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  1. JDubYes

    Recommend me non fiction

    I can’t speak for their quality yet, beyond knowing that they’re well thought of, but three books by Michael Lewis (The Big Short (the book the film is based on), The Undoing Project and Flash Boys) are all in the Kindle Daily Deals for 99p if anyone’s interested.
  2. JDubYes


    Not an entirely original idea, but I found myself contemplating Odd Deathrattle Rogue as a viable deck earlier, so I went ahead and made this from scratch: Not sure anyone (less obsessed with Rogue) will have the cards/dust/inclination* to try it, but I’d be interested in any feedback from budding deck doctors, as the few games I’ve had with it so far have gone surprisingly well. In fact, having beaten an Odd Paladin and a Zoo Warlock already, when I was a bit worried about the early game, I’m starting to think it might just work... There’s a few questionable choices in there still though - it’s top-heavy, and I’m asking a lot of the hero power when it comes to the early game (as one of the one-drops is an egg activator I haven’t been able to use as such yet, and should probably be Dire Mole/Crystalizer instead). I’m also asking a lot of Zilliax, in terms of helping me survive long enough if any early burst of aggression doesn’t carry me through, and while it’s flexible it doesn’t have a lot of card draw, so could just fizzle out... It’s been bloody fun so far though, and seeing the Paladin concede because I had out two Zilliax (with another two in the Cube alongside them) was immensely amusing. The Warlock following suit because I’d gone from being on the back foot to having out two 5/5s and three 4/6s against his empty board was pretty satisfying too. So, yeah, it might be a case of getting a little success so far because of blind luck, and sticking enough borderline-OP cards in a deck with a vague semblance of synergy will always win you a few games, but I’d like to see if this could actually work, seeing as most of the time I’m just tweaking netdecks (and arguably that’s what I’m doing here too, I suppose). * I wouldn’t recommend crafting much of this to try it. Please, for Brode’s sake, don’t waste your dust on my idiotic experiment.
  3. JDubYes

    Slay the Spire - Roguelike Card-em-up

    Congrats dude Shame I’m away (sort of), as I’d have been really interested to participate in that stream, as much to pick up tips as offer them, as I’m in a similar boat to the one you were; despite all my play time, my only win so far was on (my first attempt at) a Daily, so I’m not really counting it. I’ve got to the final boss a few times, and nearly taken it down, but never quite managed it. I’m hoping I get there soon, as I’ve had a bunch of successful runs on similar games (Meteorfall on iOS, Monster Slayer on PS4/Steam, etc), using similar character archetypes to my preferred StS character (the Silent*, though I do try and play the others too), but it bothers me that I haven’t finished a run on perhaps my favourite game in the genre. I just need to spend more time on it, I think; I do most of my gaming on other platforms, so I sometimes go weeks without playing, despite thinking it’s an all-timer. Incidentally, @JLM, not to sound like a fanboy or anything dude, but as a lapsed SF player (I’ve never really gotten into V) who used to frequent the Street Fighter IV thread, I’m really pleased to see you in here/playing this - your posts are always really insightful, detailed and interesting, and you’re generally always really helpful to boot (as we’ve just seen again with you tuning in with your friends to help VN1X). So, yeah, just wanted to give credit where it’s due. * at some point a few years ago it became apparent that, no matter the game/genre, my favourite character pretty much always ended up being the ‘Rogue’, and this is definitely no exception.
  4. JDubYes


    Zilliax is just good, full-stop. You can run him in decks where there's little or no synergy and he can still be used as removal/healing, so at the moment he's the only neutral legendary I can think of (bar Whizzbang) that I'd even consider recommending crafting. With that said, I can't actually think of any decks that just don't work without him either. Yup. I play pretty much exclusively on mobile these days, and thought it was just broken, but thanks to this I now know I just need tap 'OK' about 12 times... On the plus side, I got Whizzbang in one of my free packs! (I still want to make a gold one, if I'm honest. ) Oh, and I've hit legend again. I'm pleased, of course, but am very aware that it's so much easier to do now, once you've done it (or gotten close) before, what with the way the season refresh system works now, and as long as you have the inclination. I kept playing interesting new decks to about rank 2, and in the end I just decided to ride Odd Rogue the rest of the way, so I could play without worrying about rank for the rest of the season. Been trying a bunch of stuff since, and found a few other decks I quite like, while gravitating towards the same classes I normally do, which is to say I have about eight or nine decks made, and half of them are Rogue*, and then there's a bit of Paladin (various, depending on mood) and Hunter (Deathrattle or Spell) with control variants of Warrior and Warlock for if I fancy that kind of thing. Mecha'Thun has made an appearance, and probably will again, because the idea amused me, and I don't like Druids**, and Big Spell Mage is pretty decent, but the other classes don't do much for me at the moment. I'll be honest as well, and say that I think the meta is actually pretty good at the moment - as with Witchwood, there's perhaps little great innovation, but all classes are being represented, there's not too much that feels overpowered (that doesn't have a counter), and there's a lot of variety on ladder, to the point where you can't tell what you'll be playing against upon queuing into pretty much any class at the moment. When the only card anyone's talking about nerfing is Giggling Inventor (which is a bit too good/prevalent, to be fair), you know the balance can't be too bad. * I've got an Odd Rogue, a Deathrattle Rogue, a Quest Rogue (IT. WILL. NOT. DIE), and a semi-serious Tempo variant with Academic Espionage and Tess, for the shenanigans. Academic Espionage is an absolutely hilarious card, but is thankfully quite difficult.to put in a competitive deck, or it would potentially get way out of hand. ** they're not unbeatable, but when you lose it's normally for reasons that feel bad, because a few too many of their cards are a bit too strong. I genuinely can't think of any card I've ever hated more than Spreading Plague, and then there's Ultimate Infestation, or the borderline impunity they can seem to get from their armour gain...
  5. JDubYes

    Phantom Doctrine

    I think the PS4 version was £32.99 (reduced if you have Plus). It sounds interesting, right up my alley, but I’m holding fire for now because of an enormous backlog and some mixed (if not generally bad) reviews giving me pause.
  6. JDubYes


    It makes all of the cards in the decks gold. Which is obviously amazing/pointless, but pointless/great.
  7. JDubYes


    Voraxx isn’t great, no. I remember seeing it in a weird buff Paladin someone got to legend with on reddit recently, but frankly it’s a bit shit, and will rotate in 6-8 months anyway. Dusting stuff is a bit questionable sometimes, but if you’ve not used it yet, and don’t think you’re likely to, then yay, free legendary! It might be worth considering other options, especially if you’re trying to ladder and have (most of) some other good decks, but as long as you know what you’re letting yourself in for then in a weird way Whizbang is actually just about the safest craft there’s ever been - there aren’t any other cards you’ll need to craft in order to make your target deck, seeing as Whizbang is the only card you’ll ever need for your Whizbang deck(s).
  8. JDubYes


    My girlfriend is a lapsed player who’ll occasionally just jump back in for a bit, get me to make her some decks (which is often difficult with what someone has when they haven’t played for months), then lose interest again a few weeks. Today I logged in on her account, opened her free packs, tidied her collection a bit, and crafted her a Whizbang, working on the assumption that that will sort her out for a year or two. She made a comment about me doing her quests for her too, so I queued into a few games, at rank 25, with the Whizbang. Now I want a golden Whizbang. In all seriousness, the decks are pretty decent, and are certainly generous with the epics and legendaries - the first deck I used was maybe one or two cards removed from the Deathrattle Rogue I’ve piloted to rank 2 this season, so it’s pretty good. I wasn’t exactly playing Hearthstone’s best and brightest at that rank (I played a Warrior who coined and hero-powered on turn 1 in one game), and some of the decks probably would’ve been a bit questionable against better opposition, with better tools of their own, but I only lost one game out of four or five, and that was to a pretty decent Druid deck. So yeah, first impressions suggest Whizbang wouldn’t be great for serious laddering, but it’s a good way to get a bit of variety/see a lot of the new cards, and I had a lot of fun with it. I’m certainly envious of anyone who got it as a freebie.
  9. JDubYes


    I’ve still not seen it played yet. I’m pretty sure I’ve played decks that were running it, like the Priest I just beat then (otherwise the Hemet he played didn’t make a lot of sense), but the tempo of the Odd/Deathrattle Rogue decks seems to mean that they can’t play it, let alone activate it.
  10. JDubYes


    I’m just constantly switching stuff out now. For every game a Vilespine saves me there’s another where I can’t actuvate the bloody thing. Similar with the SI:7s (and their lack of synergy). Then I switch them back out for the legendaries and the Saps. Then two games later I switch back. I’ve even tried a build with the Spellstone (which was a bit shit). At some point I’ll cone up with a build I’m totally sold on, I’m sure.* * I probably won’t.
  11. JDubYes


    Violet Haze is a pretty terrible card, I think. I’d drop that in a heartbeat. The other cards I’ve seen copies of in other people’s Deathrattle Rogues that I’m considering for mine are SI:7 Agent (always good for early game tempo, especially when your deck has Backstab and Firefly), Vilespine Slayer and, interestingly, Blade Flurry. Might be worth considering those instead, especially with so much Zoo about. Edit - @And have you got Mossy Horrors? Had a thought earlier about a move that worked really well in a Deathrattle Hunter I was playing last season, as they’re both an activator and an amazing clear against Aggro, Spreading Plague and now Giggling Inventor. Swapped out Myra, Sonya and the Preperations for SI:7 Agents and Mossy Horrors, and this build feels strong now.
  12. JDubYes


    Zilliax is really good, and actually great in a lot of decks, but in this he can attach to the Whelps, Dragons and Blightnozzles, as well as being great in his own right. A 10/9 with Divine Shield, Rush and Lifesteal is never bad. Vials are expensive (both in mana and dust), but enable some absolutely insane plays, especially with Prep, so you can sort of see why. I’ve actually tried taking out the Void Rippers (which I was finding a bit underwhelming a lot of the time) and have put in Sonya and Myra, and now it’s a full blown Clown Fiesta. Just beat a Zoo by just using the Sonya/Ooze (from the Blightnozzle - it’s got Rush and Poisonous) combo on his entire board for the last four turns, while stabilising myself and then finishing him off. It’s still not perfect, but it’s my favourite deck so far this expansion, and that’s just made it even more fun. I actually usually spread myself around a bit more when new expansions drop, try all the new stuff, but I seem to have retreated even more into my Rogue comfort zone than normal this time. We may not have gotten the best cards, but we definitely seem to have gotten the most fun.* * saw a post on Reddit this morning where some guy had Prepped out Academic Espionage on turn 1, then topdecked Frost Lich Jaina on turn 2. That’s completely insane.
  13. JDubYes


    Still plenty of optimising to be done there - I took out a Shinyfinder and added a Blightnozzle to the list I saw, and there’s another I’ve seen on HSReplay that has a higher winrate, but I like the flavour of this one better. I just need to work in Myra now, maybe for that second Blightnozzle... In other news, one of my new favourite things is Combo Priests BMing, spending ages on their combo, then fucking it up and conceding. The lesson is - never, ever concede to a combo Priest, because there’s a reason that deck is generally not very successful when it’s not piloted by the very best. Look at one of Trump’s videos from yesterday for supporting evidence.
  14. JDubYes


    That Warlock one is great in a Zoo deck. After about turn 5 it's absolutely brilliant, because you'll probably be able to use at least two of the cards. On Odd Rogue, I've not played too much yet, but Giggling Inventor seems good, as it practically guarantees you have something on the board the following turn. Beyond that there's not been too many changes to most versions I've seen tried so far, though a Heal version (like Zoo) is gaining popularity. Either way, Myra's Unstable Element has turned out to be an amazing Odd Rogue card, as it gives you one last chance to kill people off when you start to stall, when otherwise you might've just run out of steam. That, Giggling Inventor and Fungalmancer were the only 5-drops in my last build last night, to try and take advantage of slower decks. I got a good number of legendaries, if not much that I was too excited about; Zilliax, Myra, both the Hunter ones, both Mage ones, Dr Morrigan, and the Priest spell (because I'm an idiot*). Crafted Dr Boom and Myra's Unstable Element so far, having disenchanted a couple of those which I think are irredeemable (in decks I'd actually want to play), and am saving the rest of my dust for something interesting, though I know at some point someone's coming up with an expensive Warrior deck I want to try , and I'll end up crafting the Boomship. In other news - Deathrattle Rogue might actually be good (at least until aggro takes over), and I managed to beat a Druid using a version of Miracle Rogue with double Academic Espionage and Tess (which means I can die happy). The last game I played with the Deathrattle Rogue had me go from having a solitary 2/2 on turn 6 to a 4/6 and four 7/7s on turn 7 (which seemed good). The Miracle deck involved playing a 1-mana 8/8, a 1-mana Spreading Plague, and one of the stupidest win conditions I've ever conjured - playing one of those Druid 5/3 minions that give do 2 damage to all minions, or give them all 2/2 (for 1 mana), then Vilespining it to give my board the buff I needed to push for lethal. It's stuff like that reminds me why I main Rogue... * I didn't realise that having a golden legendary meant you couldn't pull the regular version until it was too late...
  15. JDubYes


    It’s almost always folly to get too worked up about the potential strength of cards before an expansion drops, because you never know... but with that said, what the fuck? Because the thinking is that the class that already has (at least) four viable decks (in Standard alone) needs more help, presumably? Speaking as a slightly bitter Rogue main that already hates playing against Druid (I’ve actually switched to Kingsbane in Wild, specifically to mess with Druids and Big Priests), I’m basically looking at Psychmelon as being Sprint, but costing three mana less, and targeting specific cards. Even factoring in Blizzard’s unwillingness to print decently-costed spells for Rogue while Prep exists, that’s mental, right? Then Florist can come in and either provide a huge tempo swing or enable something stupid like a surprisingly easy 30 damage combo with Malygos (two Swipes, two Moonfire). Of course, this might be more manageable if the Druid was taking more punishment in the meantime, but with all the ramp, armour gain and Spreading Plague (which is now my all-time least favourite card in Hearthstone), they can probably actually pull all this crap off. Oh well. At least I can play all my fun new meme-y Rogue cards until the meta settles, then pray one of them sticks, Odd Rogue gets some good stuff, or that a Kingsbane or Miracle build counters all the Druids.

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