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  1. MikeBeaver

    Emulation machine, Vita or Switch?

    You'll get banned, without a doubt, I'm running 3 different machines for this shit now, one of which is solely for keeping up to date and away from any hacks.
  2. MikeBeaver

    Emulation machine, Vita or Switch?

    Yeah, I'd avoid that, personally had an issue with Auto RCM, left it for a few days and it wouldn't boot the next time I tried it, eventually got it going by using a different laptop, since then it's just been left as it should be. At least if you don't have it in Auto RCM, if you are out and it crashes, you can still do something with it, with Auto you are stuck with a selfmade on purpose bricked device.
  3. MikeBeaver

    Emulation machine, Vita or Switch?

    If you put it in sleep mode it is fine, but if you were to fully power off the device or you had a fatal error / crash of the system that forced a reboot, then it goes straight back to the standard menu. Many folks will be using the SX OS thingy, which comes as a jig and a USB-C plug in thing to push the payload, but I'm not springing for that, there are some knockoff's on Aliexpress, but not looked into them too much. tl:dr if you fully power off you need to run the exploit again and push a payload.
  4. MikeBeaver

    What games did you complete? 2019 Edition

    I had already gone through about 25 - 30 hours before realising ther was a translation patch and that it had been ported back to the PS1 version, otherwise I'd have done it with that, instead I went through the classic script and although it's a bit woney, you know what's going on and it's still an awesome game
  5. MikeBeaver

    Emulation machine, Vita or Switch?

    Vita scene is quite developed, and you have the added benefit of native PSP support, the Switch stuff is runnign quite well but in comparison is still quite new, I have both and personally prefer the Switch though, probably just because it is the new shiny, but it should have more potential than the Vita in the future, once more development advancements are made, although I have noticed a few bits are being back ported to the Vita, such as MVG's port of Postal for the Switch now finding a home on the Vita. The only thing that niggles me about the Switch currently is the need for an external boot method to push the payload, I've no worries carrying around a jig ( I used a faulty Joycon and solderd the pins across ) but needing a laptop / Android phone / plug in adaptor, plus a cable just add to the clutter, with the Vita you can just fire it up from a coldboot and be into some emulation in a few minutes.
  6. MikeBeaver

    Retro repair and refurbishment

    I find PS2 official pads to be useless, the ribbon cable thing always breaks bwond and you end up with pads where not all of the buttons work, so I always end up throwing them away, I am happy to keep hold of the thumb sticks that are good if anyone wants them for the cost of postage. Doubt there will be many before the bootsales kick off, but any that come along folks are welcome to, saves a bit of landfill As for general retro refurb and repair, I will try my hand at fixing most things, be it with new spare parts, or, in the case of a Snes I got from eBay before Christmas ( when it arrived and I took it apart, it was full of actual SOIL!! like it had been left outside in the dirt and it then rained), it would power up but there was no picture or sound. I stripped it down, cleaned it with IPA, this did nothing, I pulled out a soldering iron, went over all of the solder joints on the chips with the iron, this brought back the image but still no sound, so I got out the heat gun and heted all the visable chips on the board one at a time, eventually it came back to it's former glory and was saved from the scrap heap, took a couple of hours and was console & Mortal Kombat 2 only, no psu, pad etc, but for £16 delivered it was an interesting project that turned out to work eventually. I am all for trying to get stuff back to a working state, why throw things out that are no longer made and ar still in demand? We need more folks with the skills and knowledge to repair rather than just buy new items.
  7. MikeBeaver

    Final Fantasy 7

    When you short out two pins on the joycon rail, push a payload to it and install RetroArch I've just finished this and seeing that section of the game about a week ago..... I still didn't notice that sly Xenogears reference, that's awesome
  8. MikeBeaver

    Gaming curios

    I had a mario one from the botsales a few years back, great little things and quite sought after, there was a Zelda one also, and more recently ( N64 era ) they did a Starfox one.
  9. MikeBeaver

    What games did you complete? 2019 Edition

    11/1/19 - Final Fantasy 7 ( PS1 version ) - For the first time since it was releaed, I have actually gone back to it and made it not only off disc 1, but only finished the bloody thing. Gold Chocobo sorted, final attack materia gained, Ultimate Weapon destroyed. There were a few little bit's left to do, but at 53ish hours, I'd had enough and wanted to beat the game, the final battle was VERY close, I was smashed by an attack from Seph, leaving all 3 of my party with just under 250 HP a piece, I'd already commited the next available charaters move to firing off Hades, so it was, if my attack failed to kill him, I would not have enough time to get curative magic cast before his next attack, luckily for me, Hades struck and the game was won, a very satisfying end to the game indeed 11/1/19 - Star Soldier : Vanishing Earth ( N64 ) - Yeah, alright, it's hardly a long game I know, but I need something to keep me entertained while the boiler is getting changed :p It's a half decent vertical shooter on the N64, art direction is nice for the era, it's not too difficult and I've enjoyed the half hour / 45 mins I've spent with it.
  10. MikeBeaver

    The Wind Waker remake for WiiU - not just HD

    I'm tempted to plug in the cube tomorrow and fire this up, I still have my original disc and I "think" the save file might be on a memory card inside the case, I hope so anyway. Somehow I managed to finish it back in the day, although I do remember being a dirty cheat and using a guide to find all the shards, was a wonderful game, which I never got round to playing past the first island on the Wii U, totally would get it if it came to the Switch though, having quite the time playing through FF7 again ( via emulation on the Switch ) and this would e perfect as a handheld title
  11. Should have kept it properly sealed then, if it was sticker sealed and you've broken the seal, it's definitely lost some value
  12. In what has turned out to be a pretty mental turn of events, I am popping to someone I knew from high school's on Monday to buy the rest of his fairly extensive collection at CEX prices. Went into our local cash exchange today, they had shit loads of decent DS and 3DS titles ( Castlevania, Pokemon, Valkyrie Profile, Cave Story 3D, etc etc ) all for reasonable prices, after selecting around £150's worth of stuff I got chatting to the chap and he said that someone was selling off their collection, didn't think much of it till I got home, stuck in some Layton rip-off title from Konami and the save file happened to be hat of a friend from school who I know is into retro, with that I fired up FB, sent him a cheeky message and an hour later I've got shit loads of photo's to look through, snes, megadrive, mega cd, jaguar, dreamcast, gb & gba, stacks of it, I'm just sad that he already shifted some of it, he let a Neo Pocket Color and 8 games go to cash exchange for £67 Sufice to say, come Monday I am going to be a LOT less well off than I am now, but said that I'd give him CEX trade in prices over their cash ones, so he's happy @spartan, that is an epic amount of stuff, am very jealous, that's a smashing deal, and you can have some toast when you've finished sorting through the systems
  13. MikeBeaver

    Greatest Videogame Tune

    No words are needed really....
  14. MikeBeaver

    Giant Bomb Fan Club

    Keep listening, it's a great one, shame Dan wasn't there for it though
  15. MikeBeaver

    PlayStation Classic - December 2018

    It really is :p

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