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  1. I've just picked her up, so only level 3 currently, but as I've gained new characters, I have swapped out my highest level character, slowly bring up a team who will hopefully all be about the same level by the time I am done. Going forward I'll be taking the appropraite character on their story quest, along with the weaker members to make it a little more challenging and also because I'll be doing all sorts of grinding to get them higher
  2. Accidentally wandered into a danger level 52 area yesterday... I ran the fuck away VERY quickly :p Love how you can just be waking around, all powerful, feeling like you can take on anything and then you flip to the next screen and the rols are reversed and you're fleeing for your life, amazing how much of a breath of fresh air this is seeing as it's a throw back to older style games.
  3. Bought a coupe of PS2's, PS1 and DSi from some garage / street sale on Sunday... didn't expect to find a grot DVD in the fat PS2 , it's usually a crap shoot to see if there is a disc in the old drawer type consoles, PS2/s, Wii's, Xbox's etc, but this is the first time some antique porn disc has been in there.....Such a terrible title as well "Anal Express, the A Train" Suffice to say I scrubbed my hands immediately after throwing the controllers in the bin, and am still undecided what to do with the console, it needs a new laser ( which I have ) but I'm not sure I want to touch the machine now
  4. Yeah, Bully and GTA San Andreas are both available in those cases
  5. Worst part for me so far has been in the back story of Olberic, there is a spoken part where Crivens is pronounce Cry-vens, apart from that it's been fine. Am taking it slowly at the minute and doing an hour or two of an evening before bed, such a wonderful little game and being able to just hit the sleep button and then pick up where you left off last is great
  6. just a heads up as not sure if it's been mentioned before, but I just encountered an enemy called "Cait" the first time it ran away, second time I managed to fight and kill it along with the other mobs, went from level 13 to 16 in one sitting as it granted me 1000 experience points and the joys of an extra 100 as the enemies were on "Break" when they died, so well worth keeping an eye out and trying to fight those
  7. Mine still says pre-ordered also, so I've stuck down a quick order at Amazon, I need to be playing this tomorrow
  8. It's been my favourite JRPG in a long time, even though it wasn't turn based ( this is a big thing for me, turn based is king in my little world :p ), I even went back in for 60+ hours after beating the final boss to mop stuff up, and have since started New Game +, think my current play time is around 195 hours and it has been worth every penny, very much looking forward to the DLC later in the year although I'll be buying the stand alone cart for it.
  9. I'm going in with Primrose, getting every character, smashing through every story beat and finishing it, hopefully there will be something extra after completion, but if not I'll have done as much as possible the first time thorough, actually can not wait for Friday to arrive so I can get started again Xenoblade 2 says there is at least one
  10. MikeBeaver

    Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    From what I have noticed so far, the button battery cover is slide off instead of needing a coin to open it and the main battery cover is different to the last one I owned, definiteley a Japanese console though, I can't read any of the paperwork in it's box :p
  11. MikeBeaver

    Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    !!!!!! I knew it was a good deal, but no tTHAT good, All I've done is play Turf Masters at work on it all day Might have to see if I can stretch to another copy of Evolution for it now, although it's not going to be even remotely cheap
  12. MikeBeaver

    Playstation Vita

    Good shout on Gitaroo Man, I'd forgotten about that one and it's such an awesome game, apart from the sodding DnB shark battle, that can get fucked, Castlevania went on mine this morning
  13. MikeBeaver

    Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    That was mostly why I nabbed it, it was a Buy it Now or best offer, I didn't hessitate though, just smashed the buy button ( although I did risk it by going through TopCashBack first, I need that 1.01% cashbac, honest :p ) I think it's going to remain on the shelf for a while, want to check out Biomotor Unitron first, not too fussed with the card games though, and I'll get bashed for it I know, but I'm not really bothered about Metal Slug 1st mission either having played a lot of it via emulation a while back, but all of that will have to wait as I have now found my old copy of Neo Turf Masters
  14. MikeBeaver

    Playstation Vita

    Solder?!?! Yeah, there are much newer ways now, the one you mention was only available for the 3G model OLED's, now you just need to grab something called "SD2Vita" it sits inside the cartridge slot, requires soome messing around with plugins to get it going, but once set up it'll save you a fortune. Be sure to buy the newest versions of it though as they come in an actual cartridge type shell, the originals ( like I have ) are just the PCB and are fiddly, apart from the shell there is no difference in the functions though and you should be able to get one delivered for less than a fiver
  15. MikeBeaver

    Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    It's arrived... I forgot to charge any batteries, will be firing it up shortly though Console is boxed and is in gorgeous condition, the original batteries are still in the box and still wrapped, so of course, I'll be leaving them where they are and using some rechargeables

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