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  1. It's undoubtedly amazing television, though I think the last season and the next season will suffer from them inadvertently getting deeper and deeper and I don't completely buy the Big Bads interest and trust in Wendy after their brief interactions- It feels a bit unearned to me.
  2. Walt certainly as a journey, as much as the journey's you described in Ozark, it's just that it's not a particularly positive one. It's more nuanced than him just being a repressed cunt. But, they are both great show with brilliant writing and performances so which ever you prefer is personal preference.
  3. Yeah, I think it's just the portrayal that doesn't quite work for me.
  4. I get it, but it would be better if they were more subtle with Stormfront and him, when she is being cock there should still be a hint of fear in her eyes - she is trying to put up a strong front but knows she can match him, or she is playing the fear to give him the sense of power he needs. Currently, sometimes she doesn't give a shit or is utterly terrified based on the scene.
  5. Stormfront is a bit erratic with homelander some times she is afraid of him sometimes she isn't when the plot requires, it doesn't seem like a long game she is playing with him.
  6. You need that mix of straight forward thinking and the more fantastic.
  7. I pretty much only use the bow. The combination if rapid fire and hangover poison is my favourite so far.
  8. Yep, it steadily declines. At no point does it never feel that you are watching the same character as the original, or that they even exist in the same world. But, at the start it did seem to have the makings of a nice Hitchcockian thriller, with lavish costume and sets and some suitably dark scenes. Then it descends to a bit of a mess, with hacky writing, lazy social commentary and odd character motivations. I've got a couple of eps, that I might stick on in the back round. It's a shame because I do think there is a good show in there somewhere.
  9. Yes, it's good. Though I remember amazon being annoying with the Availability of the seasons.
  10. I'm enjoying this, but it doesn't really feel like the same character, or rather the original performance was so iconic that it seems hard to match. I preferred Nurse Ratched as the icy formidable matriarch- an embodiment of the callous institution - now her back story is a lot more colourful, it's almost a bit much. I do enjoy it, but I think it works better as an original character rather than a prequel.
  11. I think this season would work better if we had an idea of at least one person/groups goal or purpose- it's all very fractured at the moment. The Boys are a bit aimless and reactionary whilist everyone else is either shadowy subterfuge or sneering malevolence.
  12. He should have just climbed over the fence and got an uber.
  13. The dragon looked terrible. So cumbersome.
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