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  1. I've got a music player but can't register songs - do I have to take the albums off my walls?
  2. Nothing in particular. I'll be afk - just making some lunch.
  3. Bumface is open:CGVF6 Sahara is here if any one fancies a rug. Cranny has clothes horse, crib mobile and a tea set.
  4. Bumface is open: knjf0 I've got some fruit and furniture by the airport . NC: anatomy body, freezer, board game and moss ball. I'll be afk
  5. forgot one plot still needed a pitcher.
  6. Three villagers have moved in but Nook is still telling me I need to select their plots? Has this happened to any one else?
  7. If you plant fruit too close together will they not grow into trees?
  8. I have an oil barrel bath tub filled with steaming oil if you want it for your den @bradigor?
  9. There is an anatomy body and a black freezer chest on my cranny today, if anyone wants.
  10. First post has a list of friend codes.
  11. There is a pink amp for sale in my nooks cranny if you want?
  12. Two of my townsfolk are singing "how we know our ABC" in the town square today.
  13. My gate is open FJLWM. I'll probably be afk but have oranges, coconuts and a few peaches.
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