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  1. Destiny 2

    Update's complete, apparently. Here's the update list. Best bit: "Revised the Lost Sector reward throttle from 10 minutes to 5 minutes"
  2. Destiny 2

    I think the fated engram issue was just where you have more than one character; you could get an engram that a different character already had.
  3. Destiny 2

    Oh god yeah Killzone just felt so immensely off. I think it was partly the curve on the triggers it was just so wrong.
  4. Destiny 2

    Yeah the XB1 pad felt like a prototype rather than the final polished article, particularly the bumpers. It just felt slightly uncomfortable whenever I used it and I found it distracting.
  5. Destiny 2

    Yeah ironically I buy almost everything digitally these days, but I rented a lot from Boomerang at the time and it was a big deal to me then. Why do you think the DS4 is shit, by the way? I mostly play FPSs and it's fine for me, apart from the low battery life. I put some thumbstick covers on too for extra grippiness. I never liked the DS3 pads, they just felt incredibly flimsy to me but the DS4s are great, possibly my favourite ever, or just behind the 360 pads.
  6. Destiny 2

    It's sort of both funny and sad how angry you are about this. I would have bought the One in a heartbeat if it was what it eventually became. Forcing me to pay for a Kinect I would never had used and removing my ability to trade in games were dealbreakers for me, and their whole attitude was just mind-boggling ("We have a console for those people - it's called the Xbox 360" fucking Jesus). As it is I bought a PS4 and really enjoyed it. Bought a One too when they'd come down in price, but my brother's got that now, I just don't need one for anything. Maybe when Crackdown 3 comes out I'll look at getting a One S (partially for the UHD drive too). On topic: I think I'll be waiting a few months to jump back into Destiny, I kind of burned myself out on it over the Christmas break.
  7. Is "Game" finished?

    Yeah WH Smiths feels really weird now. In my local one all the magazines have been moved from the front of the shop to the back, in a dingy corner so it feels like you're looking for titty mags or something (I didn't find any). It also has the local Post Office inside of it and sells all sorts of random stuff. Guess it's just like game shops in that the core business isn't really making them any money so it's having to just sell whatever the fuck people might want to buy. And yeah when you get to the till they try and upsell you chocolate or some shit and you always get a voucher that's 25% off something you'd never ever want?
  8. Xbox One X

    Ah did you? It's a Yamaha RX-V475. Can't see any reference to HDR on the specs. It mentions "Deep colour" though...
  9. Xbox One X

    Yeah sorry I should have said - my amp supports 4K but it turned out to not support HDR, which is why I had to rearrange everything to route via the TV. I also had a separate Freesat box that's now in a cupboard since I can do that direct on the TV.
  10. Xbox One X

    ARC (Audio Return Channel). I had the same problems with my LG OLED, PS4 Pro and AV Receiver. Basically you have to adjust to thinking of your TV as your central piece of tech now instead of the receiver - just have the receiver plugged into whichever HDMI port is marked as ARC (it's HDMI2 on mine) and set the TV to output audio to it (it's the 2nd option on mine). Plug all your other tech straight into the TV. EDIT: for some stupid reason on the TV I had to enable HDR for each individual HDMI port too. And you can only do that when you've got a signal coming into that port??? EDIT 2: And it's not even called "HDR" it's called "Deep colour mode" or something like that.
  11. Destiny 2

    It's magical innit? Almost as good as no HDR on PS4 Pro... how in the hell did they fuck that up so badly? Like I'd understand it if it affected just a few but... everyone??
  12. Xbox One X

    And HDR!
  13. Destiny 2

    Hmm don't remember this but it's been a while, I'll go back at some point and give it a try. Also "pathetically easy" is probably still too much of a ballache for me
  14. Destiny 2

    I don't like zombie modes in games. Also that makes me even angrier - they put all that effort into a brand new mode and they can't add a modifier to make it a bit easier!?
  15. Destiny 2

    I have it already and I'd *love* to play single player missions against bots a la Terrorist Hunts of old if it wasn't so fucking hard. Yes I'm a filthy casual these days just give me an option that lets me do double damage and enemies half damage or whatever. Always amazes me that this kind of thing isn't in an option when you already have the maps and the AI in place??

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