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  1. I think it's given that it's just his opinion. Rather than him stating a universal truth.
  2. The moment when the fight ends and he finds her eyes in the crowd is brilliant.
  3. I think I misremembered it, in my head, that scene was a prelude to them having sex! I think the attempt of Bond trying to comfort her is an nice idea, but the way they chose to do it is so bafflingly odd that it only comes across as disturbing to me. I think it's because Bond *really* goes for it, like Greg Wallace devouring a starter.
  4. Hugh Grant is also lots of fun in the movie.
  5. Yeah, I don't think the OP is saying it's a flaw in the film, or that characters in films should be censored. It's more about the surprise when you watch something back and think "wow, I used to think that was entirely normal!" Though, for the record, I thought Bond's creepy, shower fetish was weird the first time I see them.
  6. Also, when he starts sucking that woman's fingers (again, in a shower) after she just witnessed people being brutally murdered.
  7. I think it's that at the time, this wouldn't really have been flagged as a sign of a 'flawed character' for most of us - as that kind of language wasn't really called out then, so when you watch the movie back with modern eyes you notice it more.
  8. Guys, he doesn't like the game, it's fine. By 'benefit' I think he means in game benefit- has in, you can have a lot of fun just messing about as a Goose if you like but if you just want to explore it won't progress the game/level.
  9. It I miss it, or was there no mention of boarderlands 3?
  10. This is a fantastic movie, well worth a watch.
  11. Rock Star North employ 650 people, with the 37million they take you could afford to give those people about 50k a year salary.
  12. I guess Cheery was also adopted by dwarfs as well?
  13. I'm sad, but also glad.
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