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  1. Christ, totally forgot about the serial killer and only ever found one of them near the start!
  2. This is definitively the way I've been thinking about it and probably far more eloquently put than I can. I've been waiting to finish it before saying much and and have just completed chapter 6. But still it continues cowpokes! It is an utterly astonishing game in so many ways and I actually find it very emotional (gasp!) which may just be me being an a sad old man but there you go. Easily goty for me if not the generation and I was Mr Cynical if you go back and read my initial posts on it before release (don't bother, just take my word for it). I really, really don't want it to to end.
  3. Crow flies for me mostly as more fun unless I fancy making a cup of tea. I really do like the cinematic camera thing and I thought I'd never use it. Works really well.
  4. @Uncle Mike Aah yes, think @MrCarrot is right. My bloke is up by the lake you hunted the legendary bear with Hosea earlier on in chapter 2. Think yours is the the one you keep meeting who, like you say, just grumbles away and does nowt.
  5. After I'd saved him (or rather his leg) he moved to his little hut next to the pond and then every so often the white marker there pops up. I went fishing for a monster pike, hunting what turned in to a pack of then monster wolf and then finally a huge bloody boar which was going goring mad. Did you get those options?
  6. Len

    Battlefield V

    This, a million times this. Only ever payed BF on PC, since 1942 and onward. It's rightful/original home. Saying that I'm considering getting V cheap on ps4 so can play with mates but it just feels wrong.
  7. Did you get his horse? If not, sad times. I have one Dutch quest left on the map, I think this may be it. Hopefully sometime this weekend.
  8. Len

    Monthly Release Dates - December 2018

    Absolutely nothing for me this month. Still playing RDR2 so lots to do there. And it's Xmas so never get any gaming time.
  9. Len

    Game Awards 2018 (1:30am England time)

    Was looking forward to this but realised I'm out at the theatre tonight so will have to catch up once I get back in. Usually quite an entertaining enough show. More Death Stranding madness please.
  10. Aah, yes, that makes more sense.
  11. Do it, its worth it. I see I didn't come back and comment after finishing it (utterly brilliant and imo best thing Arkane have done) but I do have a question for those who did: WTF was that all about?
  12. Len

    Edge #326 | Devil May Cry 5

    Mine turned up today! And just realised #325 never made it at all.
  13. Up right in the mountains last night after talking to the tribe, the views oh the views. And that lighting, it never gets old. I just still get so distracted from the main quest lines when playing. What an utterly astonishing game.

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