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  1. You could only get Let it Be via bootleg VHS (which I had). Despite McCartney attending the 1971 Oscars to collect the Oscar it won, he’s since been really against it. I don’t think it helps that it doesn’t show him in a great light by bickering with Harrison, but he was at least a driving force in them getting something done. Ive got a load of bootleg albums of unreleased recordings and to be honest, they’re really rough. Most of them are really just jam sessions. I honestly don’t know how they’re going to expand this out to 6 hours. The original anthology was under 8 hours when s
  2. 180! as part of their Retro Reimagined range, please.
  3. The Star Wars panini stickers in 1996 were 25p a packet, that’s the equivalent of 47p adjusted for inflation. So, yeah, a bit of a jump....
  4. I think it’s Bamburgh Castle it’s being filmed at?
  5. Is this set in 1976/77? Because that’s the relative time difference between the release of Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) and the year it was set (1936). Would be cool to see some disco or punk nazis.
  6. gone fishin'


    I was unfortunate to be listening to Radio 2 the other day and they played (I presume) Noel Gallagher's latest song. God, it was possibly one of the most turgid, middle of the road, pieces of shite I've heard in a long time. It was a million miles away from the swagger of Rock And Roll Star, instead it had female backing vocalists going "oooh" and "aaah" while Noel regurgitated the same old guff about "cast no shadow". It sounded like the sort of wine-bar wankery smooth pop that the Style Council did. You know, the period that Paul Weller is desperate for the world to f
  7. I had no idea the guy playing the new Captain America is Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn’s son.
  8. Scott who? I just looked him up... Ah, that famous designer of space transport systems for, er, Napster. If they’re using a system that literally cannot stop a 2 year journey to Mars, 12 hours after it departs, then there’s a fundamental problem right there. But anyway, we live in a world where Elon Musk is considered a top astrophysicist, so I guess a YouTuber who plays video games should give great insight into how modern films are developed. Bah, how on earth did we go from Carl Sagan advising on 2001: A Space Odyssey to this?? Lo
  9. Lol, what a load of bollocks! Like they can't just turn around and land back on Earth if there's any problem. NO, they MUST go on a two year mission to Mars, despite not having enough supplies to last that long! Although it would maybe be the case if Elon Musk was behind the project.
  10. Although it's a "bean to cup", I've just bought this: https://www.melitta.co.uk/products/gift-ideas/sale/caffeo-ci-fully-automatic-coffee-machine-silver/ Original RRP £999, now only £550. We thought seeing as we're not going on holiday this year, and our Dualit Espresso has packed up (it was hammered for 12 months, seeing as we're both working from home, to be fair on it), we thought we'd splash out on a good coffee machine. It's really good, dead easy to use, unbelievably easy to clean and has a nice "two bean" selectable option. It also comes with a water
  11. First try spraying with WD40 Dry Contact cleaner - move the joy con around while spraying and spray right under the joycon People talk about joycon drift, but it’s usually just a bit of debris, like crumbs, that’s caught in it and spraying dry contact cleaner usually fixes it!
  12. No but almost every time I’ve made a post in the retro forum, you’ve had a dig at me. That’s the exact reason why I haven’t contributed in here regularly, apart from when someone has needed help - eg @Anne Summers with the Spectrum questions. Once again, I make a post and you have a dig about it. Maybe because you didn’t quote me you think it’s not aimed at me. It clearly is. And @Camel that is why this will be my last post in the retro forum. I’m not going to report you on harassing me, but I hope you take enjoyment with one less active contributor in a forum that’s dwin
  13. It’s the bollocks that specifically @Camel always replies with to any of my posts is why I don’t post here anymore. I can’t be arsed getting into an argument about a Dizzy game, but I don’t know maybe the title “A new Dizzy game for the Next” along with the Oliver Twins saying “if the Kickstarter stretch goal is met, they’ll release a new Dizzy game for the Next” is enough? Maybe they didn’t say “exclusively” for the Next, but it was promised as an exclusive Next game as a stretch goal, the Oliver twins did a video about it being on the Next and here we are and it’s NOT being rele
  14. So I guess the Oliver twins were lying when they did this video announcing Dizzy on the Next if the Kickstarter campaign hit the stretch goal? Hasn't aged well, has it? A video promoting the launch of the Next Kickstarter with the promise of an new Dizzy game for the Next should it hit the stretch goal, except now we've got a vanilla Spectrum game with no Next version in sight. Looking back, it kind of feels like mis-selling, doesn't it? What's worse is on the Wonderful Dizzy page there's a list of testers So you've got the Next te
  15. @Robo_1 I was going to post that Stretch Goal commitment. I noticed that they're closing down the spectrum next games website and moving it all to specnext.com, so this page must have been created fairly recently. https://www.specnext.com/software/?title=95 yet the video on the page is clearly a Spectrum based one, colour clash and all. Just checking my Kickstarter updates and in June this one came from Henrique, in what was the final update. However, the screenshot in the update looks like a Spectrum version.
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