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  1. They're fucking not... United are
  2. Not for ever though, Amazon would give it back to you... eventually. Yep. These scams pop up, they sell the stuff, Amazon ONLY send you the money to your Amazon accoutn after you have marked it as dispatched, and if it is a new account, they will not release the money to the "seller" for at least a fortnight, even as an established seller, you are only able to dispurse your balance once every 24 hours, it's definitely not like on eBay with Paypal, where you can grab the cash out right away, or spend the PP ballance. I was a seller on Amazon for 7 y
  3. My Series pad that came with the console has barely been used, I'm sticking with the Elite 1 for the time being, my most played title is Tetris Effect, and that D pad on the newer one seems more finicky, kinda like the one on the first gen Switch Pro pads, too easy to hit "drop" when I don't mean to.
  4. I'll give you a shout tomorrow, currently STILL fighting with my iMac, trying to get the PoS back to a working state, it's been 4.5 hours so far
  5. Because Southgate's a fucking idiot....
  6. FFS, office desk looks a state, iMac decided that today was the day the HDD was going to crap itself ( it's already runnign on a USB HDD as the internal shit the bed ) , so I started a "35 minutes remaining" reinstall of Mojave at 15:30... there is still 19 minutes to go, have had to bust out the Mac Mini and plug it into the little LCD panel on the wall to watch, arggghhh. We'd better fucking win after all this pissing about .
  7. I would be interested in it for parts for sure, although if you have a heat gun, it might be worth trying to reflow the CPU first, as that would be my first effort, before stripping it for bits if that failed. If you're in the market for just a tablet, as you've already got the other bits, I might have a spare, I'll need to check how many docks / full setups I have first and see, but think there is at least one or two kicking about.
  8. Might be worth going for a PICO PSU, it's a worthwile upgrade anyway, can pick them up for around £30, and I've had systems that started working properly again once the PSU has been swapped over. No worries on the chips, I don't think I'd try it again unless it was absolutely required, this one was just sort of messing about, and a little more dilligence ( and some decent Flux, which I have now ) may have left the board in a better state.
  9. Cleanse your mind and eyes with what Discworld shows SHOULD be like, and stay for the end credits song, this is fantastically fantastic
  10. I've played 3v1 once, since then , I cant get a game, just endless lobby sitting The other modes on Vs, yeah, I quite like all of them , except Classic, I'm not playing it again, I like my 100% win rate too much
  11. My mate downloaded it, stuck it on his Plex server, I am actually disgusted in it, shame, as the cast seem alright, it's just piss awful, I'm going to go home and stick "Guards! Guards!" on, even the abridged versions by Tony Robinson would be better than this twaddle.
  12. Wouldn't waste the bandwidth. That might be a reason for me to cancel my sub... I'm half way through the 1st episode, and it's fucking awful, it's going off.
  13. Things I don't recommend.. starting a 600 line marathon, my eyes Just under 26 minutes, think I need a rest
  14. I've started lunch and am doing post, THEN I'll start, what are the Effect modes this weekend? I usually only play the poison block or combo modes if I can help it.
  15. Oh FFS you lot, I'd managed to get out of this for a bit... of I go to clear some lines for the weekly challenge, grrrrr
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