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  1. catinthehat

    Your Name - US remake

    Oh wow! That's amazing news! Can't wait for this! Wait, hang on, I meant the other reaction.
  2. catinthehat

    The Wildhearts and Wildhearts side-projects.

    Ooh. Have the got an album on the way?
  3. catinthehat

    The hustle

    Which explains exactly why Dirty Rotten Scoundrels was made.
  4. catinthehat

    The Kleptones

    Latest update / release below.... Release of new work - Part Two As previously stated, the work will be a tetraptych (or quadriptych if you prefer). All parts will be of equal size. Just over a week ago, Part Two was assigned to The Experimental Release Group (ERG) for completion. The Experimental Release Group worked extremely hard and have succeeded in completing the work. We applaud their effort, and raise a glass to them. You should applaud their effort also, as thanks to their fine work, Part Two can now immediately be made available to all. DOWNLOAD HERE : FLAC / MP3 or STREAM HERE If you wish to join the ERG for future parts, and have not already joined, send an email to this address and we'll explain more in a little while. That is all, for now. Much love, The Kleptones P.S. The work is dedicated to everyone that's chipped in, either via the site, or via Patreon. We love you, you pay our rent.
  5. catinthehat

    Alita: Battle Angel

  6. catinthehat

    Quantum Leap

    I re-watched the whole lot a couple of years ago. I got something in my eye during more episodes of this than any other TV show ever. It's by far my favourite show of all time.
  7. catinthehat

    Alita: Battle Angel

    Saw this yesterday in an almost empty cinema. I liked a lot of it, but it seemed to be an awful mash-up of random stories in places. It's like they had so many great ideas, they just tried to cram in as many as possible, without actually working out a way to make them fit together. The whole rollerball thing made no sense at all. Why was that even in the movie? There was so much going on in her life at that stage, it made no sense for her to start playing that game. And where did her feet go? Did she just leave them in the locker room or something? I came out thinking I really enjoyed it, so that's a good thing. And my kids loved it. And it looked amazing in places (although pretty dodgy in others). So yeah, by no means a classic, and could probably have been done better over two films, but still an enjoyable couple of hours.
  8. catinthehat

    Apex Legends - Battle Royale by Respawn Entertainment

    Excuse my ignorance, but how did that guy get so many kills? Isn't this 60 player maximum?
  9. I'd encourage everybody who's interested in this kind of thing to watch this. It's good.
  10. That’s an intruiguing trailer, nice one. Will drop you a mail.
  11. catinthehat

    PlayStation VR

    I tried the AC7 VR missions last night. First game to make me feel properly queezy within seconds. Impressive stuff. It looks SO good, I just need to have a dig around in the options to see if there are any comfort settings.
  12. catinthehat

    PlayStation VR

    That's almost the exact opposite of my experience. I did like some of the environments, but found the Cortanna thing incredibly irritating, the whole thing moved at a snail's pace, there were constant interruptions to the flow of the exploration, and one specific piece of animation was hilariously bad... I uninstalled the demo and won't be going back for the full game. Not complaining though, I'm just thankful there was a demo.
  13. catinthehat

    PlayStation VR

    That's the correct reaction, Goose. Actually, talking of BS, I've had some tracking issues with it the last couple of times I've played. Never had it before, got the same lighting setup in the room, but I've had the occasional sabre going off wonky since the last update. Anybody else had that?

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