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  1. Thread resurrection alert! The new album's out... Help Us Stranger. So far so good. More of the same, for sure, but I'm cool with that. I really enjoyed both of the previous albums, so many, many years ago. Check it out.
  2. Cancel your weekend plans. Job done.
  3. On the Y-Axis thing, wasn't it the 360 that let you set your preference on your profile on the console itself, and all games just inherited it? That just makes so much sense.
  4. I have no idea what you just said, but it looks cool. I got 30 poison on a dude earlier, and then tripled it, and felt invincible.
  5. Way to scare him off, Rule. Now we'll never know what he thought.
  6. I've managed it once (with Ironclad) so far, and reached the Act 3 boss with both of the others, but not been able to finish it. How much difference do the unlocks make? I've still got at least 2 or 3 unlocks left with each character, so I'm hoping whatever they open up will help me open up the elusive Act 4 and Ascension levels. We'll see.
  7. Milla Jojovich is going to be pissed. I don't think Google Play have the rights to all of the same films Ultraviolet had, so it's going to be interesting to see how they handle that.
  8. Yep. That's my preferred mode as well. Add in the Insta-Fail to make it ever more of a challenge. PS4 leaderboards are rubbish, unfortunately.
  9. This crashes about once every couple of hours for me, on Switch. Bit shit.
  10. Does that definitely work with the new Moves? I bought this one from Amazon, and it doesn't work at all. Charges the old PS3 Moves no problem, but won't do anything with the new ones. Really odd, as the connectors look exactly the same on both.
  11. Anybody playing on Switch? I'm finding the touch controls to be almost unusable, and using the controller is a bit hit and miss sometimes as well. I get a weird bug where it doesn't seem to let me cast a card if I've been looking at the buffs etc. on an enemy, and it takes a few random button presses to get it working again.
  12. Which is a minor miracle given the amount of absolute bullshit they had to put up with from a huge number of “gamers” when the game was released.
  13. I'm still playing. Just sent you a friend request (revrof). The leaderboards seem to be so flakey on PSVR. Sometimes they just won't refresh, sometimes they won't show at all.
  14. Yep, the modifiers have changed as well. You definitely used to get extra points for having the battery power one enabled, but that's no longer the case. Maybe there's hope for cross-platform leaderboards yet.
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