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  1. I dont know what you're talking about...
  2. I have it on Blu Ray so will make sure I do.
  3. So here's the thing. I watched most in English years ago but 2 years ago I watched Your Name in Japanese and the emotion conveyed in the Japanese audio was about 1000x better than the English dub (which I checked out after). After that I decided that unless I was watching with the kids I would always watch Japanese animation in its native language with subs. I do however think some of the English dubs are still really great Totoro, Howls and Kiki standout.
  4. How do you make the perfect trilogy into the perfect quadrilogy? You make Toy Story 4. They've done it again
  5. It just shows the quality of Miyazaki's other work. The real crime here is the 3 votes for Tales From Earthsea.
  6. Just watch this. Was enjoyable enough and thought it looked extremely impressive. I really liked the character designs and the setting. Would make a wonderful game (CyperPunk anyone?) The script was absolute tosh is parts though (mainly the stuff between Alita and Hugo). A solid and enjoyable 3/5.
  7. I've been looking at getting Howls castle on my calf. Just need to find a good one that's great lookig but doesn't have all the small fine details (because really small stuff like that they will fade with time and look shit).
  8. Rectify this immediately. Do you have Netflix cause it's on there. Watch it this weekend.
  9. Spirited Away is the first Ghibli film I ever saw and it's up there with the best, but for me, my favourite has to be Howls Moving Castle. I know its not viewed by many as top tier but I absolutely love it, everything about it I just find utterly magical. It's the first Ghibli film my wife and daughter saw too and they both love it. My youngest daughters favourite is Totoro, she must have watched it about 20 times and has a big Totoro teddy. When it comes to Takahata it has to be Grave of the Fireflies. Its such a powerful piece of cinema and left me an absolute mess. Its one of only a handful of films to really make me break down crying. Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro sits with my Ghibli collection, so I technically class it as one, plus its proper ace. But if you're putting that in, you should also add The Red Turtle which is a beautiful film. Here my collection. As you can see the fact that Studio Ghibli has stopped actually works out pretty well for my shelf.
  10. Christian groups getting things completely wrong ay. Who'da thunk it
  11. I absolutely love The Blues Brothers. Its reminds me of my dad too (he's still alive it just makes me think of him). Its one of those films I just remember sitting down and watching with him whenever it was on. It didn't even matter where the film was either, could be half way through and we'd see it out to the end. He also used to play the soundtrack in the car a lot too and what a bloody great one it is. Theres not many films or TV shows that involve those feelings, maybe this, Jurassic Park and the TV show Porridge.
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