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  1. I had a look at their GBC upgrade and thought £19 is a great deal. Then I noticed for that £19 all they seem to do is little more than strip it down and clean it. For the backlit screen it’s another £66 and for the speaker upgrade its another £10. So it’s actually nearer £100 for the GBC upgrade? Wow... How much is it for the back screen?
  2. The Xbox being branded a Sega console in Japan? Jesus, what year is this... 2002, when the name Sega still had some clout in the games industry?
  3. The one thing was throwing out a CD32 with SX-32 expansion because it was “playing up a bit”, along with an Amiga 4000 keyboard. That’s all probably worth about a grand now. But to be fair, I probably spent more than the equivalent of that at the time on the kit. I did keep all the games and two Competition Pro joypads which seem to go for silly money. However, I did buy another CD32 a couple of years ago for about £150 and since then they seem to have skyrocketed in price, so swings and roundabouts. I also gave away my Spectrum to a younger cousin who didn’t have much (so I felt a bit sorry for him). Always regretted it, especially as there were some rare games (Martianoids, a late Ultimate game, Id picked up for a couple of quid and it goes for about £70 now, but to be honest it was crap). But then a couple years ago I bought up some Spectrum games from gumtree (in preparation for when the Next being released, although in reality was another 2 years away...) and the guy came running out the house and said “do you want this as well?” holding a Spectrum +2 and I gave him £30 for the lot (it was all I had on me). So swings and roundabouts..... I remember my mate at school having some incredible big box Amiga games, which seem to be really rare now, like Moonstone. He sold them all for a pittance in order to fund buying a HiFi.
  4. Is it a +2A/+2B or a +3 that you're using? If it is, then depending on the game then you may need to use the OUT 32765, 48 command before loading and even then there are some games that will not work on the +2A/B and +3 unless you use a specific fixed version. The early Ultimate games need the OUT 32765, 48 command in order to work, for example.
  5. Surely Sony and Microsoft's focus on graphics driven technology advances was going to end in ever dwindling results? The PS2 and Xbox were fairly significant advances over the previous generations, but since then it's become more and more incremental. It's like that recent Unreal demo, absolutely it looks amazing, but does having a tiny bit more detail make a game any better than the last generation? The other problem is the amount of resources needed to deliver those games - remember when the likes of Treyarch were producing 3-4 different games a year instead of churning out another Call of Duty every 2-3 years? Or when Rockstar were making different games like GTA, Midnight Club, The Warriors, Bully, Table Tennis, Manhunt instead of every single Rockstar studio needed to make one single game? It's easy to not get that excited when you know the risks and resources are too high, so instead of something new and different, you just get another instalment of the same game but with more detail on a character's forehead...
  6. Which machine are you using and do you have examples of games that are working and those that are not? Are you trying the 48k games in 128k loader or going to 48k mode and typing LOAD "" ? I'm trying to work out if the error message is down to the file, the 128k mode or the machine type as it could be any of the three! Like @Swainy said, I'd recommend a DivMMC Future, honestly if you've got a 128k type machine and you get a DivMMC Future, you're not that far off having a Next!
  7. This bundle of three Codemasters’ Seymour games is currently at £155 with 6 days still to go. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/274376872686 Are they really worth that???? Crazy!
  8. Midwinter I would think would be the best option (I've not played the other two recently) because it's premise is something that's totally of its time - the whole thing of the world being covered in snow was clearly to get around technical limitations of the time, to have a world that was that big, you couldn't have lots of "things" in that world - so make it totally desolate by having lots of "snow"! The other games have probably been bettered by modern games, it's like going back to the original Elite which is still fun but it's really frustrating with the limitations of the old game, you'd be better playing Elite Dangerous.
  9. I originally had a 48k then upgraded to a +2 grey model and it’s funny, but at the time I don’t remember any problems with audio. Maybe because I had nothing else to compare it with, or maybe it was because it was a million times better than the 48k beeper audio (even the feature of having audio come through the Tv was amazing). But I’ve got a +2b now and I believe it’s got the audio fixes, as does the +3b model.
  10. I have an iPad with the Vectrex app on it and play with an iCade which feels like a very close experience. Although I'm not sure if you can still download it, but you might be able to get an old jailbroken iPad and install it. Plus you can use MAME.
  11. Remember kids, you might not be able to polish a turd, but you can roll it in glitter. $30m of glitter.
  12. It's brilliant to see the discussion between getting the Japanese original and the EU version, it's like back in the day when some people were adamant on getting the grey import, while others would just stick with the PAL version! I've never owned a PC Engine but it's a system that I've played a lot through emulation and still do to this day. Maybe that says something in that I've got almost zero nostalgia for it, but loved how it looked and the games were amazing - even now. There's something about the PC Engine that captures the innocence of 8-bit games but has enough of a 16-bit aesthetic for them to look outstanding. While you can get "better" versions of the games (including the arcade originals) I think the PC Engine really captures that mid-to-late 80s era of strangely alluring Japanese console and arcade gaming that seemed just out of reach to reach to most kids in the UK at the time (unlike the NEO GEO), which you could only read about in the likes of A.C.E. and C&VG (yeah, R-Type on the Spectrum was good... but nothing compared to the PC Engine.)
  13. How Double Dragon is handled totally sums up what’s wrong with retro gaming. This does look like a really nice collection, but I’d imagine the majority of gamers in the UK have almost no history with the NES games, so where are the arcade originals? Double Dragon was a massive arcade game, especially the cooperative two player meaning at the end you had to beat the living shit out of your mate to see who was really going to have sex with the lady! But the whole thing of the NES versions being revered and only getting the re-releases is total nonsense! How can they ever convey the disappointment of getting the 8-bit home computer versions for Xmas 88 which were awful compared to the arcade?
  14. "I've got two words to say to you too. Shut the fuck up". Sorry, had to quote that line! Midnight Run is a classic film, one of De Niro's best (and probably one of his most overlooked now). I remember many a great time re-watching the VHS with my student mates in the 90s, so many quotable lines. Great soundtrack by Danny Elfman, but not like a normal one as it's basically Oingo Bongo, Danny Elfman's band. The theme song is brilliant, love the horns.
  15. Yeah, the real pricey ones are the late Ultimate games - Cybernoid, Martianoids, Bubble - which ironically are the most mediocre. Seeing Martianoids going for £70+ does grate a little, I originally picked it up for a couple of quid back in the day and then swapped it for a few other games because it wasn't very good! The other big Ultimate collectable is the compilation "Ultimate: The Collected Works" which came out when US Gold had purchased Ultimate. It comes with a hints sheet and poster, so if it has those then it does really go up in value. But if you want a decent Ultimate collection, get Ten Titles For Your Spectrum Plus, which was a Boots compilation and has 6 early Ultimate titles - plus they contain the original (and cryptic) instructions, unlike the Collected Works. Hit Squad games is a real strange one, I think it's the "Collectability" of them - they're all in uniform packaging/labelling which I suppose makes them nicer to collect and have them on a shelf. I've got a few Hit Squad games and I was really surprised to see one of them, Head over Heels, go for more than the original (and IMHO much nicer) jewel case box. The later games weren't really good at all, but as you said things like Dark Man, RBI Baseball II, Smash TV go for ridiculous prices. There's some Firebird re-releases that also go for more than average, maybe because they were actually given a semi-decent cover! Other rare games are Julian Glossop's games like Laser Squad, Lords of Chaos, Chaos and the really rare compilation The Rebelstar Collection (I don't think I've ever seen that on eBay). But there are some games that do end up getting a bit more money than you'd expect, they're often releases that have since become really popular but maybe didn't sell that well at the time (but loads of people had, because they were swapping tapes in the playground!)
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