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  1. I just use a small cheap cast iron pan in mine (Von Chef maybe). I never thought about it, but it’s been fine. I also have the Uuni official pan, but it’s just a small cast iron dish so probably not worth the premium in my opinion. Aside from pizza, it’s good for things like lamb chops and tandoori chicken.
  2. I’ve tried Beer52 and Flavourly and would recommend the former. Once you’ve subscribed (even if you cancel) you can receive their offer emails. Usually short dated or last bottles but they can work out quite cheap (though Flavourly’s offers/emails are near constant and not such good quality IMO, often including their collaborations which haven’t been great).
  3. Ah. I was thinking they must do them as little boxes where you plug your own USB controller in!
  4. Can you get standalone Pandoras then? I assumed they all came built into a stick.
  5. @Stopharage I think I read something about being able to replace the felt gasket with something like fibreglass or similar - like the new Kamado Joes come with.
  6. Just the one in the lid, and a Thermapen for manually jabbing in towards the end. Are those Inkbirds okay I’m terms of the wire not messing up the felt or anything when the lid is shut?
  7. Impressed with kamado cooking. I need to learn to use less charcoal I think, they hold their heat better than I’m used to. Indirect smoked chicken was good, slightly overcooked as I was reluctant to open the lid and check the internal temperature, but the brine kept it nice and moist.
  8. Don’t know why I hadn’t thought of that! Thank you @Stopharage
  9. Thanks again. I’ve got some Big K restaurant lumpwood and some smoking chunks and chips left over from my old Weber Smokey Mountain. I’ve ordered a Looftlighter which will arrive next week (I’m lazy and impatient!), so for now I’ll use my chimney starter with some paper rolled up. I’m overly paranoid about breaking it, having moved from steel to ceramic, but I guess it should cope fine with some lit charcoal being dumped in.
  10. Thanks, I’ll keep an eye out. Smoking a spatchcocked chicken tomorrow and some short ribs over the weekend. For curing it recommends just having a relatively cool burn to help the gaskets settle. Do you have one and what did you do?
  11. I got a kamado delivered today, from https://www.theovo.co.uk/the-ovo. Hoping to use it year round for grilling as well as smoking.
  12. For the buttons and stick, I’d recommend a zero delay USB encoder. I have next to no skills in these things, but I wanted to use my PS3 TE Fightstick on my Pi so I rewired it using one. Absolute doddle, just plug and play.
  13. There’s some strange format cricket game on the red button now, quite a South African stars in it.
  14. @cubik they’re great, no regrets!
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