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  1. I am totally in. Looks ace and intriguing.
  2. I definitely get hand aches and pains quiet regularly now after playing or working on a console or pc. Assume it's just rsi.
  3. Play Prey first (it's amazing) then have a think about Mooncrash. It always be going cheap on and off due to age.
  4. Same here and that even annoyed me. 10m is nuts.
  5. Len

    Outer Wilds

    This is, mind boggling. I have so much information and so many questions. It's amazing. How on earth you would design sometime like this scares me. Onward to more discovery.
  6. Len

    Outer Wilds

    This is lovely, amazing and intriguing. Just brilliant so far.
  7. B0000000 SE! Still available as is a US-centric code so you need a US SE account apparently.
  8. I seem to have been given a free Fat Black Chocobo dlc code from Amazon from another order for this. I have no use for it so would anyone like it? First pm gets it.
  9. Len

    The Division 2

    My mates are still plugging away and I still like to drop in and out occasionally but not really played for a while. Like @Hitcher says all those reasons same for me. I'm hoping for a Div1, 1.8 style resurrection and I'll be back big time.
  10. @Talvalin Has made me question and wait for a GOTY and DLC edition now.
  11. This is going for $19.99 on Amazon currently. Don't think I can refuse at that price.
  12. Len

    Far Cry New Dawn

    Finished this the other day and it was enjoyable enough but I do not need a new Far Cry game any time soon that is for sure. i went from quite enjoying it at the start to a couple of points near the end where I nearly stopped and sold on as it was just annoying me (always a good sign!). Then came back to finally finish it off, bye Joseph. It was fine and fun in places but it's funny how quickly we move on. I really enjoyed FC5 bu this was felt more than a bit stale as I think may have been mentioned a few times. Nana was ace though.
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