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  1. elmo

    ONRUSH - A New Breed of Arcade Action

    Yeah a ‘Left Behind’ mode would be incred. if you’re last for a certain period of time you’re out of the round. If you get taken out you’re out of the round best 2 of 3? Actually there are a bunch of game modes in my head that I’d love to see but whether they would be good or not is another matter.
  2. It was. The third episode was a bit of a letdown but the bonus Farewell episode might be the best thing they’ve ever done.
  3. elmo

    ONRUSH - A New Breed of Arcade Action

    I will never understand the 'needs a finish line' stance. Not saying it's wrong but I've not missed the lack of traditional racing once. To me it's like asking for traditional deathmatch in Overwatch. I really hope this pulls through because I'm around 20 hours in an still loving it so much.
  4. The trailer filled my heart with joy. I cannot wait to play this.
  5. elmo

    ONRUSH - A New Breed of Arcade Action

    I'm sure it's way too early to be discussing this stuff and should probably wait until the E3 buzz has died down but I think a free weekend could really help this. People just need to play it for a day or two to realise how good it is.
  6. elmo

    ONRUSH - A New Breed of Arcade Action

    Another cracking night with this game but the game mode rotation was a bit weird. Seemed to favour Lockdown (fine by me) with like 9 of the 15 or so rounds being that. also on a few modes the choice of vehicle was limited. In one game we only had a choice of two. Is this new? Not seen it before
  7. elmo

    Yoku's Island Express

  8. elmo

    ONRUSH - A New Breed of Arcade Action

    Fuck. I’m loving this so much. Genuine GOTY material for me. Two nights in row it’s been endlessly brilliant.
  9. elmo

    Yoku's Island Express

    Hahaha. There’s a ton of moments like that in this game. I spent ages trying to get a seemingly inaccessible key. I thought I tried everything. I think I still have a dent in my forehead from slapping it so hard when I worked it out.
  10. elmo

    Yoku's Island Express

    It should slow down every time you get near a slug unless you’ve already sucked one up. it sounds like it could be a bug if that’s not happening. And yeah the slug stuff is a HUGE part of the game so I’d make sure before continuing!
  11. elmo

    Yoku's Island Express

    Yeah runs brilliantly on the switch and the pro controller triggers feel incredible. it struggles to load areas later in the game when you’re zipping about but it only pauses for a second and doesn’t affect gameplay at all.
  12. elmo

    Yoku's Island Express

    5-6 for the main game. think I’m close to 12 now at around 85% complete.
  13. elmo

    Yoku's Island Express

    Honestly I think if you’re even interested in the concept you’ll go on to love it. It’s really good. the post story stuff can be a tad frustrating but there’s still so much mystery there to keep me playing.
  14. elmo

    Nintendo Switch eShop

    I ‘finished it’ this weekend. Got to the end of the story I mean. There’s still so much to do. I absolutely love it. Found it addictive, charming and really fun to play. If you like the look of it, Then definitely pick it up.
  15. elmo

    EFL Championship 2017/18 - All Welcome!

    They were certainly the best team I’ve seen us play this season so I guess they deserve it. Decent game of football though. Tension was there right up until added time where villa seemed beat. I feel for Villa fans. As someone who’s seen their team lose twice in a playoff final, there really is no worse feeling.

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