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  1. Hmm I'm not sure an imperceptible difference in resolution, and a shrug of the shoulders regarding a recommendation for either is quite the damning indictment you think it is.
  2. I think it's because they're trying to cultivate the appearance of being the "nice guys" of the console business. There's no way in hell they allow these games on to the Playstation. But if they come out and say it they're going to lose that chummy veneer Phil Spencer has worked so hard to put in place. Happy to be proved wrong as it will save me having to own both, but I fully expect to be buying a console when Elder Scrolls 6 or Fallout 5 is announced.
  3. I'm sure the music from Final Fantasy VII has appeared a few times in this thread (I probably posted it!), but I've been listening to the Piano collection and I can't get over how sophisticated some of it is. If you told me this was Ravel or Bartok I would probably believe you. Just brilliant.
  4. These are the sorts of games I replay every few years, so I'd like to own them. Also unless xCloud works on a Playstation I don't really have the kit to do that. (It very well could already work on a Playstation, I really don't know). It's OK. I'm slowly coming to terms with the very minor annoyance of having to find room for another box under the TV. But I'm not buying extra controllers! Or a fancy docking station! You have to draw the line somewhere.
  5. I have to say I'm not delighted by this news. I didn't buy an Xbox last gen, and I wasn't planning on buying one this gen either. I don't have as much time for gaming as I used to and a PS4 and Switch was more than enough to keep me happy. However, if the next Fallout/Elder Scrolls games are Xbox exclusives I'll definitely have to get one. Then I'll resent it enormously, and say mean things about it behind its back.
  6. Bit of a long shot but has anyone managed to get Quake working under DosBox on an RG350? I can get the opk version to work, but that doesn't include the music, and I really want the soundtrack as well.
  7. I'm checking my Amazon pre-order at half hourly intervals. 9:30 still pre-ordered... It's going to be a long two months.
  8. I paid slightly more for this one https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B089FHT28B/ref=ppx_od_dt_b_asin_title_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 and I love it. Seems to do everything a switch pad needs to do, and holds its charge for hours. I bought it for the kids but I use it pretty much all the time. I even managed to complete Hollow Knight with it! I was not paid any money for this public service announcement.
  9. Not only would Nintendo do it, they would make the Super Mario Galaxy 2 remaster a launch title that is only compatible with the Switch+. That would also be the first and last Switch+ only title they release.
  10. Direct from the website. From what I can work out they are currently shipping out orders placed before the end of August. Orders placed after that date will start to be shipped from the 25 September. So we'll definitely be waiting a while.
  11. I really wasn't interested in the Xbox before but that price is definitely in the realm of, "Heck, why not?". It will depend on them releasing something I want to play of course, and I'm not really interested in Gamepass. Hmm I'm starting to talk myself out of it, but I it's a nice looking bit of kit at a very persuasive price.
  12. David Kenny

    The Jazz Thread

    I had a 10 LP jazz compilation box set when I was about 14, that I bought for a few quid in a second hand record shop. It had a live Dizzy Gillespie session on one of the disks that featured a version of Kush that absolutely blew my teenage mind. There were no line-up listings and the disks had generic covers, so I had no idea who the band were except that it had Lalo Schifrin on piano, and I remember listening to it over and over again. I have no idea what happened to the box of records, and I haven't heard the track for *cough* 30 years! But thanks to the wonders of the internet
  13. I was going to resist (as I'm pretty happy with the R350) but then I saw some Youtube videos of some impressive N64 and Dreamcast emulation so I've just ordered one. I'll post impressions when it turns up. Might be a while, as it's being shipped from China.
  14. I'm guessing if you're posting in a topic about a game you're already interested in it, and probably predisposed towards it. For instance, I posted in The Outer Worlds thread before the game came out because I was interested in it, but not after it was released because I thought it was terrible.
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