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  1. Completely unessecary but then again... the Paddington films are actual delights so who knows, we may get something decent tbh. And while that tweet is very funny, Ryan Gosling would be a very good Wonka, underrated comedic actor imo.
  2. Got the Predator skin, emote and backbling. Missed out on its mythic though, got sniped just before I could pick it up. The thermal challenge to get the wrap is going to be a right PITA tho...
  3. Stealthy Stronghold is absolute bloodbath at the moment... watching my son have a quick game there and there was easily 30+ gliders all descending on it at once - never seen that before...
  4. I don’t think we’ll be getting that character introduced - yet. Long term in the MCU? Absolutely. but do I expect this to follow the basic premise of that plot? 100%
  5. The reveal of what was on Jackie Treehorn’s notepad kills me every time
  6. This will 100% leak before it’s real ease date and end up getting flung onto a streaming service in desperation to avoid the pirates.
  7. Watched 7Up, & Plus 7 and 21 Up as a result of the news of Apted's passing. 28, 35 and 42 lined up for tonight. It really is an incredible series and an uncomfortable watch at times. It can be equally heartwarming and sad too. Watching Neil in 21, who was the bubbliest and happiest seeming child originally, now an angry and lost young man, squatting in London was hard.
  8. Downey would be a terrible pick for Thrawn, not just because everyone will just think "It's Blue Iron Man!" but because he's utterly unsuitable for the role, he's never done any work to show he would be a good match for what's needed. I hope that's just people running with the "Favreau and him are pals and SW is going to be Marvel now" bit and nothing based on fact... I would also say that I hope they DONT cast Mikkelsen as Thrawn in live action. Yes, perfect in Rebels as the voice. In live action? No. I don't want Thrawn introduced as some decrepit Limmy lookalike.
  9. That's who it was! It was bugging me that I knew Temporal Time Soldier #1 from somewhere but couldn't place him! He was good, film would have benefited from more of him.
  10. I rewatched this the other day and was surprised at how much more enjoyable and smart I found the whole thing. Yes, I agree with the main complaint most people make about it - we really DONT need to see Liam Neeson going ALL IN with the tongue when kissing but anyway... I think it’s a shame it doesn’t get more love and is seen as ”Heat with Chicks” as it’s doing a fair bit more than Heat imo...
  11. The Kid Detective (2020) 4/5 - just a joy, from start to finish. Make 2 more please.
  12. Saw someone point out that Is the same as the original Kenner figure. Nice touch, shows how the showrunners are completely in touch with the fanbase and source materials.
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