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  1. It's funny, and I said this at the time which was later confirmed on Quest. If you watch Bart as the ball is coming in, their striker has got hold of his arm. As he starts to head to the far post you can see his arm being tugged meaning that he couldn't get back in time. How the hell the ref/lino caught that though is beyond me. Did you watch last night? Might be one of the best performances I've seen from a Millwall side since we had Cahill (first time obviously!). Mahoney has come out of nowhere and looks to be unstoppable at the moment but we were excellent all over the pitch. H
  2. Thanks! We’ll be streaming it again on Friday 30th. if you enjoyed the video feel free to pass it around! We want to try and spread the word about these streams!
  3. Played Star Trek Bridge Crew for the first time last night. My word. That's a lot of fun.
  4. Someone sent me that on twitter and for the next hour I listened to the level 1 music on repeat.
  5. elmo

    Fall Guys

    Managed to get one on stream last night. Felt good, man
  6. Ah ok we’ll leave it as it is.
  7. Cheers mate. I still look back on your podcasting very fondly. I started The Podcast With No Name back in 2006. 14 fucking years of this. I guess I’ve kept it up because I have so much fun doing it. It really is a good laugh. Mat, Sean and James are my best mates. Having an excuse to talk bollocks once a week with your mates is brilliant!
  8. exactly this. Having feedback at the end makes absolutely no sense to me. Having said that ‘Because HarryBizzle Doesn’t Like That Bit’ might be enough to get us to reformat the show, we’ll see. As for FF7 we certainly went over our journey with that game (I mentioned why I suddenly dropped off of it, mat spoke about completing it etc.) however we have been guilty of that in the past, it’s something I’ll keep in mind going forward for sure.
  9. you should probably get that looked at. It’s night and day between my pro and the X. As others have said in here there are time’s when I genuinely don’t know it’s on.
  10. I get that but when you look at the One X, very powerful at the time, really small and fucking silent... it doesn’t make for a good comparison. Really though, the design of the box doesn’t matter. It looks awful but by the time the thing comes out we’ll be used to it/won’t care. My major issue with the PS4 has been with how loud it is. If this is quiet, then all good.
  11. That’s it. We’ve peaked.
  12. my boy has been banging on about it non stop for a week. They’ve bombarded kids TV with trailers and all his mates are talking about it at school. So yeah. We’re going tomorrow.
  13. Signing up for a premium account activated a 90 day free trial. Tried this last night. Never had a PC for gaming and am using it to finally play Disco Elysium on my MacBook. Works perfectly. Really impressed.
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