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  1. I really liked Knives Out but agree that Craig's character was certainly one of the lesser attractions. It was the De Armas/Plummer double act that really sold the film to me. Will be interesting to see how they handle the sequel and if they push Blanc to the fore, erm, more. EDIT: Just seen it's set in Greece. I want the FULL CAST of Mamma Mia in it.
  2. I like the glass, it's small, so it would take most of a small can but the big 440s are closer to two glasses when using it. I prefer that as it slows me down a bit, I tend to drink quicker the bigger the glass I have. Plus it's a nice looking glass. As to the mythical properties that they are supposed to have around letting you smell the beer better, the taste lingering on your tongue more due to the rim and all that stuff - I dunno! Doesn't seem any different from the Beer Hawk schooner I have! :-)
  3. That was just a joke. That they were going to introduce his other weirdly accented character from Soderberg's Logan Lucky as Benoit's brother. With a 3rd Knives Out introducing yet another Southern Daniel Craig triplet.
  4. I’ve switched to a Teku glass and it’s survived more than one drunken knock on the countertop
  5. The Vault Sours, in my experience, are excellent
  6. Board Game Design Kickstarter turned up today. Had forgot all about it! Year to date total £36
  7. Surely James Nesbitt's character is not actually dead and it's some other poor bastard in that villa in his place?
  8. And he was right to. I think it'll be interesting to see where they go with Sam's Cap in the new film and beyond. You just know that there is a plan to give Bucky the shield at some point in the future.
  9. Yeah, I don't think it's under-selling it at all to say that objectively this is his best ever performance. From the little moments where he's at ease in his flat but you can see his mind constantly wandering and "re-setting" - like when he's putting the shopping away - to the scenes where he's close to tears in his confusion, to the big showy blow-ups when his anger and vindictiveness come out, there's not a single moment where he isn't 100% authentic. I'd be interested to know just how much research he did for this with real sufferers.
  10. I've just recently started a replay of this too after having a ball first time around with it. Really taking my time with it now that I don't need to know where the story is going and finding a lot more out there than I did first time. Also trying to knock off some of the challenges and achievements that I didn't get. Also being much more varied with Arthur's look this time around. He was a right dandy last time, with a beautiful big Spartan moustache but this time I am rocking a short fade and a - at present - level 9 beard. A few more weeks in-game and I should have the big level 10
  11. I thought Gail Vella was Jill Dando, didn't even consider Veronica Guerin @Graham S
  12. Would love for this to come back for a third season but really feel like the plot with Tench's son was a real whiff, hated where that plotline went.
  13. I get that the Dora would want to recapture him, given their "failing" to protect the King from him. It doesn't make sense though that they made a point of saying they were putting him in The Raft, which afaik, is not Wakandan. It's all really just to set up the Thunderbolts though, so I'm all in, baby!
  14. What does 'now we're sucking diesel' actually mean?
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