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  1. Started this last night, its hilarious. Only managed the first part and then tormented the kid a bit before going to sleep. Cant wait to get stuck into it more. *HONK*
  2. I just watched this and Kerraig is pretty much spot on. The voice over was my biggest issue and it really started to grate on me around the half way point. I was getting pretty sick of being told exactly what we're seeing on the screen in what was a very dull delivery.
  3. Molly's Game 3/5 Good dialogue but its too long and theres way too much exposition/voice over. Sometimes its fine but at times we're literally being told what we're seeing on the screen.
  4. My theory is their parents are in the forest. Their ship actually washed up near the edge of it and they've been stuck in there ever since unable to get out. Some link between Elsa and her mother is calling her.
  5. A very nervy ending there but 6 wins for 6 is awesome. Fucking class these reds.
  6. Come on Capwn you know that's not how Films are viewed anymore. We all make up a decision on if a film's good or bad based on other peoples reactions.
  7. Think it was BT Sports at the time. Anyway, he deffo commented. When VVF scores it sounds like bloody Fifa commentary
  8. Tyler doesnt hide his dislike of Liverpool at all. He barely reacts when we score a worldie or a late winner. Remember how he spaffed himself silly when Martial scored that goal against us in his debut. Contrast to when VVD scored in his debut to win it against Everton, he hardly bloody reacts.
  9. Rival fans : I can’t wait for VAR to stop Liverpool from cheating Also rival fans: VAR is a joke it’s just helping Liverpool
  10. Absolute rocket that. Great goal.
  11. Too early to tell on James, but he looks good and could be a real tallent. The rest is fair. Mata was a great player but way past his best now.
  12. "This list doesnt have my favourite album on and stuff I dont like/never heard of. Its fucking bullshit."
  13. Howls Moving Castle - 5/5 Pure Ghibli Magic.
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