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  1. KriessG

    John Wick 3: Parabellum - May 2019

    Yep, this looks brilliant. Loved 2 (and 1 of course).
  2. KriessG

    Star Wars Episode IX (December 2019)

    It’ll all become clearer once we decipher... The Yavinchi Code
  3. KriessG

    Battlefield V

    That’s definitely not the usual behaviour. It’s the only class I’ve not played today yet but I’ll check it out. Squad Conquest and Rush modes aren’t needed. Both are only on specific maps, Rush is only around for 2 weeks and SC is 16 players and small parts of existing maps, so I can’t see how different it’ll be to Domination. What’s the point. Cosmetics etc are fine but I’m really not fussed, especially as there is so much to fix, TTD, pop in and the other bugs. Why haven’t they bumped up the rank from 50 yet either? I really wish they had stuck to the season pass model. I’d happily have paid £40 to have 16 maps confirmed as forthcoming. All we have confirmed for now is two Greece maps coming in March and Firestorm, which will be fun as a distraction but that will be all it is for me. I hope they don’t wait for March to show us the next part of the road map. At least they have stated they are moving chronologically through the war so we will get Americans etc introduced at some point, I’d just like to know when. Maybe I’m asking for too much. Maybe they’ve spread themselves too thin. The game has to release on a set date and is buggy, plus they have to deliver post launch content despite no season pass money as incentive. The poor launch sales might also hamper things, plus I’m sure some of the team are already at work on BF 2020 (Another cross platform release a la BF4, oh the bugs!). Don’t get me wrong, I love this game. I play it for hours every day and enjoy it greatly. I just hope for it’s continued improvement.
  4. KriessG

    Battlefield V

    The Lewis is great, as is the Bren. A lot of the others are great fun bipoded (MG42, VCO) but due to the bipod issues they can be more frustrating than they should be. I’m really looking forward to that fix.
  5. KriessG

    Bumblebee - Transformers Spin-off

    I saw this last night.This is better than any of the Bay efforts. That opening 5 minutes, my 8 year old inner child marked out hard. Fight scenes you can make sense of. No annoying characters. Simple yet effective. I’d be happy for them to do a sequel to this. Let’s just forget the Bay efforts.
  6. KriessG

    Battlefield V

    The loadout issue I’ve only ever seen if you’re trying to use a weapon you’ve unlocked but not claimed from the armoury yet.
  7. KriessG

    Battlefield V

    Another COD mode I find whenever I can’t spawn on a team mate that I just flick back to spawn and back and it’s fine.
  8. KriessG

    Battlefield V

    Thats your problem right there: Playing TDM on a Battlefield game. That’s like buying a Ferrari and driving it in a circle.
  9. KriessG

    Battlefield V

    Medic has by far the worst guns in the game (Not just my opinion, the general fanbase). Do yourself a favour and try the other classes ASAP. Not true. You can customise.
  10. KriessG

    Battlefield V

    Especially with you
  11. KriessG

    Battlefield V

    You really don’t need to change the range on the sniper rifles. Just learn the bullet drop.
  12. KriessG

    People Just Do Nothing - BBC3 mockumentary

    They are doing a film right? Surely that has to have their video going viral and they get to play a proper gig or festival or something.
  13. KriessG

    Rat Arsed Gaming

  14. KriessG

    Rat Arsed Gaming

    Me and @kerraig UK have had some amazing games on various Battlefield titles when we’ve been having a few drinks. The game becomes so ingrained in you that it takes quite a bit to really effect our play. Usually I pass out before that happens
  15. KriessG

    Battlefield V

    Yea I’ve played a few games just now. It feels the same with full auto’s and takes 1 more bullet with the DMR’s. It feels great still. There is no need to worry I’d say.

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