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  1. That was a headphone socket (obviously). These days you can just use a wireless headset.
  2. In terms of gaming right now though you just plug your console into a HDR TV and it should work. *Edit* @PeteBrant said it better.
  3. So PC’s can’t do HDR easily, is that correct?
  4. Friday the 21st is the rumoured date.
  5. They’ve already stated PSVR2 won’t launch with the console and PSVR will be supported.
  6. That's just one game known to be in development. The entire quote is there to suggest we will be getting next gen only titles on PS5. I'll be buying both a PS5 & Xbox Series X at launch, I've got an X and Game Pass to 2022. I'm just sharing what I've read.
  7. https://www.patreon.com/posts/emperor-only-has-32504876 You should all read the Film Crit Hulk article, it really is a great read. Thanks for sharing it before @Nick R.
  8. Yes of course they sell them on Blu-ray. Disney have no issue with that.
  9. KriessG

    Google Stadia

    So you think GTA and AC will be next gen exclusive, ignoring the current user base of the XBone and PS4?
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