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  1. Where is a good place to find a trustworthy person to trade some pokemon. I have some that I want to evolve . (e.g. haunter to Gengar), but as my pokemon is quite high level lvl 70, I'd like to be able to get it back. I don't know anyone personally, who has both a switch and this game . so i'm consigned to randoms.
  2. Bought Playstation Plus, but nothing has changed on my vita. Am I right in thinking this isn't available until tomorrow or am I missing something. I've had an email confirming my purchase so I know it'snot a payment error.
  3. Anyone tried "burn and turn" http://www.next-gen.biz/filter/all/tags/3855/888/3854 I bought based on the edge review but find it completely unplayable. I'm obviously doing something wrong, but i suspect it isn't helped by the virtually non existant instructions. An 8/10 from edge suggests something in it is good. I can't for the life of me get the dragon to even take off from the castle.
  4. Is anyone having problems with steam at the moment? My copy of frozen synapse keeps saying that it is currently unavailable and I should try again later. It's been like this for about a day now.
  5. Cheers shirubagan, I'd be looking for that around London but had missed out. Slipped over there this afternoon on your recommendation and got one.
  6. Is it true that the rock band drum will work on GH5. I'd need this to get it. Definitely don't have the space for 2 drum kits.
  7. she can or that lad from the razorlight? Heard that Johnny Burrell co-writes with her but tries to keep it under his hat. Personally if that is true, then it's possibly the first thing he's every helped on that's any good. F+TM is great from what i've heard. Unlike Razorlight
  8. badgerpie

    Rock Band!

    I think the pedal gets easier. I'm still not vrey good, but can mostly survive on hard now........ mostly. (even manage the occasional expert) I find that certain patterns just click after a while. Find a couple of songs you like and get good on those. Makes it easier for the others.
  9. Would agree with the Rush choices, I'd steer clear of all albums after moving pictures until you've got into the earlier stuff. It's great stuff. IMO the early 80s stuff goes a bit off, but picks up again with Hold you fire and Presto
  10. Mine has just died (I think). Yesterday it wouldn't read ANY disks (I must have tried with about 20 discs and specifically cleared out the Cache). So if this problem persists what do you think my best option is ? (I don't think I've registered it). 1. Phone up service line and say "i bought it at launch it's only 13 months old and it doens't work" (I probably might have the receipt somewhere) 2. Phone them up and say " I bought it about 2 months after launch, i've only had it 11 months and it doesn't work" 3.Buy another machine, put old machine in the box and take it back saying "It doesn't work, I want a refund" 4. Just simply buy another machine
  11. Out of interest, what is the rest of the CD like ?
  12. Clearing those houses is one of the trickiest bits and did take me a while to complete. I think I did it in some pretty bizarre order. Sorry I can't remember which, but rather than going clockwise around them I did start going one way, then went back the other. Definitely was the barn that was the last I cleared. Sorry I can't be more help, ikt's been a few months. Keep plugging and it will come. I think that was in the top 3 annoying bits. The good news is you've got past one of the others..... But there's still one that's a beast. It's one where you take over a house and then the Germans come to take the house back and a tank blows the side of the house off, and you get 'rushed' by shed loads of Germans. it's tough.
  13. I made it into the 999,999 club about 2 months ago. I learned that a mate had a significantly higher score than me and that made me dust off the PSP and go back in training. We then had a race to 999,999 Within a week, I'd took my score from 500K to the full whack, and I beat him to it by about 24 hours.
  14. After a week playing i've risen from somewhere in the 40s to the dizzy heights of 23.
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