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  1. What divisions are you in? I'm in 5 and hover around 5-4...and I have to say, I have learnt to ignore the team screen before I play. I can hold my own against anyone in this area... Although, If it's a team of silvers and German 81 rated cloggers, I am more scared than if it's a team with Roberto Carlos, Guardiola and Ronaldo? Or is that your point?!
  2. https://www.futbin.com/stc/squads
  3. I hardly use them either! Apart from knocking the ball on, really. Just pass it quickly, use 1-2's and don't run everywhere.
  4. I really wanted Mertens back, as I wasn't really feeling Lacazette...Aubameyang was great, but I missed the nippyness of smaller players, so have gone with Aguero and Mertens now. I just couldn't leave Sissoko behind though! Love this team and disgusting formation right now.
  5. I used to use this all the time too, back in the day. Never touch it now, at all. Just control one player and try to block passes and intercept. Or just fucking run into them. I hardly even press tackle, unless I'm 90%+ certain, desperate or a bit drunk. Jockey, jockey, jockey! And preferably use a tactic with more than 1 CM/CDM. You need bodies.
  6. To offset the end of this EG piece, I counter with this. En Garde! I’ve been training pokémon all my life, but I never felt like a true trainer until I walked through a tunnel into a stadium full of screaming fans. - The Verge
  7. I'm on PC. I think it's depends on where the ball is and your players body position, according to that link up there. Was behind your striker, so he did the backheel thing.
  8. Mitchell

    Nintendo Switch

    Astral Chain is great, but for a Rogue-ish game similar to Dead Cells & Gungeon, Nuclear Throne is bloody brilliant. I personally preferred it to Gungeon. Or get Binding Of Isaac, if you've not already!
  9. Hold L2 while shooting? https://twinfinite.net/2019/09/fifa-20-score-flair-shots-how/
  10. What a nice touch... If you score a hat trick with a player and then sub him off, he collects his match ball in his training kit at 90 minutes.
  11. Yeah, I still come across the odd player that's a lot better or a formation that it doesn't work against (or rather, someone that gets a lot of players forward, negating the 2 banks of 4) but it far outweighs any other formation I've tried. That Vardy POTM hasn't even had to come off the bench yet!
  12. Well, I'm running this that @Timmofound by some guy on YouTube that went 30-0 with a pile of jobby. It's disgusting and still works after the last patch.
  13. Don't like Martial, that M/L ruins him, it's like he's as lazy as he is in real life. Felipe Anderson is much better! Apart from him...well, here's my team, it's all pretty obvs. I like Wijnaldum...with Ndidi, you already have one beast at CM, do you need 2? Wijnaldum gives a bit more mobility. Sissoko can come off the bench if Nididi is knackered, or you want to shore it up and...or Moura if you're chasing it. Aubameyang is mental. Edit: Are you playing the same vile 4-4-2 that @Steely and I are?
  14. I keep looking at sale games, but then realising I own them all already.
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