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  1. Just you I think, it gets covered in mud and blood tho.
  2. They need to fix the lightning pronto, think of all the lightning bolt going thru sword pics we are missing out on!
  3. Oooohhh new page screenshot time...
  4. Thats it, punish this naughty game for forcing you to rush the end of Last of Us! How dare it do that.
  5. Loving this, it's does such a good job of making you feel fucking super cool and that photo mode...
  6. From what I've played it seemed more like there is no honor in sneaking around stealth killing you all, I am gonna walk into your base, challenge you to a duel and then slaughter all your minions in my own honorable way. Continuously watching my face get chewed off by a dog in Last of Us 2 right put me off btw, really didn't get on with that game.
  7. Played a good few hours of this last night and really enjoyed it, didn't explore much as there was quite a big to do in my immediate surroundings. Looks beautiful and if you can imagine some samurai badassery then you can prob do it in this. Combat is great, years of monster hunter means I laugh at a lock on and you can totally wipe out a group of enemies in seconds if you are on top of your game, they can kill you pretty quick as well. So far good stuff.
  8. I've done the whole of 1 and 3 and now playing Bloodborne during lockdown. I did delve into 2 for a bit but got tempted by 3's fancy graphics and ended moving onto that. I'd say 1 or 3, take your pick they are both equally awesome, I would lean towards 3 and it's just looks amazing but 1's world need to be experienced for at least one playthru.
  9. Finished 1, 3 and a third of 2 during lockdown and two thirds of the way thru Bloodborne at the moment. I think 3 is my fave Dark Souls game but Bloodborne is my overall fave I love the chalice dungeons. I would def recommend going back and playing 1 it's still great, you'll have a much easier time after playing 3, there is something self contained about the way 1 connects together that just makes me remember it fondly.
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