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  1. It was a solid tight film with tension running throughout. I've seen complaints from people about it having no characters or story arc, but that's surely the whole point. Very similar to Dunkirk. They could have padded it with 30 extra minutes of downtime between attacks and getting to know Hanks and his crew but that kinda defeats the purpose. I think Hanks (who wrote the screenplay) was trying to convey that in real life, there wasn't time for downtime, everyone was on full alert the whole time because attacks could come at any moment. That whats this film shows and why it just 90 minutes because it avoids all the unnecessary gumf on purpose. Its a very solid 3/5, a decent 90mins watch.
  2. I find that utterly baffling. She's the mains focus of 7 out of 46 songs and pops up in maybe 1 or 2 more. How much less of her do you want? The actress is amazingly talented and its as much Elizas story as it is Alexanders. I also don't understand why people are complaining about the run time of the show. Most top Broadway shows run at around 2.5-3 hours. Maybe because watching it at home it doesn't translate as well and where you'd usually have like a 30 minute intermission in the theatre, here you have 1 minute. I agree that LMM is the weakest singer but I think we're he lacks in those departments he makes up in his rapping and acting.
  3. I've owned all Ghibli films on DVD for many years now. I've still not bothered with Tales from Earthsea. @MW_Jimmy you should check our Castle or Cagliostro and The Red Turtle. They're bascially Ghibli in all but name.
  4. I know you said you're going to watch them all but why is up to 2001 all you want to see? There's some wonderful films post Spirited Away.
  5. Just watched Hamilton again, dunno why but this time it hit me on a emotional level way more than the first time and had me crying at the end. Also I paid way more attention to Phillpa Soo this time, she is amazing and her character really holds the whole story together. Been reading some interesting theories on what the ending means. I like this one
  6. Poor 2nd half that. Would help if Mo could find his shooting boots. Winning the league was awesome but it'd be nice to bag some of those records. We just lost the opportunity to get the win every home game one and now have to win all the next 3 to get the points total.
  7. Would really like to see Pope have another great season next year too. Southgate needs to start picking him over Pickford.
  8. What a great header that is. Perfect run and finish from Robbo.
  9. Daveed Diggs is really great isn't he. I see him blowing up big time in the next couple years. Wouldn't be surpised to see him be offered an MCU role.
  10. I haven't had time to watch the show agian but I've been smashing the soundtrack all week. I think I've listened to Wait For It about 20 times.
  11. This weeks episode was so great. Daveed Diggs is awesome.
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