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  1. I tried to keep them organised, but it was futile task so gave up. It just put Pokémon in the last box you accessed, which I found impossible to keep up with.
  2. I found the exact opposite. After the insane mess of mini games and horrible, intrusive story in Ultra Sun, I’ve found the simple story and fast pacing of this a joy and I’ve even managed to complete my Pokédex. I love the Max Raid battles and am really enjoying the post-game content.
  3. I didn’t enjoy this.
  4. Samuel L Jackson joins the fight!
  5. 1. Pokémon Sword – Completed Pokédex (Switch) Giving myself a point for this as a 'second' completion. After finishing the main story, I went and completed my Pokédex. Don't think I've ever managed that in a Pokémon game before.
  6. If you have anyone to play it with, The Stretchers is bloody brilliant fun. Also, Astral Chain.
  7. shirubagan

    Pokemon Go

    God damn it. Niantic released Throh instead of Sark for around 10 minutes in the wrong region. I’d barely got my coat on before it was patched.
  8. Looks great. I'm sold. EDIT: Might try to save scum for a Shiny Galarian Slowpoke.
  9. Would love Pokémon Pinball, but I hate PFX’s original tables. I’d rather they just made up more bonkers nonsense tables like PP GBA.
  10. If you manage to breed another decent one, please put one aside for me If I get Sableye and Drampa, I'll @ you here
  11. I don't have the ability to rate Pokémon in this save yet, but I think that's a good one. Thanks! Edit: This is all I have left now: 294 Sableye 299 Lucario (I have a Riolu) 346 Drampa 389 Goomy (Evo > 390 Sliggoo > 391 Goodra Time to spam the Surprise Trades, I suppose.
  12. Didn't you need a Corsola? I'll log on with my other account, kerumba. Same trade code. You can keep it to level up for Cursola too.
  13. Sure thing, I'll be online in a minute or two. Edit: My trainer name is Hel, btw. Edit 2: Oops, I messed that Karrablast trade up.
  14. @CheekyLee I have Corsola and Larvitar. If you have Shelmet/Karrablast I can make that trade also.
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