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  1. Yeh, that's not great at all. Like @MattyP says, maybe a blessing in disguise for now. Backs away from the non existent buy button.
  2. And I admit defeat. Like many others got to the last click on evga and booted to a product page. More coming though so no biggie. Oh and best buy seem to think the release date is the 28th so haven't put any on sale.
  3. Nah, I want the Titan like I had a few years back. Not two this time though.
  4. All the way through on EVGA and click on their final terms to complete...back to front page and site crashes. Aaarrrgghh.
  5. Sat in checking out on Nvidia site. Never gonna go through. Most excitement I've had in ages. Need a sit down after this whatever the outcome.
  6. Come on Best Buy, you can do it (not even up for sale yet)! Amz site is going mad updating.
  7. EVGA Elite have the card available but cant click through. Aaaand site's fallen over.
  8. Price drop of $100 on the FE. Ignore, weirdly taken me from US to UK site.
  9. I'm ready! To be disappointed! I really want to buy through Amz if I'm honest so let's see if even get close and if the FTW Ultra goes up. But an FE could tempt me, in my dreams.
  10. I'm too old to think about it, my eyes are too tired as it is.
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