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  1. Pixar are clealry a talanted bunch, that's unarguable in my eyes. However, my 2 favourite films they've made (Wall-E and Up) start so unbelievably brilliantly but then seem to loose the courage of their opening and fall back on children film staples like talking animals in Up and bringing in the humans as caricatures in Wall-E. It felt like both films are so capable and brilliant, but both films take such a massive detour, it broke the immersion for me. Toy Story is a classic though, I'll fight you over that.
  2. I sold the last of my collection over 10 years ago now and for much the same reasons as others, I just got older, wiser and found gaming had become an excuse to not do other things in my life. However, I still get giddy when I see a mint Japanese N64 or a copy of Shenmue for Dreamcast so every year or so, I would go down a rabbit hole of looking at a certain system and working out how to make it look good on a modern TV, what's the price of good controllers (Often overlooked in the retro community, shit controllers were the bane of many fast paced games) and other basics which slowly brought up the price I needed to pay for it all. Thankfully, I picked up a PC recently and the options for emulation has all but silenced my need to pick up old consoles and PC's. With rare exception, all the consoles I want to play have been emulated to imperceptible levels that I can play perfect versions of Ferrari F355 Challenge, Perfect Dark, Gran Turismo 2, Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Super Mario World along with hundreds more, I don't need old consoles that collectors are charging an arm and a leg for. Rather than the old adage of; you have access to thousands of games and don't play any of them, I curate my ROM collection to games I used to own so that doesn’t really come into effect. I load up an old game to play it breifly or play it to completion. Altough having the old hardware is unquestionably a nice feeling, I equate it to walking around an old home you used to live in. The memories are just as strong and potent, but it's all changed and not quite how you remember it. Going back to emulation, you can play with brand new USB controllers, have upscaled resolution (The RE:Dream Dreamcast emulator is stunning for this) and your choice of game that didn't cost the Eath to acquire. I honestly find it more impressive when I got the new offical Sega Saturn USB controller (In This is Cool colours ) and played US copies of Revenge of Shinobi and Sonic 2, rather than using original hardware and attempting to get it looking great through an HDMI Converter. However, I am really impressed with the FGPA work that Analog are doing and if I did go back to a machine under the TV, I would go through Analog's example. Especially the frosted plastic Mega SG. So everytime I seen an old N64 with an uncreased copy of Perfect Dark, or a pristine boxed Sega Mega Drive II and sticker still on copy of Sonic the Hedgehog 2 or a mint condition PlayStation 2 with not an inch of dust along its many fine lines, I take a breath then remember; Oh, I can play them all right now!
  3. I think gaming has long since passed a basic level of writing, characterisation and story, no longer needing to justify itself like it had to back in the 1990's. GTA though. I won't argue the defense for that series. Althoough, I really enjoyed parts of the story in GTA4. Wheras 5 attempts to bring in some unique characters but ends up as a pastiche of all of them.
  4. I noticed those 'fufiled by Amazon' but got a bit suspicius as several are french or just launched, so wanted to check if their were some trusted sellers on amazon any of you here use?
  5. I know the 3DS suffered from piracy, do you know if any of those Amazon shop links for those M2 Ports look legit for buying from?
  6. Wools

    Edge #342

    Does not seem intresting, to you. It's a broad church, this Videogame lark.
  7. Wools

    Edge #342

    "I love reading about new, good looking, innovative games in a multi platform Magazine. Unless they're on a platform I don't own, then I wish Edge never covered them at all. Infact, even knowing about their existence now distresses me, as it reminds me of a platform I don't want to think about, even in passing." Fucking insanity. I don't own a Switch, but I want to read about cool new games on the platform that might make me consider; Hey, maybe I should pick that up one day! Edge threads on Rllmuk: Providing genuine bafflement since Issue 1.
  8. Does anyone know if this is getting a wide release? Looks like the only publicised showings near me is London...
  9. I think that sums it up. You can't buy a good gaming PC for console prices and you can't do what you can on a PC on a console. If you just want to play a game, for a reasonable price then you buy a console. It does it better than a PC. If you want to build things like games themselves with Unreal, tinker with stuff like Emulation and play games in their best technical output, then you buy a PC. Despite consoles becomming more like a PC (Updates, online play) and PC's more like a Console (More user friendly, simplified building opportunities) for me, the 2 systems are so separate, they're not comparable. One is for game playing for the hardcore, one is for hobbyists and the enthusiasts.
  10. Totally. Reminds me of what's occuring at Baeselworld, which is a watch trade show which has been given the same prominence as E3 in the Videogame world. Over the years, more and more watch makers had been leaving Basel citing insane costs to put on a show there, limited time on stands and countless other nagatives. Eventually, one of the big watch makers pulled out and slowly the show has started to die. When they were interviewed by the press askign why they pulled out, they said it cost them a fortune to put on a 1 week show at the festival, the public were not allowed in so it was just trade, they had limited time to do deals and nowadays, they can launch a PR campaign themselves with Twitter, Instagram etc, all their fans see it, they can directly interact with them and the cost for all of this? $0. I'm guessing Sony are slowly comming to the same conclusions.
  11. Wools


    As a long time Spaced fan, it's a bit hearbreaking reading that. It seems like Nick could not be arsed, Simon was trying to be nice and enthusatic but came across a bit desperate and Jessica was nice but reacted oddly at the Shaun of the Dead mention. Part of me felt that Spaced was a group of friends making it so they would always remain close. Jessica seemingly pulling away with Shaun (With just a small cameo) felt odd and despite 3 Cornetto films, Edgar didn't come back for the film Paul and now, all of them seem diconnected. That interview, despite starting as a celebration, now just comes across as 4 separate people no longer bound by any friendship. I feel Nick & Paul must have had a falling out but can't work out why Jessica seemed to jump ship so soon after Spaced. Eitherway. Or maybe, I'm talking out of my arse:
  12. I think it affects all walks of our society. Because I'm a bit of a watch geek, it took me by supprise when I first started reading a watch forum a few years ago how some dive watch fans have strong opinions that they should never be worn by Women. I pulled 1 of them up on this and got a heated reply back that girls (Never Women) aren't as strong divers so their precious, yellow gold dive watches look best and only really are made for men. Of course, diving history is filled with examples of Women divers and adventurers but that didn't trouble their bigoted little heads. Another thing I've noticed as I've got more hobbies, is there's always a pissing contest for amount of knowledge one acquires or how good they are in their hobby. I've always felt the surface level competition is bullshit, it's just a way to measure your cock by saying mine's bigger than yours. Example; A week ago on Twitter, their was a tweet that blew up that was something like; You can only enjoy a game if you don't use a rewind feature. People waded in but for me, it highlighted a little quirk that if you get a load of blokes in a room, it becomes a pissing contest and that sadly, perputates out into all forms of society. Just Women rarely do the leading because Men keep them held down. Despite needing to do so much more, reading that blog above made me so happy. Slowly, the basment dwelling little 4Chan fucks who get angry Women aren't portrayed in the way they want them to be (Young, tits out & subservient to Men’s wishes) are having their world torn down.
  13. I've got a ASUS ROG SWIFT PG279Q which can be seen here. I had not built a PC in over 10 years so when I was eyeing up RTX cards and .M2 drives, I really didn't give a Monitor a seconds thought. A friend at work convinced me to not just go all in with a 4K Monitor nor a base level Monitor, but actually go to a shop or to anyone who owns one and take a look. I'm so glad I did as before I knew it, I could see the diffrence between 1080p and 2K but couldn't see much diffrence between 2K and 4K. I originally thought a 60Hz monitor was more than enough but just simply moving your mouse cursor on the Windows 10 desktop, you can see the diffrence between a 60Hz and a 165Hz rate along with an IPS screen vs a traditional LCD screen. I feel that was one of the best 16:9 2K monitor I could buy early this year and it should last me a long time. When GPU's can be had for around £500 and power a 4K monitor monitor reliably past 60FPS then I'll refresh this Asus. Eitherway, a big thumbs up from me if anyone else is considering.
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