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  1. JDubYes


    Yeah. That’s kind of why I don’t push for Legend too often - it does my head in. I’ve been in rank 3 or thereabouts in both Standard and Wild this season, but there’s still enough borderline auto-lose matchups that I can’t take it too seriously or I’ll get frustrated. Case in point this evening, where I played a little Miracle Rogue, which is pretty decent against Taunt Druid, Shudderwock and the various Warlocks, and promptly ran into a stream of Odd Paladins and even Aluneth Mages. Considering Aluneth Mage is currently quite rare, what with it being pretty dreadful against a number of the decks currently seeing play, but is incredibly hard to beat as Miracle, this was quite galling. Odd Paladin is winnable, but you need to draw well and for them not to, so you can guess what happened there... Decided to just switch to Kingsbane, seeing as I was back around the rank 5 threshold anyway, and promptly ran into three Shudderwocks in a row. The only reason I won one of those is that they didn’t run (or at least manage to bounce as many) Glacial Shards, so I could actually swing the weapon every now and again and end it before the bullshit had a chance to begin. I’d really just love a deck to play that, if played well, gave me a chance against anything. I don’t mean it needs to be OP, it just needs (the game) to be balanced. Unfortunately I suspect that the way the game’s grown, with all the power creep firing off in different directions, it’s more likely that we’re going to continue to have this rock/paper/scissors dynamic be the norm.
  2. JDubYes

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    I assumed from his reaction he got a shout from behind? Either way he looked like he was frustrated and asking himself the same question.
  3. JDubYes

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    This is just kind of disappointing now - England started with verve, incisiveness and dynamism, but have just slipped into what looks increasingly like the stereotypical stilted, nervous national team performance.
  4. JDubYes

    Destiny 2

    He's also just about the only character that made any sort of impression in the first game (as well as being the only Vanguard that seemed even remotely proactive/useful)*, which is why they leant into it a bit too much in the second one and pretty much ruined him. Either way, they're only killing him now because they know he's the only character anyone gives a shit about, and they're desperately flailing around looking for ways to keep people interested. It's pretty much thinly-veiled clickbait masquerading as story, as far as I'm concerned. I suppose it'll be interesting to see if it all works like they hope though (and I'm mildly curious as to who becomes the Hunter Vanguard), but I still haven't played D2 since getting bored halfway through the first DLC, and while I still occasionally consider downloading it again I'm not sure killing off my favourite character and making Year 2 more expensive is a very effective way of getting me back when I still haven't bothered to play through what I've already paid for. (I do realize that this post makes me sound quite bitter (or possibly mad), by the way.) * yes, I am (or was, when I still played) a Hunter main.
  5. JDubYes

    2018 FIFA World Cup

    I missed this morning’s game, but if Lawrenson was as much more annoying in that than Glenn Hoddle has been in this as the comments suggest then I’m actually a bit glad. ”Well, it’s hit his arm...”. THANKS GLENN. WHAT’S YOUR FUCKING POINT?! I also can’t be the only one* who’s noticed and/or been mildly irritated by the way they’re referring to shots on target in the stats window in the bottom corner; having ‘Shots’ followed by ‘Shots on Goal’ just made me wonder what the hell they’d been shooting at the rest of the time... * I am the only one, aren’t I?
  6. Scroll a bit further down - there's still a 4K section (row?), but they seem to have hidden it much better these days.
  7. JDubYes


    Good luck dude. Think Quest Warrior is potentially a good shout, as it has a nice balance between outlasting Aggro and being able to rush down a lot of control decks. Taunt Druid is a good second option too; the only issue you might find that they have one bad matchup in common, that will potentially be more prevalent as you get higher/the season progresses - Cubelock. Yes, really. The way the meta’s shifted, it’s still really good, as a lot of the decks it has problems with have buggered off. It. Will. Not. Die.
  8. JDubYes


    It can be a horrible deck to play against, and it’s not necessarily the most interesting to play either. I’m just hoping it never becomes unequivocally top tier, as you already get millions of them as it is, and I’m not sure I could handle a Shudderwock meta. In other news, the Tess change/nerf is being reversed, according to Blizz.
  9. JDubYes


    The Tess change is definitely a nerf. They made the same change to Yogg, and called that a nerf, then made a point of saying in the buildup to Witchwood that she worked differently. It would’ve made more sense to have the consistency from the start, but as they didn’t, people who want it should be able to get the dust refund.
  10. JDubYes

    Baldur's Gate!

    Bit surprised to see a thread for this on the front page, but as it is I'd feel remiss if I didn't point out that there's a bundle (called The Infinity Collection, I think) on Steam at the moment with the Enhanced Editions of Baldur's Gate, Baldur's Gate II, Icewind Dale and Planescape Torment, along with all available DLC and soundtracks for each, for a little under £15. (All have also been reduced separately as well, of course.) I don't game on PC/Mac all that much, but have been intending to play more, and have always been interested in all of those, particularly PT, so will be picking that up, I think...
  11. JDubYes

    Roguelikes / Roguelites

    I'm enjoying it, having bought it this weekend just gone, though as I've not played too much yet it might be a slightly cautious recommendation, as it feels like it might be a little light on content/longevity if you're not willing to experiment; the game gives you plenty of different abilities/relics to play with, besides what you can get while actually on a run, but if you don't try and mess around with them there may not be much to do once you finish it (though I've not beaten the first boss yet, so I can't really comment on the endgame). The combat is satisfying though, the tutorial is muuuch better than most (giving you a brief overview in an original way, without any handholding), and I'm thinking about it while not playing it, which is always a good sign with a new roguelite. As far as the repetitive levels thing, I'm not sure that really holds water; there are only three areas, Fire, Ice and Earth, each split into two levels and then a boss level, but they are all procedurally generated, and the order you play them changes from run to run. Bearing in mind that great visual variety isn't really what you play a roguelite for (despite it obviously being nice to have), it feels like a bit of a redundant criticism. As long as the gameplay/builds have variety and depth (and, as I've said, while that's seemingly partially reliant on the player in this case, the potential certainly seems to be there), I think it'll be fine.
  12. JDubYes


    I am liking the post-nerf meta. It’s balanced - HSReplay has all classes within around 3% of each other on average winrate, and every class has at least one decent, viable archetype, with most having several more - so I’m seeing a good mix of classes on ladder, while never really sure what archetype I’m playing against when a game starts. As there’s no specific OP (aggro) decks overwhelming the rest of the meta there’s a lot of slower decks/experimentation going on too. (I suppose that means that for some the cost of HS is high at the moment, and/or a lot of people can’t make a lot of the good decks though?) All things considered, the only thing I don’t really like right now is that Spiteful Druid is still a thing, because otherwise the game seems to be in as good a place as I can remember it being in for ages, and I’m certainly enjoying playing it more at the moment. Bonus idiocy - German cards translated into Japanese, Swedish, Finnish, Russian and then English.
  13. JDubYes


    I think most of the nerfs are actually pretty good, in that they’re unlikely to kill any class (despite possibly neutering an archetype or two), and might bring the stronger classes back more in line with the others. I do wish they’d made Spiteful Summoner consume the spell, or 8 (or preferably 11) mana though... Needless to say, I fucking hate that card, and Spiteful Druid is probably my least favourite deck to play (against) in ages*, so I’d have happily seen it nerfed into oblivion. I’m still not seeing a huge difference between a potential 16/16 of stats on turn 7 versus turn 6 either, when there’s still no other drawback (since rotation) besides ‘it might actually only be 11/18 or 12/12 stats’, so I’m worried that it might still stick around too. It’ll be interesting to see what this does to the meta now anyway. Mini-revivals (at least temporarily) for Hunter, Shaman and Warrior seem plausible, and I’d imagine Odd Rogue (and indeed Paladin) will look stronger again (which in turn might help fuel the Warrior comeback). Priest might become the Spiteful deck of choice (if any such thing remains). Tempo Mage may fade away again if Cube/Control Warlock and Quest Rogue are less prevalent and Odd Paladin has a resurgence, but Big Spell Mage might well still be viable (or even better) in that case. * It’s a deck chock-full of irritating bullshit which allows it to be played as the most (mana) expensive Aggro deck of all-time. The amount of times I’ve finally had an advantage (or even near-win), having fought through all their other crap, only to get one of them use Mind Control Tech (often having just played Leeroy to make sure it procs), or play a top-decked Glacier Shard to prevent lethal, or have a Grand Archivist hit my biggest minion (and refill their hand) with a randomly-aimed Ultimate Infestation... I think thats my issue with Spiteful Druid (with Summoner/UI) and Even Paladin (with Call to Arms) though; if you have a top tier deck, especially an aggressive one, that’s playing such disparate, generally poor or otherwise forgotten (tech) cards as those can, just because one or two other cards are strong enough to enable them all, something’s probably gone a bit wrong. I say that despite finding the (re)appearance of several of these cards fascinating (or in some cases just amusing) too.
  14. JDubYes

    The iOS gaming thread

    Solitairica is brilliant. One of my iOS all-timers, along with (amongst a few others): 868-Hack Card Crawl (and/or Card Thief/Miracle Merchant, all by the same guy). Desert Golfing Downwell Ending Hero Emblems Hoplite Meteorfall Reigns Steamworld Heist Threes! Wayward Souls You Must Build a Boat Some of those are perhaps a conditional recommendation (if you don’t like Roguelikes/lites), but I love all of them. Meteorfall is the newest (to me) - a roguelite that you only swipe left and right to control, Reigns-style, and it’s great, as well as easy to play where/whenever.
  15. JDubYes


    While I eagerly await the balance patch due at the end of the month (please do something about Warlock and Paladin, especially Call to Arms, and nuke Spiteful Summoner from orbit, Blizz), I am actually having a lot of fun with this at the moment. Standard protocol for me once a new set/the meta grows stale a bit is to start playing slightly gimmicky decks, and/or jumping into Wild a bit more. This new set’s low power level has lead to that happening a bit earlier than usual, but it’s lead me to some very amusing and entertaining decks/games. My basic goal each month is to hit rank 5 but, with this new ranking system, the fact I hit legendary in standard meant I started the season at 4. As such, I jumped into Wild, made an Odd Pirate Rogue, and climbed to rank 5 in a couple of days. Really strong deck, great fun. Obviously a few things you can switch out in there, and I’ve done my usual thing where I add arguably sub-par but useful/thematically appropriate legendaries to the mix, but I really enjoyed that climb. Since getting to rank 5 I’ve mainly been playing a gimmicky Druid deck that specialises in staying alive long enough to severely mess with your opponent with the kind of weird legendaries that you only keep for just such an occasion. For those still wondering how the hell you win, you cycle your deck as quickly as possible (while not dying, or even frequently coming all that close), then play Aviana, refresh your mana crystals with Kun, use Togwaggle to swap your exhausted/useless deck with your opponent’s, then steal their hand with Azalina. This means that, while they can swap their deck back, you can just steal it right back again with the Togwaggle card Azalina stole. It’s hilariously evil, and probably not a lot of fun to play against, but then it’s hardly unbeatable, and I’m mainly playing a constant stream of different flavours of Aggro/Secret Paladin, so it’s proving quite hard to care. It’s also nice to be playing/seeing a Druid deck that isn’t a brainless, degenerate, overpowered mess (like Jade or especially Spiteful Druid). Playing Togwaggle Druid and a Wisp one* in Standard has reminded me how much I actually like the class outside the shitty decks it seems to manage throw up all too often. Last but not least, I’m also using Azalina (a card I was pleased to open in my first bunch of packs, as it seemed interesting but possibly not great, and I’ve since had a lot of fun with) in a Quest Warrior in Standard. I’ve had some amazing games with this deck, winning in fatigue against other control decks, as well as stifling some Aggro decks, and it’s nice to be playing Warrior again too, to be honest, as old Control Warrior was one of the first expensive decks I “saved” for/crafted, and I’ve missed it. * here’s that weird Druid deck, if anyone’s got the cards already and wants to try something a bit different. Not played it much, but won a few games with it, and it’s always nice to play something a bit different.

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