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  1. MikeBeaver

    Nintendo Switch

    changing out the stick is a fairly straight forward task, it's pretty cheap to grab a replacement from aliexpress
  2. Apple 2... just because it's so manky
  3. MikeBeaver

    Pokemon Go

    1up Gaming
  4. MikeBeaver

    Pokemon Go

    We're rapidly approaching ( play for 1 more day ) "Ultra Friends" status on this, do you want to arrange a time to do some gift exchanging so we both get the 100k XP?
  5. MikeBeaver

    Nintendo Switch

    Is that the digital or physical release? mine still hasn't shipped
  6. MikeBeaver

    The Walking Dead!

    Just incase anyone hsn't seen or hear of a major death in this... avoid this weeks Bombcast, Brad is up to his od tricks of dropping spoilers in. I'v not watched since the first few eps of S7, but it was totally out of the blue hearing that they had lost this character!!
  7. MikeBeaver

    Crimson Skies is ace!

    Grabbed it from a bootsale in the summer, first time I'd ever played it, it's a lot of fun indeed
  8. MikeBeaver

    Pokemon Go

    I live in a small village, one gym, 5 stops in walking distance. Our local scene has actually grown in the last 10 months from kids who were dropping off and not playing and myself getting grief from my mates about playing "that kids game", to a bunch of adults. Now I am one of the younger ones ( 39 tomorrow, think the eldest in our group is 60+ ) of the group that do raids and constantly battle for the gym each day to get our 50 coins. There's a bit of ribbing going on, some of the others go further afield to raid and have spent serious money on it, perhaps taking it a little too seriously, but there is no negativity and now that there is a group of maybe 7 of us if we can all get together at the same time, we are pretty sure to take on even a Mewtwo and win. Until these people started playing ( and admitting to others they were playing and not keeping it a little hidden secret ) I had never done a raid as part of a group, only taking on lowly 2 and 3 star ones where I might have a chance of succeeding, just keep at it and maybe a little group will slowly grow where you are and you can get involved, I hope so as it's definitely made the game more fun for me now.
  9. MikeBeaver

    Analogue Super Nt

    There are definitely age appropriate Saturn wireless controllers, IR jobs, sure I have a pair round the house somewhere... they are shit though, one wrong angle and you lose connection
  10. I'll give you cex prices, anfd then some , although not till next week... now off to Ibiza :p
  11. MikeBeaver

    Pokemon Go

    Cheers peeps, I went with Dragonite, 2 x Gengar, Houndoom and 2 x Gyrados, they all fell but went straight back in with whoever it gave me next time and we still had 92 seconds on the clock when Mewtwo went down, all caught and happy that my first 5* raid ( and the first organised 5* in our village ) was a success for almost all involved, apart from Lee... he didn't get there in time and we'd already started, he's propr pissed, but fuck him, he's an actual whale and pays to win.
  12. MikeBeaver

    Pokemon Go

    Whats good against Mewto? Just about to go to a raid and need my team to be good :p
  13. MikeBeaver

    Nintendo Switch

    theres a program you can get on Windows, HWTest, it will fill the card to any amount of GB you speciy, then verify that the full amount of data written can be read back, download that and run it to see if it's really 200 GB
  14. MikeBeaver

    Pokemon Go

    Having never raided with ANYONE ( only raids I've done have been solong,, with varying success ) I'd quite happilly raid with lower lever peeps, noobs or in fact anyone at all I've got the collection opf premium raid passes due to buying ultra boxes for incubators, but they hardly ever get used, and now at level 7 on the Mew path, I need to start a raid every time I can, even if I know I'll lose.

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