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  1. It absolutely wasn’t helped by the fact that the guy playing Buckles is the worst actor to ever make it onto prime time tv.
  2. It’s a game, mate.
  3. I think you can only be summoned in soul form.
  4. I’m about 15 hours further in than you and can still get overwhelmed by a few of them quite easily. for me, that’s the best thing about the game. So far, the world never feels safe.
  5. I found the 3D audio was better in the Pulse than the PS4 plat headset.
  6. I remember they got some stick on release when it became apparent that the game was wall to wall hordes, but i think it's really well done the way they gradually introduce them.
  7. My Ape experience was a bit odd. After many many goes without success I just decided to go mad and attack relentlessly, chasing him around the arena. I found that after an onslaught of successive strikes he curled up in a ball and tried to crawl away/cover himself. It was done in such a realistic ape-like manner that I don’t honk it was a glitch at all. it happened too, albeit for only a few seconds, on a previous unsuccessful attempt when I had a sustained attack. id love it if it was something From had put in.
  8. Haha - the From shakes. I swear one evening I almost keeled over from the adrenaline of beating a From boss.
  9. Bluey sets out a really good family dynamic. It’s funny too.
  10. You're right -very cathcy song. My little one doesn't like the show for some reason. The name also carries a bit of risk should a young kid choose to google it..... On another note, there's an aussie kids cartoon called Bluey on Apple TV which is absolutely tremendous.
  11. Wouldn’t you say the main difference between the two last gen was Sony’s tremendous AAA or AA exclusives?
  12. And making great games at the same time, don’t forget.
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