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  1. VAR is the worst. Not helped by the eerie relative silence with the lack of crowd, but everytime a goal goes in I just have no emotion beyond “is that gonna be disallowed?” I’ve felt it since it was first introduced but honestly expected it to be much better by now but it’s just getting more and more frequent, taking longer, and now has the added caveat of awarding incorrect decisions, because there’s no way some of the recent handball decisions have been either consistent or logical. Considering how excellently goal line technology was introduced, I can’t believe how bad VAR is in comparis
  2. Paddy Power doing free £5 for existing customers, on the Chelsea Liverpool game on Sunday. https://promos.paddypower.com/promotion?promoCode=fbcheliv2009
  3. Not sure if it's worth the sacrifices made but I now have Salah, Aubameyang, Bruno Fernandes and KDB. Bring on those juicy juicy penalties.
  4. My GW1 team is diabolical, relying on Spurs, Arsenal and Liverpool to each do a job. Then I’ll wildcard and bring in the long term plan players.
  5. The Internet Predicts The Premier League 2020/21 on Reddit.
  6. 10 teams, 0.5 PPR, 5th pick: I’m really pleased with it. obviously not a patch on @Headache’s team (yowzer!) mind.
  7. At least we got to look at Ocean Lewis a bit.
  8. I wouldn’t be surprised if Matip starts ahead of Gomez against Leeds. The latter was very sloppy against Arsenal and the former is looking as sharp as possible while still being 2-1 down to Blackpool at half time. Plus he scored.
  9. Did the tutorial (god knows why) and made me (the hair choices are bad) on my lunch break, and resisted the temptation to sack work off to play it. Roll on kids bedtime so I can get skating!
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