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  1. KriessG

    Battlefield V - November 20th

    They’ve removed the ability to alter the size of the kill feed too. Odd to just remove stuff that was working before. All in all, this in incredible. Maybe it’s the time with the beta and Xbox trail but I’m fine with the UI, I actually quite like it. I also already think the old 3D spotting was OP. Very fun, but OP.
  2. KriessG

    Hitman 2 (2018) - Death by Rake

    My standard Xbox disc copy was delivered Monday
  3. KriessG

    Battlefield V - November 20th

    Nope. EA Access membership means 10 hour trail of any of their games, usually before launch too. If you meant just in general then no as all my BF crew are on Playstation.
  4. KriessG

    Battlefield V - November 20th

    10 hour trail on EA Access. Well, I love it. I didn't mind the ammo and health set up in the beta but I can see why some weren't happy with it (You had to play much more tactically to conserve your health, using cover, being much more careful taking shots due to ammo constraints) and the new balance is fine. Arras and Devastation are stunning maps, beautiful and detailed. I really like Rotterdam still since the beta and in general I like all the maps (I got an achievement for playing all the maps so I've definitely seen them). The gunplay and core mechanics are spot on. The ability for everyone to revive really enhances things too. I'm looking forward to staying up Wednesday night with @kerraig UK to get on the PS4 deluxe edition once it unlocks at midnight. I know which classes and guns I'll be levelling up but honestly over all 4 classes I got on with all of them I've tried so far.
  5. I don’t think the original hardware back compat 60gig models are that cheap or that easy just to find on the high street.
  6. KriessG

    Battlefield V - November 20th

    That’s coming next year. 4 hours on the MP so far and I’m loving it. I’ll do some more in depth thoughts tomorrow.
  7. KriessG

    Battlefield V - November 20th

    I’ve been playing MP for a few hours now with no problems. It’s incredible. More impressions when I take a break.
  8. KriessG

    Battlefield V - November 20th

    Never mind, this is out NOW to download and play on Origin Access and EA Access. I’m installing the trail on my Xbox as I type this. Jack Frags has posted his review on YouTube and says it’s great, all the core mechanics are superb and it has a higher skill ceiling than 1, going back to some elements of 4&3. The only issues he has where a few bugs, but this is Battlefield, it wouldn’t be right without some on launch! I can’t see it being as bad as 4 was. I’ll be posting some of my impressions soon hopefully
  9. KriessG

    Battlefield V - November 20th

    Question: I have EA Access and want to play BFV 10 hour trail tomorrow before my PS4 copy unlocks on the 15th. Can I pre-load the Xbox version today or do I have to wait until it shows up on EA Access?
  10. KriessG

    Battlefield V - November 20th

    @Dave White if you’ve got EA Access we can try this out together on Friday 9th.
  11. KriessG

    Battlefield V - November 20th

    This does look incredible and everything that DICE has revealed since the alpha’s and beta sounds great. Roll on next Friday for the EA Access trail!
  12. KriessG

    Astro Bot - PSVR - Game of the year 2018.

    Wasn’t the V1 discontinued last year? I doubt you’d see any new packs knocking about still. As for the Mario comparison, it’s because that was a standout moment for many that had never been equaled as a truly ‘wow’ moment. This did that for me (and others it seems).
  13. KriessG

    Astro Bot - PSVR - Game of the year 2018.

    I started playing this today and got to 1-4. Wow. You were all right, this does feel like a monumental moment like when you played Mario 64 for the first time. From the sounds of it I’ve got a fair bit more to enjoy. I’ve already missed a few bots, I think I’ll mop them up before moving on.
  14. First Duo & Blackout victory in general this morning with @Dave White, great work fella, we bossed it
  15. KriessG

    PlayStation VR

    I’m not going to be home until gone 10 mate.

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