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  1. My understanding is that was *meant* to happen, according to the sacred time line so wouldn't need to be pruned.
  2. Here is my thoughts on were the series may go, it's from a comic though not one involving TVA or anything but just a particular page that I was reminded of. Spoilered just in case
  3. You notice so many stable character moments the second time around.
  4. The criminal gang are quite fun, but the rest of the cast are YA fantasy fodder.
  5. She used to be a T4 presenter then became an actress, she's very good in the Good Place.
  6. Oasthouse is fantastic, just Alan and his wondering thoughts.
  7. Mark Hamil knows his chops when it comes to voicing cartoon baddies though!
  8. The thing they need to nail with Death is the kindness, wisdom and empathy, *thats* what I loved about the character, the rest is superficial. With some characters, their look is an important element of the character - the discworld's Death being a skeleton is an important factor, rather than just aesthetics it informs on his closeness, yet distance from humans, but I don't think that is as important for Sandman's Death- though, I think being youthful is an important factor in terms of look but anything beyond that doesn't seem that important to me. Though, maybe contradictory, if
  9. What is thier motivation for juicing? Chris Hemsworth's natural body is enough to sell those topless scenes to the thristy masses. Is it just to get bigger?
  10. I don't think you've done anything to piss people off here Pug.
  11. I think his family are pretty much already set for life.
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