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  1. gone fishin'

    Night Arcade

    Was there literally no arcade machines?
  2. gone fishin'

    Star Wars Episode IX (December 2019)

    I think what they mean that is after the recent failed experiment of 6 months between Star Wars films, they're going to revert back to one film per year, filling the one month that Disney doesn't have a release that is either a live action remake or from Marvel Studios, Pixar, Disney Animation or one of the eight Artemis Fowl books (likely to be at least 12 films, with the last two being stretched out to 2 films each). http://www.digitalspy.com/movies/feature/a824808/disney-movie-schedule-2017-2018-2019-star-wars-marvel-live-action-remake/
  3. gone fishin'

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi

    I watched The Force Awakens the other day with my son and reading the opening crawl again (and knowing what happens in the Last Jedi) really shows up how little thought went into it as a story continuation (and how in that Plinkett video, the summary is basically "you're watching the film and enjoying all the Star Wars references and explosions, while your brain is going WTF, this makes no sense" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKrnDZZa3ck&frags=pl%2Cwn (the opening crawl, not allowed for embedding, so here's the text). So we're told that Luke Skywalker has vanished, the First Order will not rest until he has been destroyed. Leia is desperate to find him, because he will restore peace to the galaxy. So he must have been pretty important, right? But then when we watch The Last Jedi, instead of everyone trying to find Luke Skywalker - and instead of sending "the most daring pilot", Poe Dameron, to find him instead they rely on some tramp (who could be good or bad, we don't know), to go and get him. The First Order seem to completely forget about Luke Skywalker, instead focusing everyone (including the equivalent of the emperor, Snoke) to kill a couple hundred rebels that literally no-one in the galaxy gives a shit about (because no-one answers their distress call). Oh and that most daring pilot is now demoted to just sitting around waiting for them to be chased, very, very slowly. And it turns out that Luke Skywalker actually can't be that important, because what's he really done that would merit him restoring peace to the galaxy? He had some space Rudolph Steiner school for the "gifted" where he almost murdered one of his pupils. who then in turn killed every other school child there. I don't know about you, but that's a pretty poor academical standard and not the type of person you can imagine bringing peace to the galaxy. Maybe that's why no-one answered the rebel's distress call - because they're sanctimonious arseholes who want to put in power someone even worse than Snoke. Let's face it, the Rebels are the space equivalent of UKIP and Luke Skywalker is Nigel Farage.
  4. Getting a bit of deja vu here. Like when Marc Foster, the director of more artistic films like The Kite Runner and Monsters Ball, was given 18 months to direct and edit Quantum of Solace. That turned out well.
  5. gone fishin'

    SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    I've not seen this, maybe because I feel totally burned out by The Last Jedi, but maybe because I still think Harrison Ford IS Han Solo. But after seeing the photos of a de-aged Samuel L Jackson in Captain Marvel as well as the pretty decent de-aged CGI for Robert Downey Jr in whatever Marvel film that was (Captain America 3?), as well as Donald Glover probably being the better option for the leading man, I can't help but think that a Lando film - with Harrison Ford in a cameo with de-aging CGI - would have been a more interesting option. They could have had more fun with it, maybe had less baggage and audience expectations (maybe even Lord and Millar could have been given free reign). Plus I think audiences would like to watch the journey how Donald Glover eventually became a cape wearing, sexually fluid, space pimp.
  6. Oh yes, the 600 is a total b@st@rd, a truly brilliant b@st@rd but still an utter b@st@rd. One on hand it was truly visionary, including a PCMCIA slot, has a decent sized RAM expansion port, features a smaller form factor, a 2 1/2 inch HDD option. In some ways it's the perfect Amiga to have at home now. It doesn't take up that much space, it mostly plays all of the decent games. But on the other hand it's a total Commodore machine. Not every 600 is actually compatible with an HDD due to a Rom error. The PCMCIA slot is more or less unusable unless you're transferring stuff with a CF card, the RAM expansion isn't standard - so it's incredibly expensive to expand, unless you were to buy a Kipper2K type memory expansion (which I did). It doesn't have the number keypad, but even worse didn't use the Function key to at least have the ability to mimic the number pad (meaning flight simulators are unplayable) - it's even got a blank key on it that's used for nothing!! Or most infuriatingly it lacks a PrntScr key (which to be fair on Commodore, is only an issue because it was the standard exit key for WHDLoad games). Maybe worst of all for Commodore is that it was supposed to be the cheap version of the Amiga. Essentially a replacement for the Commodore 64 (which is why it looks so similar to the C64c). But it ended up really expensive, because Commodore added all these cutting edge at the time standardised hardware options.... But it's still a great computer...
  7. I think what maybe new666uk was meaning is that running games on a real Amiga is much more of a faff than with other retro systems. Like you said, you at least need an 8MB if you want to run 90% of WHDLoad games, because they put entire disks into memory (anything over 1 disk is likely not to work). Next you've got to get the games onto the CF card. And because the Amiga uses a different file format to Windows or a Mac, you're probably going to have to use an emulator like WinUAE to mount your windows folders AND your CF card, before you even put it into an Amiga! And something I've found to be really annoying when going back to the Amiga is just how frigging complicated things were back then. You forget how easy things are now - compatibility, drag n drop, speed - all that stuff that the Amiga struggles with or doesn't do at all. The best bet is to just buy an Amiga CF card/IDE adaptor, formatted for the Amiga 1200 and preloaded with WHDLoad games. It costs about £35, but it's definitely worth it over the pain of doing it yourself. And buy an 8MB RAM expansion. You probably don't need an accelerator, unless you want to play the crappy Doom clones from 95 onwards.
  8. gone fishin'

    Dredd: Mega City One

    In that article Karl Urban said: So basically Dredd is little more than a reoccurring cameo? I get it why this works in Marvel films (e.g. Tony Stark turning up in other films) because the characters are already well established in their own films. But making Dredd a cameo when he's only been in one film (when it's him you really want to watch) sounds a bit daft. Or cheap.
  9. Remember when the Preston Thomas said he'd leave social media and never come back after losing that competition with George? as in this video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9oLGiJHuPI Is this not his "Dulcet tones" on this video? With this video promoting a new Facebook group.. Anyway, what happened with the court case? This is hilarious (Taken from the Levy leaks website) - http://www.zxvega.co.uk/levy-leaks/david-levy-fails-to-attract-people-to-child-sex-robots/ http://loveandsexwithrobots.org/awards/
  10. I know it's all down to personal tastes (I agree that I think Skyfall is one of the worst Bond films), but it's amazing how you can apply that to the other poor films in the Bond series. Octopussy - has moments of brilliance and ends up with Roger Moore dressed as a clown Die Another Day - starts off amazing, then introduces the Aston Martin "Vanish" as well as having shit CGI surfing Skyfall - starts off interesting, ends up as "Home Alone" in the Scottish Highlands, goes to the lowest common denominator fan service shit - "Hey, here's Bond's Aston Martin DB5 that Craig's Bond won in Casino Royale. But it's got all the gadgets from Goldfinger with absolutely no explanation to it at all - never mind it being blown up in Thunderball - but look ASTON MARTI|N DB5!!! Woooo" Spectre - is this the one where they introduce Blofeld again? Interesting! Ah yes, but for some reason he's Bond's step brother, never been mentioned before up until now, BUT HE'S BEEN BEHIND EVERYTHING BECAUSE WE JUST SAID SO. And then let's just have various scenes from other Bond films to remind you that it's Bond. Mexican hotel that doubled as a Casino in Licence to Kill? Check. Mountain Top Swiss Clinic from On Her Majesties Secret Service? Check. Fight on a moving train in From Russia With Love? Check. Bond girl (Monica Belucci) that somehow succumbs to Bond's charms that merely consist of him talking to her, which was rightly ridiculed in Roger Moore's films, and has no other purpose than eye candy and to be shagged by Bond? Check. Skyfall got away with it a bit, as the script is utter garbage but it looks really good (switch off brain, just look at the stunning images as Bond fights someone), but Spectre really came across as lazy. Never mind Danny Boyle leaving, they really need to look at how they're going to take this forward for the next 3-4 films. Purvis and Wade have been writing Bond scripts since The World Is Not Enough in 1999 - nearly 20 years! Directors come and go, tart things up, make it "fresher" by making it look a bit more like Bourne, or whatever is fashionable at the time (or Purvis and Wade have to use something decent as source material, like Casino Royale), but it does feel like it's now at a natural point to get rid of Craig and start over again. With someone that can right something decent and at least has a long term plan on where to take Bond for the next few films. Danny Boyle could have been that person, Matthew Vaughn and Christopher Nolan have both spoken about how they'd like to tackle Bond (Vaughn was even linked to Casino Royale), but I somehow don't see Barbara Broccoli and Michael G Wilson giving up creative control, because it's their only source of revenue (just a guess but I don't think Film Stars Don't Die In Liverpool generated as much revenue as Skyfall, as shit as it was).
  11. Yeah, that was probably me! It was at the time after Licence to Kill, when the Bond franchise was in legal limbo, but Dalton was still Bond. The plot was that Connery's Bond had gone rogue, basically becoming the typical Bond villain, and Dalton had to find the other two Bonds (Moore and Lazenby) to take him down. A similar story was in 1997 Sony announced that Thunderball/Never Say Never Again was going to be remade again, this time called Warhead 2000, with Dalton reprising Bond and Connery playing the villain. (It was from the whole legal issues with Kevin McClory winning the rights to Thunderball as it was based on a screenplay he had co-written with Flemming. It's also why Blofeld was missing from the Bond franchise for so long, McClory essentially came up with the character and as a result owned the rights. McClory's estate allowed the use of Blofeld for SPECTRE). And getting back to Mission Impossible, a number of the stunt sequences from the first MI were "taken" from the original script for Goldeneye (again, when it was Dalton). The opening sequence was supposedly Bond chasing a train through in an Aston Martin, before jumping on to defuse a bomb.
  12. I might have been exaggerating about the "raping your childhood memories", but it's barely more than an ad serving list site, using click bait to get those visitors in.
  13. gone fishin'

    Netflix Recommendations - See OT for other thread

    Going to watch this later, it looks like a film taking the same cast from the amazing "Michael Bolton's Big Sexy Valentine's Day Special"
  14. gone fishin'

    Avengers: Infinity War - April 2018

    Wolverine. Played by a new actor.
  15. Are 1 star reviews not just a new form of click bait? Why bother giving a well written review that gives a slightly below average score when you can give it a score of "1 out of whatever "and a "WHY THIS MOVIE RAPES YOUR CHILDHOOD MEMORIES" headline, while filling the page with shit adverts and links to list articles along the lines of "127 MOVIE SEQUELS THAT WILL RAPE YOUR CHILDHOOD" because you're business is purely built around dopey advertisers paying for impressions, instead of clicks?

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