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  1. How scary is it? My 7yr old fancies seeing it but I don't fancy weeks on nightmares if it's too scary. Plus I don't want him having nightmares either. @yakumo
  2. Spoilering for anyone who doesn't want to know but
  3. McGregor pretty ropy in both TPM and AOTC imo but come into his own in ROTS - in spite of the material/Lucas, I think. You can see little flashes of personality escaping every now and then "Another happy landing!", the 'couldn't be more Scottish shout' when he tries to kick Grevious in the balls. And the end speech after chopping off Anakin's legs and arm is still genuinely good. Immediately ruined by the "I HATE YOU!" shout after, mind but that's not his fault.
  4. Really excited to hear that, ordered it a few weeks ago when I saw it for £20 on Amazon. Dispatch date pushed back to Nov though :-(
  5. Anthony Daniels has already spoken on record about how this film gives him the opportunity to do things he's never done before as Threepio and that he was surprised at the size of the role he'd been given, (though of course, in true Daniels fashion, it totally reads like this was finally a role worthy of his time and that is was far too late in the day for this to be realised but hey, he'd be magnanimous and make it work.) I fully expect Threepio to go full Combat mode in this and wreck Stormtroopers left, right and centre.
  6. Almost certainly happening. What I also expect is Palpatine having a clone body to jump back into - maybe needing him to drain a powerful Force User first, to fuel the transfer. Hence, Ren & Rey ending up on the DS2 and Palps playing mind games as to whom will be the battery and who will be the Apprentice.
  7. I liked the Luuke clone - if Lucas had allowed C’Boath to be a clone of Obi-Wan it would have been too much but I think it worked well in the trilogy. It certainly worked for allowing Mara Jade to fulfill the Emperor’s last order.
  8. I give it a week, tops before this is resolved and Spidey is back in the MCU, as planned.
  9. The rumoured plot of The Falcon & The Winter Soldier Disney+ TV show is about the US government wanting someone of their choosing to pick up the mantle of Captain America, not Sam. Apologies if this has already been covered up-thread.
  10. De Niro’s character in the story ages from 20+ until 80+ (spoilers, I guess). Unless you’re recasting, de-aging has to be done.
  11. @Darren I read the 'Thrawn' comic series on Prime Reading yesterday and really enjoyed - is the ongoing book series worth picking up? I have the 1st Thrawn book, but think there is a couple of others, right?
  12. Not just the incels but even hardcore Bond fans on Reddit are losing their minds over this, throwing competing "canon" at one another and generally behaving like absolute cretins. Why anyone thinks this will be anything other than "James Bond, meet 007." in the first third of the film, some double-double-oh action in the middle third before Lynch's character is killed off and Bond is given back the 007 designation by the films end is beyond me. Well, it's not, the people whining are just sexist, racists or people who cannot comprehend that white male is not the default of humanity. What they should be getting worked up about is Fukunaga sticking to the continuity of Spectre and bringing back characters from that film. It's one of the worst Bond films of all time and that's saying something.
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