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  1. KriessG

    Battlefield 1 - World War One

    After playing the BFV beta to rank 16, I now totally get why they’ve changed spotting. It was / is over powered in 1 & 4, we just got used to it. The new method still allows you to call out locations but also allows you to retreat knowing you don’t have a pizza slice on your head.
  2. KriessG

    Battlefield 1 - World War One

    They are changing ammo and health from the beta as it and the Alphas were for feedback. This has always been amazing. I just hit rank 150 with 21 days played. BFV will be just as good. I loved the beta.
  3. I never knew Sega released a rival to the Virtual Boy.
  4. KriessG

    Nintendo Switch

    Which are the best Neo Geo games to pick up that are currently discounted?
  5. KriessG

    FIFA 19

    I'd have traded 18 pretty quickly though and made some of my money back vs. it just being sat on my PS4 HDD still. I wouldn't have bought it again.
  6. KriessG

    FIFA 19

    I'm going with disc for now after buying 18 digitally. If the BAP league gets going and it looks like it will run for the whole year until 20 I'll trade in the disc and go digital.
  7. KriessG

    Trials Rising

    He literally said you choose your platform
  8. Na it was never meant to be that, it was set directly after Casino Royale. It was basically part 2.
  9. KriessG

    FIFA 19

    Fuck 1v1!!! It sends me into a rage every time. BAP is the way.
  10. KriessG

    Battlefield V - November 20th

    3D spotting was removed as it was very powerful. Shooting enemies through smoke in BF1 was a bit unfair really. I think the calling out of position in this is a nice readjustment, plus the Scout has the binoculars that can still spot enemies.
  11. KriessG

    Battlefield V - November 20th

    Well to counter all of this negatively I’m currently rank 14 and have unlocked all but the level 10 guns and this has really clicked for me now, I think it’s superb. Both maps are great and the gun play is awesome, whether I’m running an iron sight sniper, an LMG or anything else. Considering they’ve got over 2 months to polish it and take in the feedback from this and the Alphas I’ve got no real worries this won’t replace BF1 for me (Currently at just under 21 days played). The first medic gun isn’t OP IMO but it’s a good gun for beginners. All the guns are very usable given a little time.
  12. I'd be up for trying this again if you are playing it.
  13. KriessG

    Burt Reynolds (1936 - 2018)

    I’ve... never seen Deliverence. I’m a huge fan of him though. I think I need to correct this. RIP Burt. You will always be a legend.
  14. KriessG

    Battlefield V - November 20th

    Where as in BF4/1...?
  15. KriessG

    Battlefield V - November 20th

    10 minutes isn’t really long enough to form a proper opinion... in my opinion. I was trying to play it like BF1 still then, which you can’t.

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