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  1. I've played a few rounds, unlocked a few achievements and enjoyed it. Started a crew - Rllmuk, feel free to join!
  2. I would prefer Ben over this guy.
  3. Just sent a few requests, my code is 2332 5592 7248
  4. DMC 5 confirmed! Ape out is good news.
  5. Maybe not. Cant seem to find a match now!
  6. I think its fixed now, just got in.
  7. That and the reduced weight might sway me.
  8. £19.79 and I think you still have to play through to unlock Mercs.
  9. I have tried playing it a few times since launch and I'm still struggling with the controls - I changed to type 2 and I found it a little better, but like you I keep moving the right stick!
  10. I think they have reverted to not charging for pre orders.
  11. Resi 0, 1 and 4 are on sale currently for £19.79. Mario & Rabbids is £11.
  12. Maybe the finest example yet of the problem.
  13. But why limit it, when all it needs is a cable to the TV?
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