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  1. Ross Brawn's book is 99p on Kindle at the moment, folks! I picked it up last night.
  2. Or give him a new engine every race.
  3. What about Hamilton trying to reverse while Max was climbing out?
  4. Not necessarily. Life & Death is arguably the better beer now, but it's £1.80 a can versus £1 for Punk. When I want a beer like Punk that 80p a can makes a big difference.
  5. Yeah, they're a bunch of cunts but I just can't ignore the value of Punk IPA. It's probably not the beer it once was but I still enjoy it and nothing else comes close to the price. In an ideal world all the beer I drink would be from smaller breweries like Elusive, Neptune, Lost and Grounded etc etc but I simply can't afford to do that. Plus I like to occasionally have the fridge full of beers that I can just grab a can, crack it open and drink from the can without worrying about pouring it into a glass and properly evaluating it. I find it really hard to do that when I've paid £4-5 for a can of something really nice. I do have some very strange opinions on beer, to be honest.
  6. I've not tried Vocation in many years, but they definitely strike me as a brewery geared towards supermarkets these days. Not that that's a bad thing, I buy plenty of supermarket beer, but they seem to fit that sort of in-between place for me. When I'm buying beer from the supermarket, it's Punk IPA or the German/Belgian offerings, not the £3-3.50 'craft' cans. Although the blueberry breakfast stout they do in Tesco is pretty damn good.
  7. One more, Hamilton's engine, and there would have been plenty.
  8. 2016 was his inability to start a race without losing a position for the first half of the season.
  9. YES! Passed my Certified Cicerone written exam.
  10. Think I saw a stat beforehand that said they've played each other in the knockout stages of every Euros.
  11. I'm actually Paul Pogba so I know how difficult that is.
  12. That's the goal of the tournament.
  13. There's a couple of decent bottle shops in Morpeth, I'm sure.
  14. How come Russia are allowed to take part? I thought they were banned from everything for the doping stuff.
  15. And PJ has already confirmed that they're not planning on revisiting the contract brewing arrangement any time soon.
  16. A lot of other breweries are having their sexist and homophobic behaviours called out at the moment too.
  17. Nice one! I find mine really useful even without calibrating it.
  18. Did a spot of bottling last night. This is a 3.8% blonde ale fermented with kveik. Pilsner, wheat and spelt malts, about 25IBU of Magnum and then fermented as warm as I could get it, around 30C+. Samples were tasting alright, fingers crossed its good. If it's not then that's 0-3 on brews with my fancy new kit. Next up I'm brewing a witbier for this competition.
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