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  1. I've just watched that 5 times straight... you're right, doesn't get old :-)
  2. This has right cheered me up, now to get home and watch the highlights.
  3. Literally grinning from ear to ear now
  4. WTF ?!? I've just watched the last 5 episodes of " Preacher" it finished, opened up BBC news and saw the headline that Utd were winning, to my horror I realised I'd forgotten the match was on, check the score.... 4 fucking nil !!!! WTF seriously? This is bonkers!!
  5. Noooooo !!! To this day, STILL the worst thing I've ever spent money on, win some , lose some, in this case, lose some money
  6. Wear down Chelsea and THEN bring on the super subs I guess, battle of attrition.
  7. Box the collectors tatt looks great
  8. Anywhere doing preorders for it yet? Something else to sit sealed on my shelves
  9. Anywhere doing preorders for it yet? Something else to sit sealed on my shelves
  10. Erm... is this new news or have I been under a rock? Spotted it on my recommended list on Youtube and hadn't heard anything about it, stealth reveal?
  11. Yeah, ou're right there, some things I had marked up at bang on eBay prices, as they actually were hard to find ( Panzer Dragoon Saga, Deep Fear, Baku Baku Animal on Game Gear boxed and they lived in a glass cabinet ), others, more common rarities, all of those were cheaper than the shabbiest eBay boxed title ( I only ever take boxed stuff to VGM ) and for the most part, people are happier that they can inspect the games in person, although researching prices, putting them in poly seal bags is also time consuming, and sometimes you don't get the prices right, as I found out a few times
  12. You'll have seen me year before last then, gobby Southerner, Pony tail, me, my missus and 3 mates on 10 tables ( I had 4 of them ), prices were reasonable, and was ALWAYS happy to haggle, infact, I even haggled some people down by myself :-p Nah, probably still has it, some of the traders there go to all the shows, week in week out, they'll know that they sold it once for £25, so might do it again, and that's enough for them to hang on to it at that price, me... at VGM, I want shit to sell, so if it's not a piss take offer ( Like the one Strider got for Paper Mario... £4
  13. I've had a PS4 sitting here since before Persona 5 came out, I didn't play a game through to completion until a month or so back, when I ran through all 3 remastered Uncharted games on it, having hardly ever played anything on Ps3 either !! I'm now playing Persona 5 at last, and once that is done, I am looking forward to seeing what else I have missed from this current gen, Spiderman, God of War, more than 20 mins of OZD, there are a tonne of Sony games I'v just ignored for years, mostly as I was just too invested in Xbox' ecosystem, and now is the time to grab a shit load of games as eve
  14. Seems we paid the price last night 4 - 1 to Doncaster, seems I can't have Town AND United have a good game at the same time
  15. Doing alright for a PE Teacher Long may he continue to do well, I like Ole being at the club, he's doing OK
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