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  1. I've never been like this with anything, it's always been concise and thought out. Else it's gone. If you have stuff in tubs or storage it's an issue. 39 neo games 6 GB games 6 ngpc games 3 shite PS4 games I can't give away
  2. One just sold for £211 on eBay, pretty rare. But hey cdr
  3. The neocd one, just like overtop, has a full user profile on saves too, not just like a save state.
  4. There's an extra course on the neo cd version Scotland I believe
  5. Great game, although I'm not that good at it. Fun to sit down with a few friends and some beers. Wish I could own the homecart
  6. kernow

    vinyl lovers

    I just put all my CDs on discogs so I could import them into Spotify. Thinking about ditching cd finally.
  7. Firmware 0.83a has just been released too
  8. kernow

    Gaming Luddism

    Not interested in modern gaming, it's just gone like the movie industry. Zzz
  9. I should be interested in the new Sam spirits game, it looks great and everything I would have wished for, season pass? Uhm I'll play the original then. I can't be arsed with all this shit you have to deal with around modern gaming. Ugh
  10. Quantity, not quality
  11. Yes but he has Three thousand games!
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