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  1. Ooooh shit A new Gangstarr album?!
  2. @CheekyLee I have promoted you to Chief, so you can now manage members. Not sure how to distinguish the randoms?
  3. Whats the difference between camping and strategically holding a position?
  4. You dont need ps+ Loving it, maps dont feel like a merry go round!
  5. It needs more madness, it doesn't look much fun to play at all.
  6. You could be right - I did change rings recently.
  7. Just did an update and then had to go through the new console process. Seems like my games are all still on the hard drive. Is that common with insider updates?
  8. Its open from the 14th on PS4. The 12th if you pre order.
  9. Overwatch is £26.99 on cdkeys
  10. That's a really good price. My only concern is how well Shopto deal with faulty consoles.
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