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  1. I thought it was ok. No more than that really. a solid 6 or 7/10
  2. I’m a nob. It was called The Forever War
  3. Me too. I’m at the sodding archers.
  4. The Forbidden War. to whoever recommended this in the kindle deals thread, thank you. I loved it.
  5. Spider-Man: Far From Home. just utter sh*te from beginning to end. 0/5
  6. I remember seeing it years ago & thinking it was ace. for ages I had no idea what it’s name was. I found out a couple of years ago & watched it with my recently acquired girlfriend (now wife). it. Was. Terrible. & she still takes the piss out of me for going on about how great it was.
  7. I felt like the entire Secret Commonwealth felt like an opening chapter.
  8. I watched this for the first time yesterday. I watched it for the second time today. It’s effing brilliant.
  9. joemul

    Nintendo Switch

    Friends of Ringo Ishikawa is 20% off. Looks right up my street. it’s getting bought.
  10. joemul

    Nintendo Switch

    Hello all. quick Q if I may: my niece has a switch. Is it possible for me to put my profile onto her unit so that she can download the games I’ve bought & play them; but she won’t be able to buy new games under my profile? if yes, is it just a case or sticking my profile on there?
  11. Went online to buy Divinity OS 2, and somehow exited having bought: Ori, Cuphead & Goose Game. oh well, I’ll save Buying Divinity as a Xmas treat.
  12. joemul

    Nintendo Switch

    How much did the trade cost you, out of interest?
  13. Is Towerfall worth buying for SP? I rarely get the chance for local multi
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