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  1. If they really knew their horror it would be in a portmanteau format with an overarching game set in er... a haunted shoe shop, where a creepy shop clerk has a terrifying story about every pair of spooky shoes. It's a work in progress, alright!
  2. David Kenny

    No Man's Sky

    I've seen that, even before the latest patch. Seemed to only affect specific planets though.
  3. David Kenny

    Death's Gambit. Everything was Souls.

    I've played past the owl king, but I'm not sure where to go next as I'm getting absolutely pummelled in every direction. I really like it but I may need to restart with another class that has quicker attacks, it might fit in with my "blind panic button mashing" style a bit more. I'm finding that I run out of stamina a lot.
  4. David Kenny

    Let us celebrate Edge's 25th Anniversary

    I recycled my entire collection a few years ago, which (based on the covers I recognise) would have started at issue 8. I was sorry to see them go but they were just taking up so much room. I keep hoping an official online archive will appear to reassure me that I haven't made a huge mistake. I would have been in my early 20s and dirt poor when I started reading it and for me it was a way of vicariously playing games I couldn't possibly afford. I used to pore over every screenshot and every article was re-read multiple times. I did somehow manage to get hold of a Pentium 120 PC and a SNES at some point in the following years and finally got to try some of the games I'd been reading about. But of course technology moves on and the magazine was now full of Playstation and N64 games, so reading it was still a way of experiencing things out of my financial reach. Eventually I got a job on what then seemed a great salary, and the day I got my first pay check I went into the centre of town and bought an N64 with Super Mario 64 based on entirely on the Edge review of that game. It was more money than I'd ever spent on anything but my god it was worth every penny. Having a regular income meant that now I was able to actually buy at least some of the games that were reviewed each month. But money was still pretty tight, so those reviews became the most important factor in guiding my purchases. They didn't lead me wrong too many times either. Since then I've become a lot more financially secure so games are much more disposable to me now. I still spend a stupid amount on them, but I don't invest anything like the time I used to. I think this change in my attitude towards the medium is reflected in how I read Edge. I no longer read it with the same fervent attention, and I think that's partly because I know that within reason, I could experience everything in the magazine for myself at some point. I still enjoy it of course, but I miss the days when it was a view into a world that without that magazine I'd never have even known existed.
  5. David Kenny

    Edge #323 25th Anniversary Edition

    Really good issue this one. Very fitting for such an impressive milestone.
  6. David Kenny

    Death's Gambit. Everything was Souls.

    I pre-ordered this on PS4 because of the discount. Haven't had a chance to play it yet, but I should be able to do so tonight. I'll post up my initial thoughts when that happens.
  7. David Kenny

    Great scenes in disappointing movies

    The Medieval Times bit from Cable Guy. The bit where he "sings" the fight theme from Star Trek cracks me up. Although I should confess that I actually think Cable Guy is maybe the third best film ever made, after On The Waterfront and Three Colours Blue probably. It was only other people who found it disappointing. Wrong people.
  8. David Kenny

    No Man's Sky

    Hmm looks like it's destroyed my base, and deleted the ships I had in my freighter. Bit annoying as I'd saved it while outside my crappy battered runaround ship rather than one of my awesome special freaky alien ships.
  9. David Kenny

    No Man's Sky

    Yeah and people will, some of them are awesome! This is/was mine: Probably needs a really good dusting now.
  10. David Kenny

    No Man's Sky

    Yup, you board it and talk to the captain. He's always a salty old space dog, who's ready to retire. And on 280,000,000 credits he can afford to.
  11. David Kenny

    No Man's Sky

    I have zero interest in the multiplayer, and have already spent hundreds of hours in this game, but damned if I'm not very tempted to go back. My base was a thing of beauty already, but it could have been bigger. Bit annoyed that they are giving players a freighter for nothing though, I farmed Living Glass like a maniac to afford my 280,000,000 credit leviathan!
  12. David Kenny

    War of the Worlds (BBC)

    Someone should do an adaptation faithful to the novel, especially the bit where the protagonist is ignored as a madman because he's not wearing a hat! "He met a waggoner and tried to make him understand, but the tale he told and his appearance were so wild—his hat had fallen off in the pit—that the man simply drove on. He was equally unsuccessful with the potman who was just unlocking the doors of the public-house by Horsell Bridge. The fellow thought he was a lunatic at large and made an unsuccessful attempt to shut him into the taproom." No hat! Imagine.
  13. David Kenny

    Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    Only if you put your trousers back on.
  14. David Kenny

    The Jazz Thread

    I'd been waiting for that compilation and then forgot about it, thanks for the heads up. I really like that Kokoroko track. I've been listening to this one two or three times a day for about 2 weeks. I found it on a compilation of Belgian 1970s Jazz Funk (the compilation is called Funky Chimes and has a few great tracks on it). It takes a while to get going but once the distorted guitar comes in it turns into some pretty special psychedelic Jazz Funk. Unfortunately, this song is not indicative of the rest of the album pictured. Most of it is poppy ballads in the Carole King vein, except sung in Flemish. Probably the least appropriate language for poppy ballads.

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