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  1. That's fine if you live in America and can get those prices. The Ram should be 12gb of gddr5 not 8, The GPU should be the GDDR5 version not the bottom rung one. You have no control device, OS or 4K drive. This is all just to match a console made 2 years ago. How many of those parts are people buying a new PC this year genuinely going to choose? I even forgot the storage device in my list
  2. A better CPU but inferior GPU and RAM to what's in the One X plus it's missing, OS, Controller/M&KB and a 4K drive. Even that works out at around £635 and the Ram and GPU are worse than what I specced.
  3. Recently the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order pack has been available for £280. The Forza Horizon 4 pack with the dlc is £300. Let's spec a worse new PC on overlockers and scan... AMD RX 580 £200 12gb ddr3 ram (should be gddr5 but no equivalent available) £120 Jaguar CPU/ Intel i3 £40 Motherboard £70 4k blu ray drive £70 power supply £35 case £40 boggo standard one xbox one bluetooth controller or budget mouse and keyboard £40 Win 10 64bit £110 £725 Plus the OP isn't really a good example of the value available in console gaming when you only cite Playstation. There's much better deals available elsewhere like Game Pass.
  4. Anyone remember this? https://3drealms.com/catalog/kingpin-reloaded_171/
  5. Revival

    Xbox Game Pass

    On the Xbox wire page it notes GRIS is id@xbox so it's probably coming to console too.
  6. Revival

    Xbox Game Pass

    Children of Morta has been added to Game Pass today, Keep an eye out for an announcement later since we're half way through the month with some more new additions. https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/p/children-of-morta/9p675wh90sb4?activetab=pivot:overviewtab
  7. The first major downloadable content for Shenmue III, “Battle Rally,” will launch on January 21 for $7.99 / £6.49 / €7.99, publisher Deep Silver and developer Ys Net announced. I had no idea any dlc was coming, did they mention that in the Kickstarter?
  8. I could name over eighty games on Gamepass I find better than the Uncharted collection because I've never found the gameplay in those games interesting or engaging but that's how personal taste works. We all care whether games are good or not but we don't all come to the same conclusion. By choosing to be obtuse and give really unhelpful info in a request topic you're helping no one.
  9. To not find the other twenty eight games on Rare Replay probably indicates you're doing something a bit wrong. To spend money on three generations of hardware over some fifteen years just so you can say you can't find a single game you like on a forum for appreciating games is not the action of someone who typically enjoy's videogames. Coming out with gems like this: All you're doing is embarassing yourself and taking the forum down with you. If you're not happy with the exclusives coming out on PC you can always stop buying the consoles but for those of us who choose to only game on consoles they will always be console exclusives.
  10. Deary me. A new standard of insecure shit posting, A new forum low, Well done! Plus your copy of Rare Replay is different to everyone elses. But it's probably the case you haven't even tried it. What a god awful standard of poster we have on here.
  11. Wasn't sure if I should've created a new post or not but Kenji Hiruta, one of the programmers on the Dreamcast RPG classic, is pushing fans to join him in urging Sega to greenlight a sequel. https://uk.ign.com/articles/skies-of-arcadia-developer-wants-to-start-a-movement-to-push-for-a-sequel So pester away!
  12. I don''t think that gives the full picture. E3 still has a relevance when the individual conferences can reach a streaming audience of 1.5+ million gamers. For a single gaming event none of the others throught the year get anywhere near that figure.
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