in Halo 1 were marines are involved are examples of escort gameplay done right. No obligation at all to keep anyone alive, but succeeding in doing so rewards you with exclusive banter and an inherent sense of accomplishment without ever involving an achievement pop-up or whatever.
  8. The comic spends about six panels to that fight. Besides that it is stated that Blake was a competent fighter and also beat Ozy when they first fought. In the film he defends himself fruitlessly, doesn’t get a single hit in, gets completely pummeled by Ozy and thrown out of the window. But because of your truly weird and obsessive grudge with Snyder, the fact that he throws in some punches somehow means that he stands with fascist Comedian. What the fuck are you on about? Ah yes, so exciting and titillating. Snyder is clearly suggesting Spectre to just be asking for i
  9. Lol that first bit of 4-2 surely must be the best place to farm souls in the entire game. Repeating that bit for 10 minutes easily nets you between 35.000 and 40.000 souls without fail, if you bring an upgraded bow and a few arrows.
  10. Yes everybody should just keep quiet about these things right now. We can’t have these widely backed up allegations of misconduct by people in power, especially when they maybe have contributed somewhat to one’s success. What an absolutely clueless moron you are
  11. Fire Emblem Awakening Mario Kart 7 The baked-in levels of Mario Maker are surprisingly good and worth the price of admission on their own
  12. Really looking forward to this. Hardcore Henry is one of the best pure action flicks in recent years. The workplace accident gag is directly lifted from the better one in Man of Steel though:
  13. I had The Man Who Would Be King (1975) lined up because of Connery passing away recently, but Plummer’s death was a second unfortunate reason to watch it this afternoon. Great adventure flick with a good dramatic arc, slightly reminiscent of Lawrence of Arabia (also scored by Maurice Jarre) and the scope of its ilk in the 50s and 60s. Somehow a bit under seen despite the big names involved. Highly recommended. Should be on sale on iTunes now too.
  14. Yes the visual design is very good, with some cool characters, animations and car designs. Liked the mandatory tutorial too. A nicely streamlined way to introduce everything, no chance of missing anything important.
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