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  1. Hearthstone

    Yup, 1600, which is enough for a (regular) legendary of your choice, or a decent bunch of other stuff.
  2. Hearthstone

    Do not, under any circumstances, get rid of Antonidas (very good, classic set), Tarim (borderline broken, great in all Pally decks), Gul’dan (very good in most Warlock decks), Thalnos (very good, classic set), or Keleseth (good in Aggro/tempo decks).. The rest range from playable (and in some cases in the classic set to boot) to good but about to rotate out (C’Thun) to the utterly rubbish, if potentially funny (Runespear). Might be worth looking on HSReplay or Disguised Toast, etc, for Dude/Murloc Paladins (which will run Tarim) and Zoo Warlocks (as most will use Keleseth, and some also use Gul’dan). Will depend on your other cards, of course, but chances are you can cobble together an approximation of at least one of those, as they’re not too expensive dust-wise (less so Murloc Pally, as that’s got a fair few Epics, some of which may well be about to rotate out, if I remember right), and they’re pretty good at the moment too.
  3. The iOS gaming thread

    A lot of my favourite games on iOS are roguelikes, roguelites, or (often puzzle/Card games that) have some kind of nod in that general direction. These are all worth investigating: 868 Hack Binding of Isaac Card Crawl / Card Thief Don’t Starve Downwell Dream Quest Ending Fowlst hoplite Imbroglio Solitairica Soul Knight Wayward Souls
  4. Hearthstone

    I actually did a mini-celebration when Ice Block came up first on Brode's video. I fucking hate that card. I probably wouldn't so much if you could rely on them only proccing once or twice in a Control deck, or stupid Burn Mages didn't sometimes run one (it's horrible to nearly get the win against a Face/Burn Mage, only to have them cheat out an extra turn and then Pyro you), but the existence of Primordial Glyph and, to a lesser extent, Cabalist's Tome, just make it awful. Playing against the (already often fairly horrible to play) Exodia Mage and having them get four of the bloody thing happened all too often. I'm a bit conflicted about Coldlight Oracle, because I appreciate that a lot of other decks feel similarly about that card/Mill Rogue as I do about the above, but I approve of risk/reward mechanics (hence Warlock being my original main, even in a Hunter-heavy world), and also milling away shitty Control/Cube Warlock cards. (I fucking hate those decks at the moment - they might not have the highest winrates, but they're among the high-rollingest arseholes in what I'm finding a fairly irritating high-roll meta. I also hate aggro/Burn Mage, and Spiteful decks, for similar reasons.) It's just a card I've always liked, really. On the plus side, I was slightly paranoid about Preparation*, Auctioneer** or even Edwin getting HOFed, so it could be worse, I suppose. I remain a Rogue main (great sentence), and as soon as I hit rank 5 last season I just went straight back to just playing with Valeera (when I didn't have a quest) again.*** * probably my favourite card in the game, with Edwin my favourite legendary (especially when silence effects are less prevalent...). ** I am slightly conflicted in this I suppose, in that Miracle Rogue is just about my favourite deck ever, but I suppose you could argue that Auctioneer limits design space (and original builds) for the class. I'd still probably rather be sure that Rogue wasn't going to be screwed over by his absence before he goes though. *** I was only on about 250 Rogue wins when it was my only non-Gold class, but now everything else (except Warlock, which I already had 900+ with then, and have about 1200 with now) has less than a thousand. With Rogue I have over 2,000 wins and counting.
  5. The iOS gaming thread

    I seem to be getting slightly worse at some, while more consistent at others without ever quite getting near my records. (The caber is annoying me now, because you need that to land on it's end to get a really good score, but I can't seem to get the right angle to maximise length with also increasing the odds of the bounce, and just get 1200-1400 all the time instead of ever getting 1700 now.) To emphasize this, all my top three scores are now well over 8000, but I haven't cracked 8500 yet despite my combined individual records somehow being 10214.
  6. The iOS gaming thread

    Because of you buggers talking about Unicycle Hero (and then foolishly looking it up) I now have much poorer recall about anything I watched on tv last night than I would normally, but many, many theories about how to make a 2D man on a Unicycle throw things further. 8398. There are loads of iOS games I really like, and some good PC/PS4 ports on there too, but without knowing what you like/already have it's hard to say. What I will say is that I (finally) fancy an iPad myself now, and the first things I get for it if I do take the plunge will be Darkest Dungeon, Sunless Sea, FTL, Papers Please, and Twilight Struggle, because they're all things I think suit it nicely and/or I can't get on the PS4 (which is relevant as don't I game on PC).
  7. Hearthstone

    Having a real mixed bag with this at the moment, largely because all the decks I like playing (and am playing against) have such a wild swing between being favoured and unfavoured against most of the meta (and indeed sometimes based on just your opening hand). Miracle Rogue, as an example, is really good against a lot of the currently popular decks when properly teched (which is code for 'Warlocks and Big Priests hate Saps and (to a lesser extent) Vilespines), but really struggles against the current plague of Secret Mages. I had four in a row last night, and I hate Mage, especially that 'fun and interactive' burn bullshit, especially with Primordial Glyph. Oh, and Ice Block. Always Ice Block... Had a couple of truly comical games against them last night though. On one the guy played the Scroll of Randomimity (I can't remember it's actual name, but the five random spells thing) from a Primordial Glyph, and that proceeded to double one of my minions attack, summon me a minion, and then kill one of his own. Of course, later on I went to the Barnes-flavoured Spell Hunter, played my Barnes on turn 4, then played Tracking (because I'm a moron) and got Y'Shaarj as one of my three choices... I did the decent thing, of course, and discarded him and then conceded. Oh, I did manage to finish Dungeon Run with Priest too though, so that's the full set done (as I did them in order) and card back earned, so that was nice. Loved it too, and hoping for similar good stuff in future expansions.
  8. Hearthstone

    Warlock is probably going to be huge, yes, at least initially; Cubelock will have more time to do its bullshit, so I'm thinking that'll be the more popular version again, as the removal version (with Rin) will potentially have less aggro to feast on, and get teched against more; Priest will maybe lean toward Big and Dragon archetypes again (the Inner Fire version is already good, and loses nothing here), Rogue starts to gravitate towards Miracle (and maybe/hopefully Kingsbane) decks. Even Shaman could potentially make a mini-comeback, as other aggro/Token decks fall away a bit, and as a potential awkward matchup with Devolves and Hex. Aggro always finds a way, though; Zoo will still be good, Paladin has only lost Creeper and Patches, and will likely just move towards Murloc and Token versions (I'm expecting people to try and cheat out that class 5/5 that gets discounted with Recruits), Token Druid will just move some stuff around, and the various Spiteful Summoner decks will probably just find something else to add in lieu of the Creepers. Hunter should get a mini-buff too, as it's main competition takes a hit, and as a class that, with a bit of luck and a good start, can apply the necessary pressure to Warlocks. I am looking forward to Machine Gun Preacher and Tempo Rogue going away though. Razakus was one of the most demoralising decks to lose to I've ever seen, and Tempo was a little bit boring, even as a Rogue main. It'll be interesting to see if Elemental Rogue (which was a more interesting version, that I hit legend with just before the FWA nerfs) comes back.
  9. Destiny 2

    I uninstalled this weeks ago (having belatedly gotten halfway through the dlc and decided I didn’t care anymore), but can’t quite kick the habit of coming in here. I’m not sure if I’m still hopeful it’ll come around (I miss my Hunter, and so wanted it to be good), miss my fellow guardians, or if I’m just voyeuristically watching a slow-motion car crash unfold. I think it’s interesting (and suggests I’m almost certainly not the only one in a similar boat, and that they’ve buggered the loot in this one) that no-one has posted what Xur has had at all since lightshow weekend. Throughout the entire life of Destiny, and the first few weeks of this, there’d be an update within minutes of the tentacle-faced tease showing up, but now no-one cares at all. It’s a bit sad, really.
  10. Monster Hunter: World

    Eurogamer Essential: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2018-01-25-monster-hunter-world-review Can’t bloody wait. Never got into the series as much as I’d like, despite owning the last two 3DS games (I’m not good at consistently actually using my handhelds, especially for things that aren’t just pick up and play), but with Destiny 2 long since uninstalled, and a lot of “little” indie games on my HDD to nicely complement it, this feels like it’s arriving at the perfect time. Of course, my girlfriend is flying over for a long weekend tomorrow, so my start is going to be a bit haphazard too, though the game unlocks at midnight, I may take tomorrow off, and she is getting a copy herself, so I might manage/be allowed to play a little this weekend...
  11. Not sure if it’s in error, so may want to hurry, but this is currently £1.19 (!) on PS4.
  12. Destiny 2

    I actually might give it a quick look, as I largely enjoyed it, it just became apparent once I was fully levelled that the endgame was conspicuous by it's absence. It may just be that I need to stop playing games that expect you to just play them indefinitely (especially if it's just for shiny trinkets and loot), or things where I'm reliant on others to get the most out of them, and should stick to things that have a more clearly defined beginning and end; I get too wrapped up in them, and then never play the countless (great) games I could go off and enjoy elsewhere, without needed to worry about anyone else.
  13. Destiny 2

    In the spirit of remaining positive, I've arrived at the natural evolution of the early positivity some had in this thread ("it lets you play other games now that there's no content!"), and now the game has afforded me both a bunch of additional time to play other games and the HDD space to install them! Also, it turns out Dragon Age: Inquisition is really good! Who knew?! But yeah, I'm out. I had a mini purge the other day, because the games on my PS4 that wanted me to grind and/or tried to get me to buy IAPs were getting me down, so I deleted this, Rocket League and ESO, and I'm actually working through the backlog now, and having a whale of a time. I would like to apologise though - every game I've ever pre-ordered with the season pass has, at best, failed to live up to expectations (most notably SFV, The Division, and now this), so I feel a bit responsible for jinxing D2 now. Sorry about that guys.
  14. Hearthstone

    Was that taken quickly, in the brief moments before he conceded? Or was he so taken aback you actually got to hit him in the face with a 30/30 first?
  15. Monster Hunter: World

    Get it on PS4.

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