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  1. 52 Weeks, 52 Books - 2016 Edition

    I departed from my usual sci if diet for a while and I'm using good reads to track as a reminder to read more. Don't know if il make 52 as I don't want to restrict myself to short reads. Currently reading the Old Testament as well, just out of atheist curiosity - it's bloody mental. And It will delay my target unless I count the books within as separate entities, but that feels like cheating. I'm really enjoying the domino effect of ebooks, reading one thing and being inspired to download something related. January: 1. My lady nicotine, J M Barrie 2. The Opium Habit, Horace B Day 3. Schismatrix, Bruce Sterling (thanks Zok!) February 4. Just Kids, Patti Smith 5. Strange Fascination: David Bowie, David Buckley 6. Scars of Sweet Paradise: The life and times of Janis Joplin March 7. Aspergers: Looking in from the outside 8. Tressa: The twelve year old mum (I try to avoid the 'misery books genre generally as it can feel exploitative, but I do find it helps me reflect on my day job) 9. Yellow Crocus Laila Ibrahim
  2. Sci Fi recommendations

    I read schismatrix plus. Loved the short stories, some of the descriptions in those are still playing through my head.
  3. Sci Fi recommendations

    Finally got round to reading schismatrix. Absolutely bloody loved it. Am sure I've missed loads when reading it am looking forward to re reading it and following it a bit better.
  4. Kindle shop Recommendations

    Bought the Color Purple, thank you.
  5. Sci Fi recommendations

    Dammit why isn't the foundation series available on Kindle UK? Available in the US but not here. FFS.
  6. Sci Fi recommendations

    Gateway is one of my favourites. Love that kind of stuff. Will add the others to the wishlist, along with the foundation series.
  7. Sci Fi recommendations

    Thanks guys, I'll get the first three, they're affordable on Amazon and I read quick (currently off my feet with a sprained ankle so feel like treating myself). Re Asimov - I've read quite a few of his short stores in the nebula award compilations but Iv not actually read anything full length - some tips on where to start would be great.
  8. Sci Fi recommendations

    Apologies if I've missed similar recommendations in this thread - am looking for some good classic space sci fi/hard sci fi - long distance exploration flights, landing on new worlds, that sort of thing. My number one author is Arthur C Clarke and I've read most if not all of his novels now. Recently I've read a lot of pulp sci fi (eg the 'science fiction megapacks' on kindle which include plenty of hilariously sexist stories of aliens and scientists, essentially cowboys and indians with lasers). I've dipped my toe into William Gibson and some of the more modern sci fi (Greg Egan, Jeff Vandermeer, Philip Hamilton) which I've enjoyed but I really fancy some classic inspired-by-the-space-race type of work. Any thoughts?
  9. Sci Fi recommendations

    Ah I loved gateway, and quarantine. I'm halfway through another attempt at neuromancer. I want to love it. I get that it's conceptually advanced, ahead of its time and all that, but so far it's still leaving me a bit cold. Feels like I'm reading an anime novel somehow.
  10. Sci Fi recommendations

    They look great! Is that the Oxfam books in clifton by any chance? I bought my stuff from there last week and the man in the shop gave me a salute for being a sci fi fan
  11. Sci Fi recommendations

    I've read the trilogy and can't quite comprehend how that would be possible - interesting idea though. Its one of those stories that I bet everyone imagines so differently in their head. I enjoyed the books but read them too quickly, still got them on the kindle so might go back and give them another go. I have a really bad habit of rushing books because I'm too impatient to find out what happens. I just picked up Factoring Humanity by Robert J Sawyer and Joanna Russ Hidden Side of the Moon (short story collection) from a charity shop, don't usually buy physical books because I don't have space to keep them but was intrigued by those two. I can't wait until I have a house I can fill with books. ZOK - read blood music, its awesome. There's something about how the story escalates that's really beautiful, it builds so subtly and then just explodes. Absolutely gorgeous.
  12. Sci Fi recommendations

    I just finished 'Blood Music' by Greg Bear - first book of his I read and really enjoyed it. Is that typical of his style, if I go for more? Also been slowly going through the 'science fiction megapacks' on Kindlestore; finished the first four - a lot of really trashy pulp sci fi, some of it is good, a lot is very US centric and sexist, but its quite fun as an insight into views of the time.
  13. Brilliant, thanks for all the tips guys. I will start looking these up at the weekend
  14. I'm just after some tips to get back into retro gaming - I haven't played any games for a few years now and sort of assumed that phase had passed - however I spent some time at an event at the weekend that featured the lovely guys from the retro computer museum. I found myself playing Minestorm on the vectrex and a few other space influenced shoot em up games and I'd really like to find some more. I remember playing lots of games like this as a kid, but always on someone elses' system, so I don't really know where to start looking. I had (still do actually) a grandstand astro wars, and a snes with r-type and UN squadron (ok not space influenced but a like scrolling shooters). Other than those I don't know where to start - I've asked a few friends and some have mentioned looking around xbox live, or emulators, or modern pc gaming. Any tips on what is the best format for games like this, or for some titles to look for? Doesn't have to be as old as the vectrex, but I do like the simple pick up and play element, and the classic sci fi influence.
  15. Sci Fi recommendations

    Alas, I've houseshared for the last ten years, and currently I'm in a temporary set up. I give away books because I don't have space/longevity to keep them. I still intend to buy charity shop items and circulate them but I can't afford to buy print copies at the speed on which I can get through them. Oh my. That is goddam incredible. Sold! Thanks very much for the link

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