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  1. The digital foundation segment in the next gen special is too good.
  2. he’s aware that many teams QPR included have decided not to do it before tonight right? not sure about ‘the racists won’ stuff. The players linked arms in front of an equality banner. Were applauded. Romeo raised the black power fist, and was applauded. I think that’s about as good as an outcome as I could have hoped for tonight.
  3. I wanted to put my thoughts down somewhere. This seems like a good place to start. The MSC are a joke. They don't represent the fans. I mean who can? Seeing that statement wound me right up. Don't speak for me, you don't know me. They represent fuck all. To say that the past few days have hurt is an understatement. Growing up as a Millwall fan I always worried about revealing who I supported. Because I'd usually get called a racist. It killed me because I'm not. I went to games week in week out, home and away and I very rarely heard any racism. If I did it w
  4. Although I agree, what happened today has brought all that impact back.
  5. Yep. It's fucking embarrassing. Worst of all this means that we'll just attract more dickheads. I hope the players continue to do It until the booing stops.
  6. no sir. you can get official Series X Play and Charge Kits. Argos
  7. Give rocket league a go for sure. Really good fun.
  8. elmo

    Xbox Game Pass

    I’m not going to assist you with international fraud.
  9. elmo

    Xbox Game Pass

    Sorry the link for the browser is here: https://redeem.microsoft.com/enter?ref=xboxcom
  10. elmo

    Xbox Game Pass

    they removed it in the update (I hear it’s being added back in) you can enter it in the store section on the console or via your browser
  11. this is why I was asking yesterday. I read this on the Activision Q&A
  12. Am i right in thinking that the version out tomorrow hasn’t got all the next gen stuff in it and that shit is coming later this year?
  13. My amazon order has been at the final delivery station since 5:30am starting to
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