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  1. Avengers: Infinity War - April 2018

    I wonder when Ant Man and the Wasp is set then?
  2. Blops 3 had some very powerful kill streaks I thought.
  3. I still got bored of WW2 MP pretty quickly. It is better than the previous few but that's not hard.
  4. I traded in WW2 and re-installed Blops 3 (I also still have Remastered and then Blops 1&2 on my Xbox One X) and that still plays great. The difference in quality between WW2 and the blops series is very noticeable, even if I did at first enjoy WW2 more than the previous few entries in the series. I look forward to a beta hopefully and even if I do like it I’ll be getting it on disc.
  5. PlayStation VR

    Get Move controllers, don't sell Superhot.
  6. Mario Tennis Aces - Spring 2018

    Apparently the leaked release date is June 22nd for Japan, which should be the same for the UK.
  7. We are so gonna go watch this together, your live commentary will be amazing
  8. Can you please stop over using exclamation marks and definitely don't start typing in all caps. You don't type like a 35 year old.
  9. Battlefield V - Rumoured to Return to WWII

    @Isaac I was reading an article yesterday that said there won’t be anything that will affect gameplay in the Battlepacks, it’ll be cosmetics only like BF1
  10. Far Cry 5

    Far Cry 3 is well worth playing, it’s better than 4 I think. Doesn’t this come with 3 if you get the season pass?
  11. Battlefield V - Rumoured to Return to WWII

    You're either just trolling now or just being very odd. I lap everything up from DICE do I? You know how long I've played Battlefield for now do you? I don't see this 'agreement' that BF4 and 1 were 'meh' at all.
  12. Battlefield V - Rumoured to Return to WWII

    Yea never mind the millions who are playing it or the stellar reviews and reputation. I’m not sure why you started this thread if you just wanted to rag on the franchise. Battlefield is nothing like COD, you saying that just shows how little an understanding you have of BF1.
  13. Battlefield V - Rumoured to Return to WWII

    You muppet. BF4 and 1 are highly regarded amazing shooters. All the main Battlefield games have been.
  14. PlayStation VR

    So is Gunjack worth £1.99 and The Brookhaven Experiment £3.99? I'm thinking of picking them up alongside Ultrawings.
  15. Post Your Gaming Setups

    That’s a Virgin internet box I think.

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