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  1. Gaming Podcasts

    I stuck this on yesterday whilst I lay in the sunshine topping up my tan ( erm, burn actually ) Would rather have it how it is than not at all, so thanks for getting it sorted and put out there
  2. Nintendo Switch

    THIS should sort you out, replacemement stick for about a fiver :)
  3. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    Don't stress it mate, I was fully aimed towards getting the main story smashed and being done with it, but I have spent half the time I did in the main game in the post game doing side quests and getting blades collected, all in preparation for NG+
  4. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    You need to go out of your way to do it, it's not story based like her second form, it is however a cool side story, so well worth doing... like all of the blade side quests
  5. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    You won't play through it too quickly, I managed to finish the main story at just over 100 hours, and since then my play time has grown to 155+ hours and once I've got a few extra blades, I fully intend to start an NG+ to go through it all again
  6. Retro Freak 12 in 1

    I use one of these for testing also, I'm of the opinion that it's very usefull as you can pop a cart in and dump the ROM, thus emaning that the cart can be fully read / works properly. It's a nice bit of kit for that reason alone but also gets a bit of game time, it doesn't take master System games, even with the extra adaptor that's for Gamegear and other stuff, but you can either pop in a Master Gear to that adaptor or use an MD to SMS adaptor and it'll play them fine. Pretty sure I got mine from the trading folder here tbh.
  7. Could be in the market for the art book if you decide to sell mate, just checked mine and it's got the disc, manual and box, but not the art book
  8. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    Rule 34, so someone is, definitely
  9. Challenge 2 definitely, think Nemesis was around the £20-£30 last time I had one, THC2 was at least £50, good effort
  10. Picked up jsrf on the Xbox from Porthmadog while I’m in Wales, £3 but missing the cover. there was a box box, Monty Python’s Holy Grail on the Macintosh, but I’ve got limited space to bring things back on the train so left it on the shelf.
  11. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    I’d spent almost all my cash on buying a core crystal..... I had to work for that bloody airship instead
  12. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    I cheated, went and watched a video guide of which ones were level 1 and then level 2, got the side quest completed. As for books, I think I have one of them, and so far my win / loss ratio against the final boxx is 50/50, taken him out, failed, taken him out, failed. You get a nice xp drop from him, hence why I go back if I'm at a loss for something to do, although at 130 hours, I'm almost ready to start again, just waiting to get my merc level up again, need about 1,000 merc points for the 20k level, hopefully that is the final stretch as it's been a slog getting there.
  13. Pokemon Go

    double xp quadruple with an egg do you know? If so, I'm spending the next hour or so evolving
  14. He's an arse then. If you didn't give him a price to begin with and just asked for "offers" then don't be offended if he low balls you, he's reselling and doesn't know how much to offer / how much you expect. Once you've received his offer and it is way off, you did the right thing by telling him exactly how much you'd take. If I'd been him in that case, I'd have continued a dialogue with you and tried to reach some sort of middle ground where you were happier with the price and I was still making enough to make it worth outlaying money and storing it all, but never would I have got shitty and reported you etc, that is childish. 20% off may sound generous, and if someone is buying for themselves it would be nice, if they are selling on, then that is pretty much their selling fee's, postage and storage costs covered, 30-35% off would likely see them with a 10-15% profit margin, it's not your problem to help make them money sure, but if you want the stuff gone in one lot and quickly, they will want to make something for their time and effort, it is of course up to you if you want them all gone quickly or don't mind doing the leg work yourself, you'll always get more if you cut out the middle man
  15. Xenoblade Chronicles 2

    Ok, so I've STILL not got Zenobia... stop rubbing it in

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