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  1. Delargey

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    Tell us about your adventures - hearing people's tales in Hyrule is amazing.
  2. Yeah, totally, I think my point was that due to the nature of the whole story both the show and the books are going to suffer from that later part not having the same pace and tightness has the earlier. Both will deal with it in different ways, the show had characters jumping around to serve the plot, the books had characters on dull podding stories while waiting for others to catch up. It's going to be slightly dissatisfying either way, someone might find one way better than the other but I don't think its a case of D&D being talentless hacks (not that you are saying that!) And GRRM would have nailed it.
  3. Just so you know, I read the piece and it is just speculation presented as fact.
  4. I'm basing that on the last book really, there were some quite dull strands for some characters and it very much felt they were treading water waiting for other characters arcs to get to the place where all the strands could come together.
  5. Don't think the Joffrey comparison is fair as they didn't support Joffrey. What I mean is i get the arguement that there could have been more time spent on Deanerys descent but a lot of the other characters would need stuff to do while this is happening and as the story is getting towards the end that might end up meaning they had filler plot that was equally unsatisfying, you know what I mean?
  6. But people are already hating on characters for staying with Daenerys when her decent was relativity rapid, for her to slowly go mad you would have to have her still be making more and more erratic behaviour which would make it increasingly hard for people not to realise they backed the wrong person... Not that it couldn't easily been done but there are going to be difficulties with both approaches that would have to be over come as we are getting to the end of people's arcs there is less for them to do, while others still could do with more time.
  7. Yeah but while she is doing that you'll have loads of characters plodding around waiting for her to go mad for their arcs to move - if her decent is slow why would all these people still support her...it has to be some what rapid?
  8. Too be fair, he disobeyed his king in season one trying to kill his bro, so i guess in his zombie brain he thought "fuck it, this place is done!"
  9. You think that Syrio Forel picked up the Lannister sword and was still defeated by Meryn Trant? Syrio easily knocking 4 people in armour with just a bit of wood shows that a great sword fighter can beat people with an advantage...so it doesn't really seem that crazy for me for the Hound to dispatch them. It seems like a nit pic to me, but fair enough if it bugged you.
  10. Ayra and Hound got past the Stark Guards and entered Kings Landing (we saw common folk entering the city before the battle) then they barged through the crowds and got into the courtyard of the Red Keep just before the gates where closed. We didn't see them get into the keep itself, we caught up with them in the map room but at that point the surrender bells had been rung and Drogon had started blasting the building so I doubt there was a load of guards desperate to stick on door duty.
  11. If the last book had been accurately portrayed on the series people would absolutely lose their shit at the stuff that went on but I agree that the show was at it's best when D&D could take the best bits from the books and cut away the crap.
  12. I rewatched today and it looked like he took out two of the Queensgaurd by aiming for the throat. The Hound is presented as one of the best fighters in Westeros, i think. Littlefinger mentions that he heard "Brienne defeated the Hound in single combat" which means that he is at least a well known fighter. Plus, being a member of the Kings Guard isn't necessarily a sign of the best of the best anymore. Both Bronn and the Hound were both pretty dismissive of Myren Trants skill as a fighter.
  13. They mean how did they get into the map room which is inside the Red Keep rather than the courtyard with the rest of the refugees. Of course, by this point the bells of surrender had been rung, the unsullied army had breached the outer gate and a massive dragon was raining fire down on the city - so it's fair enough to assume it was choas in the keep and the slipped in (we know Ayra knew about the secret tunnels), or that the Guards had fled in terror or that they easily dispatched a few guards at the door. It's hardly a plot hole, imo.

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