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  1. This really is staggeringly beautiful at times. The art team are incredibly talented. I really hope they make a Bill & Ted Trilogy next.
  2. SkateBird is a huge disappointment
  3. I’m still really excited about this crazy 1-bit, crank-handled motherfucker. More so than the Steam Deck TBH.
  4. Hurry up OLED! Compared Spelunky Switch with the Vita OLED version and my goodness, the Vita’s colours are phenomenal. Also I am gutted my launch day Switch got banned. I miss big TV Switch gaming! Transferring a few hundred shiny Pokémon by local transfer is not going to be fun.
  5. Is PUBG still a janky mess? I’d be up for playing this if it’s sorted.
  6. I won again! Absolutely bloody hooked on this after a good 18-24 month break. I’ve been playing Duos with a workmate which makes the game so much more fun.
  7. TV advert… Looks so good. Can’t wait for my OLED, might actually keep both my pre-orders
  8. Odd. There's no perceptible lag with my Lite and Jabra Moves. EDIT: None with my AirPods either.
  9. Yes, I got it a lot on Psychonauts 2, but very rarely in other games. I was going to contact support about it as I’m sat within 3-4ft of the console. Other than that, they’re bloody great.
  10. Is it installed on an external drive or the internal SSD?
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