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  1. Told you! The Wyrmstake is amazing now, piercing the monsters then chasing that stake around for more explosions is super fun.
  2. Who needs sideways when it goes BOOM!
  3. Then def try the Gunlance, it's amazing, esp if you like massive explosions!
  4. there isn’t a split between single and multiplayer like in the old games, there is a story like in 4 but it’s complete hokum, it carries you through the game tho and is kinda fun, but hey who plays MH for the story, the hunts are top notch and now the monsters fight each other like something out of King Kong.
  5. Agree with Alan's post above, had such a great time hanging out in episode 3 last night, it really is the episode where the game settles into it's stride and all you have learned from the previous episodes come together. Loving this.
  6. Got it yesterday as well and played a few hours last night, pretty much agree with what everyone else is saying, really enjoyed it so far. Art and sound design, music, graphics, the menus, and acting is off the charts. Yes, not a huge amount of 'playing was done' but it feels so different from what we usually get nowadays, I had lot of fun playing, was transfixed by it until I stopped playing last night, very much looking forward to see where it goes and the baby was much less annoying than i thought.
  7. I fallen in love with Charge blade, Hammer, Hunting horn, gone back to charge blade, dabbled in longsword, done a bit of gunning and now going to try out gunlance.
  8. Did you try them yesterday Mecha? The patch made what you mention in the spoiler a lot easier to level. I think...
  9. Rajang is a pretty awesome fight, I had to change to GreatSword and snipe him as I couldn't get charge blade or longsword meters up with all his jumping around. Looks like they had great fun doing all his turf war animations, the King Kong move he does on Jho is super cool as is the little tired out lean on the wall he does sometimes.
  10. It's fine, not had any problems finding people to play with. Just hit... Really fun fight.
  11. Bloody hell...
  12. Enjoy, it's good!
  13. Where is everyone now? And shame on this forum for not talking about this game more, I guess it's still niche on here. I am pretty much at endgame grinding out the last few monsters. I'd say the expansion is not quite as big as the base game, more like another 3rd on top. I've been playing Hunting Horn an awful lot, it's so good now.
  14. Post credits now, game keeps on giving. Really is the complete package now, can't quite believe what I am playing sometimes and cannot think of how they could make this any more perfect for me apart from add in all the old Monsters.
  15. Think it's made worse by the fact that they went ahead and made some of the cool weapons but skipped others and for the same monster. I am currently at...
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