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  1. https://www.bloodyelbow.com/2021/9/18/22680760/report-mma-promotion-feature-fighters-union-cba-team-georges-st-pierre-world-fight-league-wfl-news Potentially interesting. UFC will buy it up just in case in <5 years
  2. Yeah I was just coming to edit it, I got it other way round
  3. McFly

    NFL 2021!

    Yeah, Rogers seems like the kind of guy who'd fuck you from within once he's turned on you. I agree with his grievances though, the cheese heads really funked up.
  4. Romero v Rumble Johnson St Bellator is on this Saturday on iplayer iirc.
  5. McFly

    NFL 2021!

    They're d-line with Watt and Jones has a formidable pass rush. As for the Titan, the offensive coordinator whose credited with resurrecting Tannehill left iirc. I haven't seen the game but that's probably part of it. Some great games this week, especially for opening day.
  6. The main detective, freaking out over the missile drill was ridiculous, like they'd stop a real launch cos she said so? The ending, The Russian spy still with a bleeding wound a few days after being superficially stabbed is just absurd. A guy like that surely would know basic wound care. I know I'm being picky but it's a bit much.
  7. The Hamilton/Verstappen incident is caused by a stupidly placed corner as much as the drivers.
  8. They'll give the best wrestler nobody knows and bounce him out
  9. McFly

    NFL 2021!

    Got a bet on the score being <50 points. Which I think is reasonable for opening day, Bucs are gonna win I reckon though. Dad hasn't trained much so I wouldn't expect miracles even though he'll be a big improvement over last year. Jerry Jones is really turning Into Mr Burns for real, he needs to release his grip on the playing side of the franchise.
  10. Alex Perira, has signed to make his ufc debut Nov 6th in NYC. Whose that? Well he defeated Adesanya twice, one KO in Glory.
  11. Apparently Till had torn his acl 10 weeks before his fight on Saturday. Would explain somethings and him looking "flat" according to some pundits. Jack Shore was being criticised for his workmanlike fight, but he also had a broken thumb and torn bicep tendon during his fight.
  12. Aspinall looks potentially fantastic, seems on the ball, in no rush for a top 5 fight content to go at his own pace. He is more all rounded than these big fat power punchers, insane power, but pretty limited otherwise. I thought Pimblett was get beat after that big punch landed, but damn the speed and composure he showed to finish was impressive. Till though, bloody hell. Dominant on the feet, had Brunson hurt, but his ground game doesn't seem to have improved at all since he became a headliner type fighter.
  13. Some interesting fights tonight with Till v Brunson. Winner stays in contention, possible title shot with good win. Tom Aspinall and Paddy Pimblett making his debut
  14. That's it yeah. There was a fishing boat that sunk near Aberdeen 10 years ago or so and I had to pick up the death letters/insurance cheques from their parent company.
  15. The trawler incident at the start really happened didn't it? Or something similar did a good while ago.
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