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  1. David Kenny

    Playstation Plus | April - The Surge & Conan Exiles

    I don't think this is right. You'll just be able to buy them on your regular account once your PS Plus subscription has lapsed.
  2. David Kenny

    Playstation Plus | April - The Surge & Conan Exiles

    I have never heard of either of these games, so a good month for me from that perspective. Still seems weird there only being two games though.
  3. David Kenny

    The Jazz Thread

    Definitely picking that up @esar. I still listen to Antiphon almost every day. He's actually performing around my way in May, so hoping to be able to catch him live.
  4. David Kenny

    The most beautiful song you ever heard

    I think the reggae cover is better...
  5. David Kenny

    PS+ March: Modern Warfare Remastered, The Witness

    Different people have different priorities. PS Plus was a good way for me to play games I might have missed on the PS3 and Vita (I still play my Vita more than any other console), and I don't play online at all so this change has definitely made PS Plus less attractive for me. The other thing is that when they were giving you five games, even in a crap month there would be something that looked interesting. If they're only giving you two there will be a lot of months where neither game appeals, like this month for me. I already own the witness and I really disliked Modern Warfare. I'm not upset or anything, but I can't see any positive to this change.
  6. David Kenny

    PS+ March: Modern Warfare Remastered, The Witness

    PS+ has been amazing value over the years but it suddenly looks a bit shit. Unfortunately I'd lose access to a squillion games I never play if i cancelled it so I guess I'm stuck.
  7. David Kenny

    The most beautiful song you ever heard

    There's too many to even think about picking one, but this is the most beautiful tune I've listened to today:
  8. David Kenny

    Final Fantasy VII (SEVEN)

    I've played all the Final Fantasy games now (except XV actually) and IX is the one I like least. For me VII is miiiiiiles better.
  9. David Kenny

    SNES Mini

    I think it's one of the best games ever made. But to be honest if you don't love it straight away, given that it doesn't really change, I'd leave it if I were you.
  10. David Kenny

    Creative Block

    Try and set aside a certain amount of time a day when you work without distraction. Do anything at all even if you're not convinced it's great. Half the battle is getting into the habit of actually working. It can be a slog, and frustrating, but once it becomes habit it will be less frustrating. Be happy with any progress, don't worry if you only get a few lines, or a sketch. Even if they're no good they're progress towards something that is good. Don't sit around waiting for inspiration, it doesn't come. Great artists and writers were great because they put in the work. Get into that habit.
  11. David Kenny

    Xbox One Console Thread

    I've just got something in my eye, alright!
  12. David Kenny

    PS+ February: For Honor, Hitman

    I have never played a Hitman game, so this is a good month for me apparently. I already own Rogue Aces, but have for some reason never played it. I will rectify the situation forthwith after watching that awesome trailer. Even though, the trailers for these games have them looking like a dynamic and exciting ballet of violence, full of panache and derring-do. But when I come to play them, I find that in order for them to resemble such a ballet you have to be in some way competent with the use of your digits and brain together. So my performances look like someone put a terrified screaming chimp in the cockpit of whatever craft the game provides, and launched it into the air. I provide the screaming myself for added authenticity.
  13. David Kenny

    Nintendo Switch

    Uh oh. It was nice knowing you...
  14. I've yet to hit this point with Metal Gear Solid 5, I've played a few hours but didn't especially enjoy it. This was really disappointing as I love the previous games. Maybe this will inspire me to try again. I'm also in the same boat with Red Dead Redemption 2, I like it well enough but I just don't feel any urge to go back to it. I'm sure at some point I'll pick it up again and it will stick. The most notable example of the phenomenon for me though is Demon's Souls. I really hated it after importing the American release, and was pretty much resigned to giving up, but for some reason it clicked after I'd defeated Phalanx. I've played through it a few times now, and also all the other games in the series. Very glad I persevered.
  15. David Kenny

    All time greatest gaming moment

    You do get something.

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