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  1. There are some people who you can believe as characters from the past and some you can't. Spall, you just look at him and you know he knows what a mobile phone is.
  2. I have Heroquest. It's next to the table with my son as soon as we work through our current play of 'Deathtrap Dungeon'.
  3. Was it here or elsewhere where I read someone's suggestion that the next Terminator film - and there will be one guys - should reverse the standard plot and have human time traveller's being sent back to terminate a Skynet originator, like Miles Dyson - with Skynet sending Terminators back to protect him. I'd watch the shit out of that.
  4. Probably very late to the party but have been enjoying 'The Kominsky Method' over the last couple of weeks. A nice easy watch that sometimes surprises me and has me on the verge of tears.
  5. Managed to see this yesterday after a work course finished up early and was pretty impressed with it overall. Considering that I thought the book was mostly pretty poor and that any film sequel that was going to revisit the Overlook Hotel was bordering on sacrilegious, this is far better than it had any right to be. Yes, it is simultaneously too long and not long enough to sufficiently round out every character. But it's also weird as hell, in a good way. The True Knot in the book were hokey as fuck and in truth, there's only four of them that really stand out in this at all, with the others just being fodder but that's fine. Flanagan - or more accurately, Rebecca Ferguson, does manages to make them feel like a credible threat - and one scene in particular is horrifying and very upsetting, I imagine it's rating is driven purely off of that one scene. We can argue later on whether recasting roles from The Shining or re-using old footage/doing a DeepFake* replacement would have been better but I thought it was fine. One review I read online called out the recasting, saying it jarred later when actual footage of the previous actress what used and it wasn't, so I think that means the recasting was pretty successful. I'm actually toying with going to see it again. *spoiler about DeepFakes and a late character appearance...
  6. Had no idea this thread existed but talk about timing! Bought the book off Amazon at the start of the week and sat down with my son last night for about an hour and started to explore the dungeon with his 1st ever adventurer, Caleesa, who by all accounts is a giant coward. She refuses to open any doors or pick up anything, in case it's a trap. Despite this reluctance to explore, she's already been skewered by flying splinters, fell into a deep pit and narrowly avoided by crushed by a rolling boulder. We left it last night, just after she managed to defeat her first foe, a Skeleton Warrior, which was absolutely wrecking her until the last few lucky rolls. I'll admit that I loved these books when I was younger but seeing my son get buzzed off them is absolutely thrilling.
  7. Thank fuck Cast the Safdie brother that worked with Pattison on Good Times instead. In fact, take this off Reeves and give it to the Safdie Bros instead. Now that would be something special.
  8. I saw this in Static this afternoon and it looks intriguing; c'mon, share the gush now....
  9. First Man Doesn’t tell you a whole lot more about the Apollo 11 mission that you probably already don’t know but Jesus, does it show how fucking dangerous space flight actually is. For all the criticism that gets thrown at Gosling, I found his performance to be very moving, especially at the end. 4/5
  10. Cackling like Big Sheev, at R2 just getting fucking wrecked by a stray shot in the middle of a battle, just unceremoniously killed off with no follow up. Proper fucking exploded, no, hang on we can patch him up, I mean he’s gone.
  11. Man, remember when Lucas selling Lucasfilm for $4 billion was an insane amount of money? And now were at the point where that's a low offer for *one* character.
  12. I did the mammoth 3D Game of Thrones jigsaw a few years ago and would recommend it. EDIT: It was this one @pledge
  13. I'm intrigued by the look of it and how it seems to straddle a typical RPG with some sort of competitive play system. Swithering on whether to pre-order though...
  14. Anyone played 'The King's Dilemma'?
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