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  1. Kjonami really went downhill after the rebranding/renaming to Konami
  2. I know Jonathan Cauldwell has made the Arcade Game Creator, that's used quite extensively for a lot of home-brew games, but as an actual games creator, he's always come across as a bit of a self publicising knob. The only thing I remember him doing, when the Spectrum was still actually going, was the shit Egghead games on Crash cover tapes. You know, the filler games they needed when they didn't have enough games. It's not as if he's "1001 Ltd" - those nameless geniuses behind "Floating Hand Throwing Mini-Spears Simulator" and that Transformers game featuring the bike/glider Transformer. Think it was called Optimus Bikeus or Glidertron? "1001 Ltd" also did possibly the best cover tape published by the magazine itself. Scrolling shoot em up. What was its name? Zsa-Zsa I think. When you fired up that Sinclair User Megatape and the loading screen said "1001 Ltd" you were like "YES!!! This is worth at least 10 times more than the 50p surcharge for this months magazine GET IN!!!"
  3. gone fishin'


    I came to this thinking it was about how Disney were giving away Solo for free.... But this does look good And is probably better than Solo.
  4. gone fishin'

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    Outlaw King.. starts off great, quickly ends up an incoherent mess with a great big massive fight at the end. Basically like going to a Scottish Wedding.
  5. gone fishin'

    Breaking Bad

    Is this the end of the golden age of TV Drama and a new golden age of Cinema Drama? It's kind of ironic that Netflix and Amazon Prime have taken what would have been enough plot/storyline to make a decent couple of films into 10 episodes of paper thin plot (Stranger Things to some extent, definitely Maniac), because everyone was jumping on the TV Drama series bandwagon after Breaking Bad, Mad Men etc. And now we have Breaking Bad becoming a film, because the quality of TV Dramas is getting worse.
  6. Or a cynical attempt to get around YouTube's new "recommended for you" algorithms preferring videos that are at least 15 minutes long.
  7. gone fishin'

    Rami Malek is Freddie Mercury

    Came across this page covering some of the more glaring fact v fiction in the film http://ultimateclassicrock.com/queen-bohemian-rhapsody-movie-fact-vs-fiction/ I guess with Mercury, Jim Hutton and especially Paul Prenter being dead, there's little recourse in making up stuff about them. I understand why they might want to dramatise some of the facts, but how Mercury's relationship with Jim Hutton is portrayed is an unbelievable cliche. After Mercury meets him at the party, Mercury asks if he can call him and Hutton replies along the lines of "give me a call when you've really found yourself". Fast forward 5 or so years to the day of Live Aid, Mercury decides to finally knock on Jim Hutton's door, Hutton replies with something like "What took you so long", Mercury replies something like "I found myself". Then promptly takes him round to his parents house, introduces Hutton as "his friend" (while placing his hand on Jim's) and then goes off to play Live Aid.
  8. gone fishin'

    Play Expo - Blackpool 27 Oct

    I think part of the problem is the time of year - I was in Blackpool on the 18th/19th with my son as it was the Scottish school holidays that week. It was a pity, because I would have probably arranged the trip around Play, but there was no way I was going back down 10 days later! I'm surprised they didn't make it the weekend of the 20th, because it would have at least bridged the English and Scottish holidays - but then I think the other problem would have been the lack of hotels or the price (I think the Hilton is still closed, which was a pretty big hotel). I don't think Blackpool is the problem, you can always stick a bit of the Illuminations and going to Coral Island to play the more modern arcade games (they had some pretty decent ones - as well as the sit down, 8 player Outrun 2). Maybe retro is losing a bit of its charm with the wider gaming audience - I guess there's only so many times you can play the same arcade machines. Plus you've got the fact that most are likely to have families just due to the age of them, so getting away with a weekend in Blackpool to play video games is maybe more difficult to do....
  9. Jim Baggley was at Play Expo and apparently they demonstrated this handheld version of the Next (photo courtesy of the Next facebook group) He's said the aim is that once the initial backers have got their units, they plan on taking more orders and building more cased Nexts (so if you didn't back one, there should be an opportunity to get one in the future) and if there's enough demand, they'll make a handheld version. It does look like one of Psion's early PDAs, but at least the interface is more suited for Spectrum games than the cough... Vega+
  10. gone fishin'

    Rami Malek is Freddie Mercury

    Maybe they should have started with a disclaimer... "Is this the real life, or is it just ...a load of made up bollocks to try and sell more of Queen's Greatest Hits on iTunes" I think this review sums it up: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bohemian_Rhapsody_(film)#Critical_response The troubled history behind the film is well documented but the closest film I can think of to this is "Eddie The Eagle" also directed by Dexter Fletcher. Except with that you can sit and think "yeah, this is a load of made up shite very loosely based on a real life story", but the schmaltzy feel good approach worked for something as lightweight as Eddie The Eagle Edwards because there wasn't anything that interesting to say about him. Treating Freddie Mercury the same way, glossing over his lifestyle choices, having barely any depth to the portrayal beyond a Michael Sheen level of acting mimicry and using AIDS as a way of generating an "against all odds rousing finale" not only seems insulting to Freddie Mercury's legacy, it's a total waste of an opportunity. Interestingly, there was a trailer before this for Rocketman, the Elton John biopic directed by... you guessed it! Dexter Fletcher! And it looks like it's taking exactly the same fantastical approach with someone who absolutely doesn't need it.
  11. gone fishin'

    Rami Malek is Freddie Mercury

    Yeah, it's just my way of trying to summarise how the film dealt with compartmentalising his sexuality into making it more "palatable" for a wider audience. Sure, people might not want to see the drug fuelled gay orgies, but they could have at least dealt with Mercury's sexuality in a more intelligent way.
  12. gone fishin'

    Rami Malek is Freddie Mercury

    For someone who did seem to be quite complicated when it came to his sexuality, but was renowned for his sexual appetite with men, the film seems to really gloss over it. There's a scene where Mercury and his wife are confronting their relationship (and his sexuality) and Mercury says "I think I'm bisexual", his wife replies "No Freddie, you're gay". At no point does Mercury even say that he's gay, not even privately. There's another scene where it shows Mercury going to a gay club in the 80s, but again it gives the impression that he wasn't really into it, when it was known he grabbed it with both hands (cough ahem). Everyone seems to talk about how amazing the Live Aid finale is. Well it does a good job of doing a lip synced Top of the Pops version (kind of ironic when one part of the film has them complaining about lip syncing on Top of the Pops, but the producer says "nobody will know." Pity Brian May didn't wink at the camera at that point). But watch this instead and save yourself a tenner and spare yourself from the embarrassing hints that Queen were the ones that made people donate (and pub goers stopped their drinking to do Radio Ga Ga hand claps)
  13. gone fishin'

    Rami Malek is Freddie Mercury

    I've watched the film and I'm not sure if I saw the same film as you! In my opinion, the film is incredibly disrespectful to Freddie Mercury. There are countless inaccuracies throughout the film, and I'm by no way what you'd call a big Queen fan, but how the film deals with Mercury's AIDS illness is absolutely disgraceful and completely disrespectful. In the film we see Freddy Mercury getting the symptoms of AIDS in the lead up to the Live Aid gig, has it diagnosed (remember, this is 1985) to the tune of "Who Wants to Live Forever" (not released until 1986, used in the Greatest Film of All Time, Highlander) and decides to tell the rest of Queen that he has "a disease" during the Live Aid rehearsals (to which the rest of the band hug him). But no! Freddy says this must not stop the show and they have to put on an even bigger show - punch the heavens (or some shit). Not only is is completely factually incorrect (Jim Hutton, Mercury's partner) confirmed Mercury was diagnosed in 1987, the film uses Mercury's AIDS (oh, without actually ever mentioning the name of the disease until the text before the end credits) as a plot device to try and give the Live Aid gig some "X Factor" humanity bullshit. The film also seems to imply that Mercury wasn't really a Gay, it was Paul Prenter that brought all the Leathermen back. Honest. Parts of the film are absolutely laughable - at one point I burst out laughing when (again, near the end), Mercury's wife goes to see him in Munich in 1985 to tell him that there's concert called Live Aid happening. Mercury replies with "What's that", to which she says "oh it's this really big concert that's being put together to save Africa because there's a famine happening" (or along the lines of that). Like he hadn't heard o Live Aid? What about Band Aid six months previous? Or the coverage the famine was getting (I'm old enough to remember Band Aid and Live Aid... it wasn't like people weren't aware of it). Some of the script and scenes are cringeworthy. The band are having an argument about the direction they need to go. Freddie and Deacon want to play more danceable music. Taylor and May hate disco and refuse to do it. John Deacon starts playing the bass line for "Another One Bites The Dust" and I kid you not, Brian May goes "hey, that sounds pretty good" before Roger Taylor starts playing drums and smiling. Except Roger Taylor fucking hated the song, refusing to play anything but a short loop on it. https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Trivia/Queen Mike Meyer's turn as a Yorkshire Jeff Lynne giving a nodding reference to Wayne's World also made me burst out laughing, I genuinely expected him to wink at the camera. Still good to see Mike Meyer's dining out on comedy British accents again. I'm really surprised that May and Taylor have backed this, so much of the film contradicts what they've said in old interviews. How did the band start? According to the film, Mercury turns up just after the lead singer of Smile has quit, sings to them outside the pub. Yet even in this interview which @SeanR posted, Mercury and Taylor say that they were sharing a flat at the time. Sure, Rami Malek does a good impression of Freddie Mercury, but so what when the script is that bad. If it wasn't for him, this would easily be one of the worst music biopics out there. I'm genuinely convinced the script was written when Sasha Baron Cohen was involved and they thought they should write a comedy for the guy who does Ali G.
  14. gone fishin'

    Rami Malek is Freddie Mercury

    He says in this clip how a member of the band said, "it's such a great movie because it's got this great thing that happens in the middle of the movie. Freddie dies. Second half of the movie we see how the band goes on from strength to strength".... It sounds like they managed to stop that, but in the meantime really tamed down the story. I guess "Queen + Whoever they think can replace Freddie Mercury" would sell less tickets in America if they knew about the coke fuelled gay orgies.
  15. gone fishin'

    New Intellivision waste of time.

    Some of those names are a blast from the past... I remember Perrin Kaplin was kind of the precursor to Reggie Fils-Amis Maybe with David Perry involved, they're using up the money he made from that streaming tech he sold to Sony.

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