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  1. I was going to say the same. Their OS says "As new eligible games are released or made available for pre-purchase, they will be added to the list of games available to be redeemed with a voucher." So just keep an eye out, I'd put money on it being included. Maybe they're delaying so people pre-order more physical versions...
  2. A Pukei-Pukei! And you can call for help (if you look at the on screen button prompts, I forget what it is) so a random can come help out with a 'boss' if you're struggling. Then they disappear into the ether....
  3. So....this armour was dropped as a freebie to us all on PC, as a way to rattle through the vanilla game so we all can then dive straight into Icebourne, right? So, it's not possible to play any of the new stuff without 'finishing' the solo player aspect of the first game? Have I got that right?
  4. It is. £40 for the main game and you can get the expansion for less than £22 at ShopTo. It's better than the...what....£80+ you'd previously pay for 2 games to cover a similar volume of content. And if they keep bunging stuff in/updating things to keep it fresh, that's great too.
  5. This is a pretty cool, in depth, very little filler (and by that I mean, not shouty, click bait YouTuber drivel) vid on the expansion pass. With lots of very interesting information nuggets. Most interesting (for me anyway!) was that Game Freak's Junichi Masada (Producer for Sword & Shield) and Shigeru Ohmuri (Director for Sword & Shield) were namechecked...but then Horoyuki Tani was shown as being the DLC Director. So, this leads us to believe that she is the sole Director for the expansion (much like a 2nd team used to take over the Omega Ruby/Alpha Sapphire, Ultra Sun/Moon etc), which leaves Masada and Ohmuri to work on the next title. And this DLC is the Omega/Alpha/Ultra equivalent.
  6. Are those key fobs universal? I have one I don't use that still works...I can pop in the post tomorrow if you want it?
  7. Loads of new stuff keeps being released on Xbox Game Pass for PC too, new titles like Halo and Outer Worlds, Phoenix Point, Imperator Rome, etc. PC stuff gets reduced at a ridiculous rate too and there seem to be sales every quarter on either Steam or Origin, etc. Epic's givaways over Christmas have been very generous too...now loads of people are 'locked in' with a bunch of freebies and are more likely to shop there...or have been recently locked in after buying exclusives like Shenmue 3, Tetris or Borderlands 3. Clever tactics, really.
  8. Phantasy Star Online 4. No audio chat, just keyboard. Fully translated into every language.
  9. Mitchell


    Thanks, will try later...I thought he'd flown off the platform or something but I'd looked everywhere. Then I thought well...isn't he a poo now? But I noticed Onion is still there, so no.
  10. Mitchell


    Anyone a bit stuck in this? I've made the golden poo's by flushing the food in the toilets but now the Apple Mayor is missing, so I can't explode his bowler hat to topple the 4 stacked poo? Wow. That has to be my best ask for help ever.
  11. Yep, I went for AC: Odyssey for £9.99... ...and Wattam for £5.99! Anno 1800 is amazing. It's got the nicest start to an Anno game, really useful and fun tutorial section that leads you in. Looks beautiful as well.
  12. https://store.steampowered.com/app/585710/Blazing_Beaks/ THis is £2.69 in the sale....worth a punt if you like Nuclear Throne/Gungeon. Has great Steam reviews.
  13. Thanks. What a shame, I adored Side Pocket.
  14. Have they ported Side Pocket?
  15. Yeah, it has a story. "Your name is Ford and you work for Monagon, who are developing a virtual OS. The story picks up with you going into Monagon OS, barricading a door and going into this game for what seems to be the last time." It seemed to me that the enemies were kinda Matrix-esque viruses? The last bit from about 10 minutes is a sandbox thing you can mess in.
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