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  1. Have we ever known less about major new consoles so close to launch dates?
  2. yeah I went straight from my first run through of Dark Souls to The Witcher 3. the woolly combat - after DS - eventually saw my throw in the towel after about 20 hours or so. I’d been doing some missions in a main city. . . . i still feel I should revisit at some point.
  3. It just needs the glider.
  4. I think I did him first go actually that’s what made it so thrilling.
  5. Is it still decent if you arent into taking photos?
  6. The Artorias fight, when you have the cartwheel ring equipped, is absolute peak balletic combat.
  7. If you’ve only watched a play through of a game then you don’t get to have a fully formed opinion on it. that’s my controversial opinion.
  8. Well i hope you enjoyed watching someone else’s play through.
  9. On reflection, I think Hillcrest is my favourite section of both games. It’s just fantastic to play & you increasingly feel outgunned and outnumbered on your first playthrough.
  10. Oceans 13 - terrible. The entire thing felt like a montage similar to the training montage in Rocky 4 barelyafilm/10
  11. Don’t worry, there are some iconic boss battles ahead.
  12. That’s horrendous. What on Earth were they thinking allowing that on the store.
  13. I see the govt are considering giving everyone a £500 voucher to spend in leisure and face to face retail. hmmm . . . - trip to local indie game shop to buy a PS5 courtesy of the Tories?
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