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  1. Some godawful casting this year. At least, I think that's why it's so rubbish. Literally none of the new boys are gonna "turn heads" and Chloe's basically stuck picking the best of the bad bunch with that Scottish Conor McGregor wannabe. I honestly think she'd rather ride it out in a friendship couple with Hugo. No way Jake, Teddy, Tyler, Liam or even Toby come back with a new girl. Hugo will just because he can. And it's not even worth entertaining the thought that any of the girls will.
  2. I have no serviceable skills but I'll cheer everyone on from the sidelines.
  3. I think I just ordered one. https://mantodamassa.com.br
  4. Randomly remembered this show exists and realised I stopped at the end of season five, the penultimate season. Started on season six tonight. I forgot how much I enjoy this show. jared saying ‘I completely forgot my godsons 40th birthday’ really, really made me laugh. Embarrassingly so.
  5. Remember when that joinery programme got scrapped after one episode aired cos they’d inadvertently cast a massive racist as a contestant? He was identified as such by his white supremacist tattoos. Well Love Island seem to have done the same. He was originally criticised for dropping the N word on Instagram but bow it’s been spotted that he has 13 and 28 tattooed on his hands. He claims they’re his and his mums lucky numbers, but they’ve also been adopted by neo nazi skinheads so, yeah, boot him off. From Leigh as well. Dirty cunt.
  6. Date issued:16 Jul, 2021 @ 6:19pm BST Not too bad.
  7. I’m so excited for FPL this year that I’ve put the app on the first page of my phone. Not sure why there’s 2 different leagues running but (one in OP, one in first reply) but I’ve autojoined the usual one and ready to take it by storm. I looooove FPL Twitter.
  8. This thing looks great. By my maths you can "reserve" (is that preorder?) one tomorrow at 6pm UK time. I might just do that, you know.
  9. I swear Pickfords got whatever condition the bloke in Memento has. Just “wakes up” confused and suddenly someone’s kicking a ball at him.
  10. When I made this thread 193 pages ago, I certainly didn't think I'd have written 'ENGLAND' in one of the final boxes of my wallchart.
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