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  1. gone fishin'

    Best one hit wonder of all time

    Yeah, there was a lot of early 90s guitar bands with one hit wonders. For example Nice thumbnail! I'm sure you could go to old Beavis and Butthead episodes and find a load of them! "Ugly Kid Chode"
  2. gone fishin'

    Best one hit wonder of all time

    It didn't get into the top 10 in the UK, but it's an excuse to post this bad boy
  3. gone fishin'

    Examples of reviewers/adverts etc caught lying

    This was pretty common "in the old days", especially on the 8-bit and 16-bit computers. Games would be previewed, or even demos released, with the final game looking nothing like them. Total Recall Preview for the Spectrum (this preview was originally a rolling demo given away on, iirc, a Spanish magazine, but made playable thanks to some nice "hacking") The actual game released As it was pointed out by @Monkeyspill, graphics on the back of games were sometimes just drawings giving an impression of what it might look like. Activision were particularly bad at this in the early days... Beamrider Spectrum Box Beamrider on the Spectrum Pitfall II Spectrum Box Pitfall II Spectrum Screenshot River Raid Spectrum Box River Raid Spectrum Screenshot I bought all of these on the Spectrum! And not one of them looked remotely like the screenshots on the back (which were all definitely "artists impressions"). What's surprising is that there's not even a mention of "Not in game footage", which I case the law came in place to prevent arseholes like Activision from doing it. (funny how they still seem to have screens that aren't in-game, isn't it?)
  4. Great to see a wee poster on there for this game (maybe not quite retro, but I'll forgive you!)
  5. as @JPickford pointed out, usually games that have amazing graphics (at the time) and are lauded for that, over gameplay, tend to suffer when going back to them. The original Quake, despite being a great showcase of 3D technology, wasn't that great a game. In fact, now it's not even as good to play now as the original Doom. Or Wolfenstein 3D. Likewise, Turok 1 and 2 got amazing reviews at the time and it's a bit of a turd to play now. Some of Rare's games were maybe praised more than they deserved - Killer Instinct isn't a great beat em up (especially compared with SF 2) and Donkey Kong 64 has a metacritic score of 90 but doesn't seem too fondly remembered now (and is a complete bastard to go back to, especially compared to Super Mario 64. Maybe a good example of just too much shit in there) https://www.metacritic.com/game/nintendo-64/donkey-kong-64
  6. gone fishin'

    Best one hit wonder of all time

    Yeah, I remember seeing it on something like the James Whale Radio Show... (I remember having the 12" version on Now Dance). Here it is in all its nuddie glory Couple of 80s Italian Pop One Hit Wonders Spagna - Call Me (no 3) And this one.. I wonder why it was number one for two months in Italy (number two in the UK)
  7. gone fishin'

    Black Mirror - Bandersnatch

    While I agree it seems like nonsense to try and sue over trademark infringement for "choose your own adventure", that article says They were/are developing an app to be used with movies, allowing for the audience to make decisions on what happens next. But I think the issue they have is that Netflix were in talks to licence the name in 2016, but didn't go ahead with it, and Bandersnatch apparently explicitly states that the programmer wants to recreate a "choose your own adventure" book* *I don't know what it says, as it turns out that the latest Apple TV isn't deemed as good enough for Netflix, so it doesn't work. https://mashable.com/article/black-mirror-bandersnatch-apple-tv-chromecast/?europe=true If Netflix are now basing success on the amount of views, not supporting the latest Apple TV or Chromecast surely has to have had an affect on Bandersnatch's viewing figures.
  8. Yeah, judging by the amount of time it’s taking them to get the keyboard right (essentially 12 months now), I think that has added to the cost. Its also using an FPGA, meaning as @Anne Summers pointed out, it’s not an emulator as such, but it is more expensive. The Next, I guess, has been produced for people who want a modern spectrum, one that’s compatible with old hardware peripherals or can be used as a board in an old Spectrum case. I suppose similar to the Analog NT, which is a lot more expensive than a SNES mini but it gives, hopefully, a more authentic and backwards compatible experience on modern TVs If you’re to bring the Vega in, it’s a shame that it’s been such a shambles as I do think there’s a market for a £75-100 Spectrum that’s essentially emulator based and only runs games from an SD card, so tape and peripheral compatibility doesn’t matter for that market. Like the ethos behind the full sized TheC64. But I guess we’ll never see one of those now.
  9. gone fishin'

    Rare/collectable Spectrum Games

    No, but I meant double dragon style beat em up that were popular in the late 80s. I never really thought of target renegade being one of those (even though renegade was the prequel to double dragon), hard to describe but those games like Dynamite Dux, Final Fight, Shadow Warriors, TMNT, Simpson’s etc.that were all the (streets of) rage for a while. Target Renegade felt a bit more beat em up focused, slower but more strategic than just bashing buttons and using special moves or jumping over scenery. Anyway, if you are comparing them then no, Gokden Axe comes however near to Target Renegade. But it’s better than Renegade III !
  10. gone fishin'

    Rare/collectable Spectrum Games

    So I managed to pick up a replacement +2b power supply and..... the Spectrum works a treat! I tried a few of the games to see if they work and so far, all of them do (I think I read the tape deck in the +2b was better quality). Playing Shadow of the Beast and Golden Axe on the Spectrum (never played either of them on the spectrum as I had moved onto an Amiga by then) is a strange experience. Shadow of the Beast, despite having lower quality graphics, is essentially the same game as the Amiga version. And that’s when it hits you that it’s not much more than a side scrolling beat em up, not far from Kung Fu Master, Vigilante and Ninja Warriors. Maybe a bit repetitive but it’s a good conversion. Golden Axe is a different kettle of fish. The graphics are surprisingly decent and despite it probably being the best “double dragon” type beat em up on the spectrum, it still suffers from awkward controls (especially if you’re used to the arcade or mega drive versions - things like double tap dash don’t seem to work) and it’s brutally difficult. It reminds me of when you bought home ports of arcade games and they weren’t really that much like them, but the truth was you had nothing to compare it with as the original arcade game was either played when you were on holiday or it had been replaced by something newer in your local arcade/chippy! Also played Gilbert Escape From Drill which again I’m not sure if it’s genuinely rare (the alternative budget re-release is BIN RARE!! one eBay at around £12-15, no sign of the original release). Its also amazingly nostalgic playing Spectrum games from tape - however one thing that is annoying is the lack of tape stop (like the C64 has). Meaning if you leave the room, if the level has loaded then you’ve completely missed the next loader part!
  11. I’m not going to be too negative, cause hopefully it’s going to be a good sequel, but seeing as the only people being mentioned in this so far are Ivan Reitman (purely because he directed the original and father of), Jason Reitman and Gil Kernan. So I thought I’d look up Jason Reitman and Gil Kernan, just to see what credibility they’d bring to it (apart from one being related to the original’s director). So, erm, can anyone explain why there’s all this hype when it looks like Gil Kernan has one writing credit (this film) and Jason Reitman has directed the (only comedies I can see) Juno and Thank You For Smoking (both over 10 years old and not exactly laugh out loud fun fests). Paul Feig might have been utter shite (and I do hate his films), but to be fair at least he had some history in comedy films. Has Dan Ackroyd been mentioned anywhere? I mean, he’d literally look for any reason to try and get Ghostbusters 3 made. Or is it just Ivan Reitman out of the original team (Who IIRC was only credited with directing the film, although he did suggest changes to the story). Once you get past the hype of the (maybe not justifiable) Reitman name involvement, why is this going to be any better then “Answer the Call”? Or is this just Sony learning a bit from the backlash and doing a bit of fan service while they desperately get the Ghostbusters “universe” idea going again, seeing as they’ve probably put money towards it. Actually, 90 mins of a CGI Harold Ramis taking a dump would be better than “Answer the call”
  12. gone fishin'

    C64 ownership at last - psu question

    Yeah, the problem with the he c64 was the dual voltage it needed - one for the computer and one for the SID chip. I’ve had a similar issue with a Spectrum +2b I’ve picked up (without PSU). The previous spectrums just used a standard 9V PSU and then split the voltage internally - the +2a/+2b and +3 had the PSU split the voltage, meaning it’s a nightmare to pick up a replacement.
  13. So it's essentially Extreme Ghostbusters then? EXTREME
  14. gone fishin'

    Looking for name of an old ITV panel show.

    Ha, I found this video. Apparently they used to have unsigned bands on it each week (can't remember that bit). Here's a shit Oasis soundalike on bonkers in 1997
  15. gone fishin'

    Amiga Appreciation Thread

    I think when SotB was released, in 1989, it really marked the step up from 8-bit games into something that was truly jaw dropping. Yeah, the game wasn't particularly good, but when you saw first hand the intro, the incredible stereo music, the gorgeous graphics and 347.3 layers of parallax scrolling, being demonstrated on an Amiga, you really thought "shit, this is the future of gaming" when comparing it to your speccy. I think the thing was, up until then, most 16 bit games felt only like minor graphical upgrades to the 8-bit versions (which might have been down to the Atari ST being the main 16-bit platform). Unreal, while still a great game, by the time it came out we'd already witnessed what the Amiga could do (plus I don't think it was that readily available, compared with Shadow of the Beast, so it likely didn't get played much - although I remember my mate owning Unreal and Moonstone, both of which seem to be pretty expensive these days!) I always felt Agony (developed by the same people as Unreal) is a better game and definitely overlooked these days (my mate also owned that too) Also Shadow of the Beast III was the best of the series, as it had more gameplay and was much more forgiving..but nobody bought it AFAIK....

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