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  1. Is anyone still playing this? I need to find a co-op partner on PS4 to help me with the final boss..
  2. Thanks for the feedback. I'll keep it in mind. iOS build should hopefully be done soon, I'll keep posting any updates here so you can pick them up whenever.
  3. There doesn't seem to be much interest in this, but here's a Dropbox link to the first Android version. iOS should follow in a day or two. Would appreciate some people giving it a go and letting me know their opinion. Link
  4. Looks like Game are starting to sell this from tomorrow.
  5. The native mobile app version of this is almost done as well. If anybody wants to try it out give me a shout and I can send over the file. There's a small bug to work out and then I'll be looking at doing a Play/App store release.
  6. The first version of this is now live. If anyone fancies giving it a go then send me a PM and I'll share the link.
  7. The data comes from the IGDB which is owned by Twitch.
  8. Just finished up the basic functionality for the web app version of this. It's a bit basic but that's deliberate, I'm keen to keep it very simple. Going to spend the next wee while refining it before I put it online. A native mobile app will be coming soon, too! https://mobile.twitter.com/micmcgrorty/status/1237869295964577793
  9. I might take you up on that if I get a PS Plus sub any time soon... Just jumped back in for a few more Hooded Bruiser deaths
  10. Got chatting to a friend of a friend at the weekend and despite me being an absolutely terrible gamer, I ordered a copy of this on the spot after hearing him rave about it. Put a couple of hours in last night and reached the Hooded Bruiser. I never thought constant, neverending death could be so enjoyable.
  11. Would anyone be interested in helping beta test the app I'm building?
  12. Decided to give this a try as it looked like it might fulfill all my needs... Signed up, tried to add my first game and it couldn't even find it. Time to go build my own! If anyone has any opinions on features etc. I'm all ears.
  13. I'm thinking of building something, tailored to my needs. Maybe some sort of personalized calendar where you can see at a glance what's coming out in a given month that you're interested in and what it would all cost you? Imagine if you could then link that up to your Monzo account and with the push of a button allocate the money into a specific pot... Probably a step too far! That looks absolutely brilliant and would be perfect if it wasn't iOS only. It appears to be developed by one guy as well so the chances of an Android version are probably pretty slim. Cheers for all the recommendations, folks!
  14. I'm a subscriber to Wireframe, and almost every issue I find myself going "oh, that looks interesting" about some indie game only to completely forget about it. Does anyone else do this? So how do we all keep track of upcoming games?
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