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  1. Do you have to download the app? You can't set it up without?
  2. Even the story you link to says 'they plan to sell to'. They've not bought them yet.
  3. You're comparing BC which is pointless. From cold boot Astro's Playroom loads in 5 seconds, Miles Morales in 7 seconds. Let's do the comparisons once there are next gen games to look at.
  4. Finished this this morning. Really enjoyed it, it's a charming game with some real headscratching puzzles.
  5. Ok at coding lol. Understatement there. Looks cool, definitely my type of game, I'll pick it up
  6. Ace archive, thanks I have the missing issues of Amiga Format, 133-135 if you're interested.
  7. Ah ok thanks, yep, sounds like a faff :/ Also, one, I haven't got Discord currently, and two, how do you find/ join their discord communities, is that invite only too?
  8. Yeh, I was wondering the same thing. I'm an old gaf user but have no idea how to actually join with this secret code thing.
  9. Can someone add me to the rllmuk club please? PSN id is dose_uk I'm also after the challenge MP trophy if anyone fancies trying and failing 2 challenges I send them
  10. So all the execs have got something on that's more important than e3? Ok.
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