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  1. Stigweard

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Wouldn't be Liverpool if we didn't do it the easy way would it Thank fuck Alisson is amazing. Mane, really wanted to do this the hard way didn't he, couldn't be arsed to score.
  2. Stigweard

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Mane lad, how have you not score there? My stomach is all over the place.
  3. Stigweard

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Officials are terrible. The shot by VVD was bad but he was miles onside.
  4. Stigweard

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    That's a penalty. Or does it only count if he goes down. Fuck off ref.
  5. Stigweard

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    I liked that Mane was in perfect position on the back post too just in case. Great positioning
  6. Stigweard

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    GET IN.
  7. Stigweard

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    This ref is a joke. How was that a foul on Ospina? He fucked his jump up, Mane didn't even make a challenge for the ball.
  8. Stigweard

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Not only thats but why shouldn't Raheem post those things? Thats his life and if he wants to share part of it then thats fine. Should he just pretend that he doesn't earn millions and just post pictures of his pets and him tea? Every single person who moans would be doing exactly the same in his shoes.
  9. Stigweard

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    You got an android? Get Ace player and reddit streams on the go
  10. Stigweard

    Brooklyn Nine-Nine

  11. Stigweard

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    Ah. Thanks for the tip
  12. Stigweard

    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

    I bought this ages ago and due to other games and time I put hardly any time into it. Recently I've gone back in and finally started to get things going and really enjoying it. I defintly need to do some more shrines though fo extra life and stamina, as it's holding me bakc a little with some stuff. I did my first devine beast too and whilst doing a couple of shrines close to it I noticed an island out to see. As everyone says you can pretty much go anywhere you can see on the game I decent to make my way to it. It clearly too far out to swim too, so I tried to glide and felt short. So I used ice blocks to travel over the water. I love that you can try different methods to get places. When I got there though all my gear is taken form me and I have to do a challenge to get it back. I might try leaving my gear on a rock, going to island, then going back to the rock to collect it and see if that works.
  13. We got right up to having only two more episodes of season 2 and fell off. It just feels like the same thing over and over just in different settings. It feels really tedious.

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