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  1. Have I only just noticed it, or have you always been able to move over a game in the eShop to show you screenshots? Cos that's really useful since some of the art they use in the shop is not helpful at all.
  2. Itta looks like a great bullet hell twin stick adventure game but I have enough of them to play, so might wait for a price drop. Would be interested on thoughts on Super Pixel Racers...
  3. Where's this come from? Picked up Sine Mora for £6 in this sale, I'd already bought everything else I wanted :|
  4. Mario 64 is begging for a remaster and I'd happily pay top price for it.
  5. Looking forward to it! Been enjoying a lot of D2 recently. I got my Riskrunner catalyst today and paired it with Verity's Brow... it just never ends. I also found out today that Nightfalls are matchmade - I'm sure they weren't before and the hover text for the option in the Director doesn't mention it is? Will play more of them now I know that. Did they change that or was I just wrong?
  6. Doom 1 and 2 both down to £1.20 and Doom 3 is £2.40!
  7. Well there's Golf Story tho there's not really that much golf in it.
  8. Worth it for the endless mode itself I reckon, very Zen!
  9. Nicalis sale on the eShop https://www.dekudeals.com/recent-drops?filter[store]=eshop_gb Just bought Cave Story+ and Ikaruga for £9 each.
  10. Wasn't sure whether to put this in the main eShop thread, but if you're a bit amateur at bullet hells like me then I can really recommend Angerforce Reloaded on Switch at easing you into its systems. Put it on last night to try it for 5 minutes and ended up on it for a few hours. Cracking game that starts you off fairly simply, and is only £5.66 at the moment. I used the big blue robot dude (Asimo?) the most. There's some roguelike elements too (you earn money to upgrade your ship/characters), and the whole setup really suits me as someone fairly new to these kinds of things. Not mad keen on the graphical style but it works well enough, and all the bullets are clear. I never blamed the game when I got hit. There is a Tate mode I think - it's not in the options weirdly but when you pause the game there's a "rotate 90 degrees" option???? Will try it with my Flipgrip at some point. Fab game, would recomend if you're fairly new to these things. Looks to be on Steam too.
  11. No idea, sorry, I don't think they're out yet - you can only reserve one at the moment.
  12. Look at the prices of the similar Smach machines - they range from £600 to £1000. Surely something Alienware is going to be over £1k? That's insane when you could get an admittedly much less powerful Switch for much less.
  13. They're completely separate products in the shop I think.
  14. Yeah been playing Jamestown+ on Switch and really enjoying it, clearing levels then coming back on a harder difficulty. It seems good at not overwhelming you.
  15. Wish Fez and Spelunky were both on Switch. Will be getting Touryst at some point but only in a sale I think.
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