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  1. If Merc have an advantage and Lewis wins this year... He’s going to win next year. And retire.
  2. I’ll be more blunt, they look effing awful!
  3. Goddam that Merc and Ham helmet combo looks awesome. So cool.
  4. Bravo, getting the pedals in the right place for you is utterly essential imo. I now drive barefoot, with my feet resting directly on the pedals - no reaching for them even slightly. I don't need to stamp on them anymore.
  5. https://www.motorsport.com/f1/news/vettel-surprised-ferrari-call-binotto/4821771/?utm_source=home-page-widget&utm_medium=widget&utm_campaign=widget-1 YIKES.
  6. Maybe. Probably because I am disappointed in Ellie and that she went down this road. And we've just had 15 hours of humanising Abby. By the end my feelings about Abby are their most positive while the opposite is true for Ellie. When I first played as Abby, again my attitude was fuck you. I wanted her dead and killed her many times. Joel dying (for me, I play these games slow) was 35 hours of gameplay ago. Just saying what I felt at the time, where I was with the fight. As you say if you balance it out there is not much in it but it's interesting to me that this was my reaction right there and then.
  7. Ellie is such a dick at the end I would not have been bothered by Abby killing her. Yeah I did not expect to come to that given everything that had gone before in the previous game. When she puts the knife to Lev's throat my response is fuck you that is a dick move. I was almost expecting Lev to somehow off her while she was drowning Abby.
  8. Just saying but at this point if I ran a team I'd be changing the livery purely for the lulz.
  9. No way Merc are not promoting him next year.
  10. I'd suggest learning to drive the Mazda touring car with no TC. It's forgivable enough as it has some downforce - I am the same, I can't drive loose rear end cars but I am getting better The back end on the Mazda WILL step out if you abuse it but it will teach you the 'rules'. Because of this i can now drive the GR2 with no TC. No way I could do that 3 months ago.
  11. Not at all, you more than deserve a place! No point in splitting the lobby for 1 person. I did have a place at the start but I'd forgotten to get the car. Went to buy it, came back and....oh. No worries. It all worked out. I've been making a chest of drawers from scratch and I used the time to fix a problem with the runners that had been driving me crazy. Don't try making your own furniture!
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