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  1. I'm pretty sure this WILL do better than that, I'd previously bought XC titles ( all of them ! ) but never played any to any great extent, my collectors editions of XC and XCX are both still sealed, but once I'd played a bit of XC2, I was hooked, had Torna delivered on day of release and this one also, so I expect there will be quite a few like myself out there, that have come over from XC2.
  2. Hasn't XC2 sold near on 2m ? It was doing quite well in the early days.
  3. Chapter 7 is picking up for me, I like it but not as good as 2... yet.
  4. Chapter 6, lvl 29, nearly 30, just under 14 hrs.. Time to stop grinding for the day and get some sleep
  5. I took mine, I've spent it, don't think it mattered too much in the grand scheme of things.
  6. Amazon told me at the weekend that my collectors ed wouldn't be here for launch day... but it's out for delivery!!!! I may have jumped the gun and "borrowed" it from the high seas early after gettign the dissapointing dispatch email, but I'm OK with that, I've paid £90 for the thing anyway, just means it'll stay sealed now. As for the game itself, it's quite fun, although I am finding it diufficult even on normal. I've previously played the Wii version up till the firt large encounter, the 3DS version up to maybe the end of chapter 2, but the combat just isn't clicking with me like it did in XC2 and Torna, are there any decent guides on how this shit works? I keep breaking, topple and then some other Yellow attack that has a star next to it, but it's all been explained badly so far, and I've got no idea how to keep chain attacks going. Visually it looks alright, I don't know what people are going on about with low res and stuff, it's a massive RPG on a mostly handheld device ( reckon out of the 11 hours I've put in , 9 have been portable, it's how I played XC2 / Torna ), performance is also OK, the odd bit of stuttering here and there but none of it detracts from the actual game. Story is already getting it's hooks into me and can't wait to play more, shame you can't see a Switch screen outside or I'd be out there on a lounger playing it right now :-p *** EDIT *** Also, one of the characters keeps shouting "Stay Alert" in battle.... can't help thing they should be calling out "Stay at Home".
  7. You don't need Rage Racer... you've got the 3 good ones, oh, and maybe the Hi-Res demo from R4 needs to be obtained, if you don't have it already, it's gorgeous.
  8. LRG are offering refunds if you message them, they got stiffed on this one, I've bought loads through them in the past ( there's a shelf full of shit Switch games, till I realised I should really stop ) and normally, all sales are final, but as this is getting a general release now, they have said they will refund if you ask.
  9. But come on, he couldn't get rid of all those, along with the ones he did last year as well, with the injuries Utd had this season, that squad was needed, this summer, of course some of those will go, youth can come through and new players will come in. OGS needs to finish this season, and preferably in 4th, even if 5th allows CL next season, 4th would send out a decent message of intent, but he needed time, he got time, things started to improve and the actual football was becoming fun to watch again, results count, but playing a good looking game also helps, it's there for entertainment, not just the result, if all you care about is the result, maybe a day in the bookies is better than a trip to Old Trafford.
  10. Anyoe with the collectors edition on order from Amazon, might wan't to not get your hopes up, just had an email to say it won't be here in time for the release date :-(
  11. Legend of Zelda : The Minish Cap Only the second time playing this, the first is so long ago that I can't remember it. Started it up on the retroflag GPi, finally stuffed a load of things on there that I might play, I am questioning myself as to why I am playing it under emulation, when if I'd leaned over a bit further on my desk earlier, I could have picked up the GBA SP, slotted Minish Cap back in it and played the original on actual hardware, questioning my life choices currently :p Anyway, so far the game is really quite fun and I have not remembered anything, it's great having so much time passed that the game feels fresh and new.
  12. It's all good, far worse is the treatment from Amazon, had a complaint that a GBA SP I sold some one was fake ( it wasn't, it was faulty ) they have removed all selling rights and effectively set my business back roughly 7 years, probably not best to have your Egg's all in one basket, but it was quite easy selling on there, far easier than eBay, but one inauthentic claim and you are required to provide invoices from your suppliers, obviously, that's is impossible with retro stuff, so stuff them, eBay can earn the £14k in fee's this year that Amazon have earnt for the last several years ( or there about's , it goes up and down). I'd rather have lost a few grand on Crash Bandicoot than my entire revenue stream, but again, shit happens, I'm still alive and I'm not skint, so I can take the hit, if all else fails, I'll get Tiny House or a camper and live off grid ;-)
  13. Nope, reckon I lost maybe a grand, possibly more, it's a lot of money, but I can earn more, I started sellign them for what I paid or less for a while, as having them sit on the shelf doing nothing was worse, I may as well retrieve some value back out of them, it was a learning experience if nothing else.
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