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  1. Been playing this as well, got bored of WoW. Not decided on a class yet tho, played a bit of Jedi Knight and now trying Sith Inquisitor where I am trying to only choose the 3rd sarcastic evil chat option, both seem fun.
  2. If anyone, like me, missed the sale and was shocked at the price of Hitman 2 on PSN if you sign up for PSnow (I had a 7 day free trial) you can download 2 for free and it lets you add the levels to 3! Seems like a loophole and I have no idea if this will still work when the PSnow sub runs out but for now it works. Had a lot of fun with what I played, each level is a bit like going on a murder holiday.
  3. Thanks, thought that might be the case but wanted to check.
  4. Does importing the maps from 1 and 2 reset your progress if you have started playing 3? Can't seem to find Hitman 2 download code on PS4 anywhere for a decent price, guess I will wait, not paying £57 for something that was £15 last week. It's a bit of a mess really, there are so many different versions of all 3 games, DLC packs, GOTY, Gold editions, I am confused. Should just let me buy and expansion from inside 3 for about £30 and get al the maps, would of been happy with that.
  5. well what a bloody stupid time to take them off sale. Would of snapped them up. 15 quid to 57 tho, ouch.
  6. Count yourself lucky I looked to see how much it was for both 1 and 2 maps at it was almost £100, 2 was 57 quid! Would be a wise time to put 1 and 2 on sale.
  7. What is great about Monster Hunter demos is they always throw in a few other Monsters, why only hunt Mizutsune when you can also take on Rathian while Great Izuchi joins in and you end up hunting them all, turns a 10 min demo into an epic 30 min hunt.
  8. I actually got an e-mail from Nintendo the other day saying the order has been upgraded to include the Cards and the Steelbook, so if you have ordered the same as me you should get it all.
  9. That’s exactly what they do with every monster hunter game, I doubt this will be any different, tho it’s more like double the content.
  10. Got a feeling that arrow is just for the demo they did it in a few of the other games demos, it’s there so noobs find the monster faster.
  11. Arzuros is just the guest monster on that quest. You no longer have to queue up long melodies with the HH, 2 notes of the same colour play a song and you can line up 4 notes and play 2 songs, it's much easier to just concentrate on damage now rather than looking at the song sheet. And that spinning move from world is now on a cool down.
  12. We can hope but we did get Glavenus in world without the rest of them.
  13. haha, these 2 men teaching all the kids Karate has enabled every minor argument to escalate into a massive near death brawl. Karate has pretty much ruined the town. Great fun tho.
  14. it's been going on sale quite a bit so you should be able to grab it next time.
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