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  1. McFly

    NFL 2019!

    Way to go Dwayne! Not a team or franchise but a bloody league! Baller indeed.
  2. Thats proper grim. Has there been more of these heart issues with covid-victims? I havent heard of it but i hadnt been looking
  3. He apparently wants to fight Barnett and Fedor again which would be killer so Bellator seems the logical choice. According to Bloody Elbow hes big mates with that Chechen guy who has his own mma company. So may end up there but he can still compete with top guys if hes focused so Bellator for me.
  4. Yikes. At least its not an NFL team who have huge numbers of players and support staff in close proximity. Though saying that MLB teams must have a good amount of staff too.
  5. Worth watching prims for Aspinalls fight, quick as it was. Felt a bit sorry for Gus but Werdum pushed for that takedown hard and once he was on the back it was game over.
  6. Yeah the Yan Aldo one was shocking. Trinaldo probably waited 5 -10 seconds before hitting the guy, he was obviously done, it was so unneccessary. There are some genuine ones tjat can be mistakes but this was just inexcusable. Especially after the earlier one where the fighter crumpled holding his eye again obviously is serious pain only to get pummeled, not clean admittedly, but again was not needed at all. On a positive goodnresult for Paul Craig and Tom Aspinalls finish was gorgeous. Main event was a bit stareing contest with bursts of action.
  7. Dan Hardy screams at Herb Dean after 2nd bad late stoppage
  8. I like the nod to Alien in this section. Plus Groundskeeper Willie is always awesome, the Worlds most recognisable Scotsman yay!
  9. Or how he wants to be John Elway and fantasises about getting humped by the 49ers
  10. McFly

    Moto GP 2020 season (!)

    Firstly, im Scottish and biased. But... He went for a late braking move and got bumped into so i partly agree with you. Moto3 is so crazy, so much slipstreaming and getting swamped and folk like Binder go around knocking people off that it makes it wild and unpredictable. McPhee has been in ages but at least hes up the front against the tide of Spanish and Italian wonderkids. Some people just arent meant for big bikes like lighterweight fighters, just cos theybarent heavyweights doesnt mean theybare failures. Its typical that if someone British isnt Marquez or Rossi they get ripped, at least hes theres being competitive. Its crazy that Brits rule Superbikes but cant hardly do anything in GPs so ill take what i can get. Danny Kent though, wtf the fuck?
  11. McFly

    Moto GP 2020 season (!)

    It was a brutal crash, you could see it coming the way he was riding. The one he saved was unreal however i agree it blows open the championship. Gutted about what happened in Moto3 to McPhee
  12. I was gonna say something like that but couldnt mind when it happened, S9 or 10 roughly.
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