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  1. David Kenny

    Brand loyalty

    I do think Sony have been very lucky to be so far in the lead during the generation that saw a huge increase in console games being bought digitally. Given that many people have an extensive PSN library, the only thing that could fuck up their domination of the next generation is if the PS5 was somehow not backwards compatible. So they'll probably do that. This is the first generation in about 25 years where I haven't owned all the major consoles, so while I'm not a fanboy, I do think the PS4 (which I do own) rulez, and the Xbox One (which I don't own) sucks ass.
  2. David Kenny

    What musical hill are you prepared to die on?

    There are different levels on which you can appreciate music. I think the most technical level could be called "expert". So the answer is Herbie Hancock.
  3. David Kenny

    What musical hill are you prepared to die on?

    I don't know for sure that it is different, but it's definitely something I notice when I hear pop music these days. If it does exist, it definitely has it's roots in the things you mention (I did mention disco myself). I think you can actually see the phenomenon within Motown itself. If you compare their early output with their later stuff. The breadth of styles and sounds narrowed massively once Gordy cottoned on to what sold in massive numbers and what didn't. Of course when Motown were a force to be reckoned with the charts were full of all kinds of other music. Just within soul music you had Stax/Atlantic who were doing completely different sounding music in the same genre. Then there were all kinds of independent labels making soul music, some of which sold in massive numbers. (I suspect it really is happening and it's not just because of observations around music. I actually think there's a heterogeneous trend right across our cultural production; films, TV, art, and the rest. That's wildly off topic though so I'll save those thoughts for another thread.)
  4. David Kenny

    What musical hill are you prepared to die on?

    I do think the 80s represents a tipping point in pop music, towards a huge increase in stylistic homogeneity, although it was something that started in the 70s with Disco. Pop music is formulaic almost by definition. And there's nothing wrong with that, part of the enjoyment people get from pop music is that it adheres to expected patterns (I'm guessing this is why Coltrane's Ascensions never topped the billboard charts). But the scope for digression from that formula seemed to shrink massively during the 80s. I think the 80s represents the point where music producers identified a formula for a hit record and rigidly stuck to it. https://pudding.cool/2018/05/similarity/ This blog has some interesting data for this, and places the "blame" pretty firmly at the feet of the music production process, which has strayed from individual songsmiths creating music for themselves or their bands, to music being generated digitally by committee. Also a much smaller number of individuals producing a lot more of the music. This isn't a new thing, most of here are old enough to remember Stock, Aitken and Waterman. Of course there's still loads of great music being produced if you want to look for it, but I don't think feeling that modern music all sounds the same is necessarily a symptom of us being old grumpy sticks in the mud. Although I am that too. Edit: This was the paper I was actually looking for when I found that blog: Measuring the Evolution of Contemporary Western Popular Music - https://www.nature.com/articles/srep00521#s1
  5. David Kenny

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    I bought one too. It is SOOOOOO much quieter than my launch model, which sounded like two hair dryers. Where one of the hair dryers was blowing hot air into the second hair dryer and that was blowing into a megaphone. It was so loud I wasn't allowed to play it at night as it kept my wife awake! I have to say as well as being quiet, the Pro is a very nice bit of kit, and even at 1080p the games look significantly improved.
  6. David Kenny

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Is the game in the RDR 2 bundle the disc version? It's not a download code right?
  7. David Kenny

    The Jazz Thread

    Well if you don't know it, definitely check out Black Focus by Yussef Kamaal.
  8. David Kenny

    The Jazz Thread

    That's really nice. I was about to write that it reminded me of Yussef Kamaal, before I realised who the drummer was. Do you know if there's an album coming?
  9. David Kenny

    PS1 Appreciation Thread

    I played Vagrant Story on the PS1. I bought it on PSN for the PS3. I ripped it to a hacked PSP, and I have it on my PS Vita. I've tried it on all these formats and I've still never finished it. Every time I get to a different point and find that none of my weapons can touch the enemies there. It seems like a game that is almost impossible to complete without a guide, and I refuse to do that. May be worth one more try though, the atmosphere is fantastic.
  10. God, I loved Car Wars. I spent so many hours playing it. We even drew massive maps that matched the scale of some lead figures from another Mad Max-esque game, as the little paper counters were so fiddly. I also bought all the supplements and the quarterly magazine they published (Autoduel Quarterly was it?). I'm amazed nobody ever made a turn based videogame based on it.
  11. David Kenny

    Do you prefer physical books or Ebooks?

    I've tried reading e-books and I just don't get the same enjoyment out of them at all, so I only read physical books. I try and be fairly ruthless about what I keep (thrillers, horror novels, and the like go to the charity shop once I've read them) but that still leaves me with a very significant collection. Luckily I recently read that growing up in a house full of books is likely to lead to higher literacy and numeracy in adulthood, so I'm doing it for the kids, honestly.
  12. David Kenny

    New people: say hello here, let us know how you found rllmuk!

    That's about the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me, and I've been married for 15 years.
  13. David Kenny

    New people: say hello here, let us know how you found rllmuk!

    It is a nice hat.
  14. Yes. Obviously they deliberately don't define what "occasional" means, so that they can say, "Well you only have to work 60-80 hours a week for 1 month of the year. That's 'occasional'"
  15. I don't even work for a superstar games company and my contract does mention it. It doesn't say we will work you to death but it does say there are expectations I may occasionally be required to work outside of my normal hours.

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