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  1. Is this the one on the bridge? If so
  2. If you mean at the Resevoir, then Oil and Flame vent is your best friend
  3. You dont need them at all, you can run away and wait for them to disapear First phase is easy peasy if you have Nightjar and can also be used to your advantage in the second phase
  4. Which flame prosthetic, there are 2 Where did you get it from?
  5. Clear out the mobs first, you can get a stealth kill on him at the start to remove one life The flame prosthetic works great too against him if you have it
  6. MikeF

    Hollow Knight - Soulsvania platformer

    Finally got around to starting this on Friday, Save file says 18 hrs played and currently exploring Deepnest Crystal Guardian Number 2 kicked my arse big style, but I will be back to show him who is the boss Why did I leave this so long before playing it Day 1 for Silksong for sure
  7. yep, eBay closed the case Escalated straight to paypal Seller is getting arsey now too, haha Harder than Souls and Bloodborne, can't bloody wait
  8. Done that now too
  9. Cheers, have started an ebay returns claim Back on topic, really hope Simply ship this on the Tuesday
  10. Would like to know also so I can go for a refund
  11. If my code doesnt work I will just raise a paypla dispute then on the 22nd Got a physical copy ordered with Simply anyway
  12. It says cant be redeemed until then, mine has been marked as despatched, I have emailed asking if it is being posted or sent digitally Welcome to my ad! This is a unused redeemable code, you will own the full game once you have used it. It will permanently be on your account once used! After receiving payment all items will be sent to you on that same day if bought before 7pm. Once I have marked it as dispatched it has been sent. The code cannot be redeemed till its been activated on 22/03/19, one it has been activated you can redeem it at an time. If you would like to cancel an order contact me BEFORE I have sent it out to you please. If you ever have a problem with an item please contact me, if it does not work a I will either refund you or send a replacement depending on the situation. Also have a copy on order with Simply Games Should be able to start refund process from Thursday anyway Edit - Got my code now
  13. I bought one too, not got the code yet though
  14. Ebay and buyer protection should give you a full refund

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