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  1. Tractor was 40k. The farm made around £150k, but it should have made closer to 1/4mil ( these are remembered numbers from last week, so may be wrong here ) but after everything was paid up, Jezza ( ) had £144 in his pocket, not sure if that included the Lambo, but pretty sure it was for the other bits of machinery, staff, seed, fertiliser etc. If the weather didn't mess with it, he could have paid everyone and had 100k in his pocket.... didn't quite work, but the treasury got their tax money, local folks got jobs and stuff, the money went round nicely, just not to Clarkson, but, we
  2. Don't they both run on Arm code ( The Vita and Android devices )? So it's like Microsoft do with 360 games, and it's original code in a wrapper. I may be trivialising it some what in the explanation though, but that's how I understood it, the original Android code isn't touched, just used as is.
  3. No, the deal was posted on HotUKDeals, and has since gone back up to £45, they do have it on their eBay store though for £29.99 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/124442294722?mkcid=1&mkrid=710-53481-19255-0&siteid=3&campid=5336549684&customid=2195720777&toolid=10001&mkevt=1
  4. Shameless plug... After picking up a Pioneer DDJ-SB2 last weekend, I have finally had a chance to throw a few tracks down, first time in about 7 years that I have used a proper controller with platters, was just using Native Instruments X1 and Z1's to tinker with, so this has been great, like riding a bike though, soon back on it. It's all a bit deep and chilled, but let me know what you think.
  5. Oh... you've got Vita Shell.... I read the rest of it... you're fine, just use that
  6. Have you got a memory card installed if you're using an OLED mode? If not, there isn't anywhere for it to download Molecular Shell to. If you have, then I think the TINY writting as the hack starts, tells you that you can hold ( X I think ) lets you reinstall Molecular
  7. Take the battery out and try it on the PSU only, I've found that with some of the replacement batteries on the 2000/3000 models, the battery causes the drive lid not to close by a fraction of a mill and that stops the second lid switch from detecting the door is closed, or... it could be a bit of dust on the laser, so a cotton bud and some light IPA work needed. Failing that, custom fw and roms will be the way to keep it useable.
  8. "Disliked" and "Unsubscribed".
  9. I hated the Anime... the ending, after months and months of weekly watching... just didn't sit right with the tone the show had given off.
  10. Even South Park Bigger, Longer UNcut ? And Team America ???
  11. It's not, no, but... he did employ and thus move a lot of money towards other people, the Shepherdess, Chipper Charlie, Kaleb, Vets and all the related industries. Charlie did say he was around 90+K down, because of the simply attrocious weather and the things that befell them, so if he'd had a good run at it, he might have made closer to 100k for the year. Obviously for Clarkson, that's not really a lot of money, and he jokes that if he needed to prop up the farm, he could nip off and film another series of WWTBAM, but the point he was making was still the same, other farmers can't
  12. Easy one for me, my birthday is 2 days after Metroid, and Advance Wars is a Christmas title, other half has already been handed the list First time in years that I've actually wanted a specific thing for Birthday / Christmas, actually excited for both of those events now
  13. By the end of it, I think he actually understands the effort Farmers go through to bring their product to market! It's as much about the farming as it is him having some revelations, he's still Clarkson though, and the stupid is always there, just under the surface, but now the surface has a bit more understanding to it.
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