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  1. I've tweaked a ton of nanao ms9 arcade monitors, and the geometry and convergence always annoyed me, I guess that's what you get firing electrons about and bending them with magnets. Much prefer rock solid geometry, convergence over whatever a crt offers nowadays. OSSC tweaked properly and an HDTV is all you need really.
  2. Hardware was definitely optimised for video based shiz, there was no tile hardware and 2d performance was baaad
  3. https://www.asos.com/pqube/dataeast-classic-collection-snes-cartridges/prd/10538581?affid=23983&socialadref=23844563382290439&fbadid=23844563383510439 Just saw this on my FB, wonder if they have others
  4. Any recommendations for a cheap GB flash cart for basic development? Even the everdrive X3 is a bit spendy and overkill, although I could see myself trying some games on it. X5 would be lovely but not at that price. I see a lot of Chinese carts on various sites, anyone tried them?
  5. Standard sanwa osb/f or n, always convex Concave are for wood cabs, if you like them though, go for it I would personally say the concave buttons usually have a larger barrel, microswitch and are usually far less responsive and more work to press than the lighter touch sanwas or whatever.
  6. Bit different. Roughly about the same give or take
  7. I want an arsbon ebaublast What an amazing name for a console
  8. Have we got one? There's so many coming out it's hard to tell what the better ones are. Any sites or YouTube channels for reviews?
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