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  1. Nice little bit of racing there. Hope your on the mend as soon as poss fella. @McSpeed
  2. I’m running late, probably be on in 15 mins. Can someone else set up?
  3. Got an hour or so in last night before switching it off. Does it pick up? It feels so flabby and self indulgently slow so far. I was planning on watching the rest night but could easily just leave it there.
  4. I used to browse autosport 20 odd times a day, every day. Then in later years I’d occasionally pop over to motorsport.com as the autosport pay wall began to be built. I do visit both still but very infrequently. They pushed me away with their tactics. Over time Twitter, Reddit and YouTube filled the content hole. It’s now rare I’ll bother to go to autosport. Autosport’s use of super intrusive takeover advertising was actually the final straw that saw me install an ad blocker all those years ago, simply because my old work pc would slow down and ultimately become unusable just by having some favourite sites open while I worked. I didn’t think of the implications of blockers back then. WTF1 got bought out by Dennis. The difference has been subtle but it all feels a bit safer and duller now. I watch their videos less and less. Buyouts rarely work for the consumer of the content. The special sauce gets its recipe changed or diluted. Content still gets made but it’s different. Of course I understand why it happens. People need and deserve to be paid at the end of the day though. It’s a real shame a hyper easy, ubiquitous PayPal style service never really arrived to help people pay for content. I’m still surprised no one cracked it.
  5. Maybe the plan was to rotate them like that all along.
  6. Ok you got me. I'll fie up the rig at the weekend. Sorry I've not been about, I had a course that was running on Monday nights. I thought I could race when I got in but in all honesty my brain was all over the place from trying to learn German grammar which is all sorts of insane. Next year the course is on a Tuesday night so we all good. I've still not tried Spa...
  7. It would be alright if the bloody PS4 would actually download and install it in background mode.
  8. Dalton, Moore, Bros, Connery, Craig. The Living Daylights is peak bond.
  9. It looks like it will be a fine and fitting sequel to Spectre. Shite. The best thing they could do is go back to Bond films that are self contained. Fuck any notion of a cinematic universe. Make each film feel like a one off. New villain. New crisis. Hell play around with the time period you set it in, just mix it up ffs. I wish there was a rule that any actor could do only two two films tops. And every production should have a new director and crew. Bond desperately needs some new ideas. This trailer just looks like more of the same stale guff. PB’s back catalog is shonky at best except, you know but damn is is starting to look good against Craig’s. At least his films were fun if ridiculous.
  10. It’s currently at 47% copying the update file. Which is so far 3 to 4 times longer than it took to download the update in the first place. Jokers.
  11. Yep same here. What the actual fuck.
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