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  1. denisb

    Nintendo Switch

    I’ve had a switch since release and never played handheld I’d be happy with non portable switch if they’d make one I just sold mine because I want the all grey model I didn’t know if there were any other improvements
  2. denisb

    Nintendo Switch

    Are there any benefits to the newer switch if I don’t play handheld ? Or do I get the older version with £30 credit
  3. Just picked one up here what are good games to ease me in that won’t make me feel sick ? Moss looks great so I’ll pick that up
  4. He’s in a strop I bet he won’t go on podium
  5. denisb


    I call it red and brown sauce always have @Capwn what’s the chips Canada love with curd I really want to try those
  6. Listening to the radio x stone roses documentary debut album 30 years old today
  7. denisb

    Nintendo Switch

    Celeste looks rock hard am I gonna be able to walk from all the dead legs I give myself from the frustration if I get it ?
  8. I used to love the loader music on c64 games this one especially
  9. Even that's too difficult on the two levels . I think runrunrun needs you to be able to fly so mario or peach
  10. I’ve unlocked and nearly completed the star roads levels except two run for it and pendulum swing is there any cheats I can input as they are doing my head in almost to the same levels as super mario used to on the nes when I was a kid I’m sick of dead legging myself in frustration I’m 48 not 13
  11. That's Glover the Yeovil mascot we lost
  12. She also wrote and starred in crashing which was pretty good should be available on all4
  13. Yay Kubica’s back hope Williams can give him a half decent car
  14. We used to go to merry hill uci they had manga night once a week Akira, dominion etc
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