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  1. James Cameron yearns for avengers fatigue

    linkster in talking shit again shocker
  2. James Cameron yearns for avengers fatigue

    They already have been doing that though and from quite early on too. If you actually think about where some of the films have been set, like WW2, space, the mirror dimension, a secret African nation full of technology powers etc. They're always going to be comic book films and follow a certain or formula but you have some that are War films, some space operas, some about magic, one is an espionage thriller in places and another about African tribalism. I've found them to be quite diverse really. Regarding Cameron, I think he's just a little jealous about the success of the MCU. He's right that there are plenty of other sci-fi stories to be told, but it's not mutually exclusive. Disney & Marvel can still knock out their films and other studios can focus on other sci-fi. It's not one or the other.
  3. Avengers: Infinity War - April 2018

    Yeah, how can anyone of these people know anything about a film that hasn't even screened to anyone yet?
  4. A movie watchers blog

    Yeah, but what I meant is there's a drop in quality from Friday to Next Friday.
  5. Football Thread 2017/18

  6. Great films with terrible music

    Do any of us?
  7. Great films with terrible music

    I'm honoured. I dont put anyone on ignore cause then you miss out on the chance to challenge the shit they post. Youre a good one for that.
  8. Great films with terrible music

    I know I know, its on the list,
  9. Great films with terrible music

    What, by not even being in the movie?
  10. Great films with terrible music

    Never seen it
  11. Football Thread 2017/18

    sure pal, sure. Your season is now bascially over.
  12. Football Thread 2017/18

    How does Shimmyhill put it again?....Ah yes Spurs gonna Spurs
  13. Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Ffs just seen a video and their 2nd goal came from the ref giving a foul where their player slipped over and fell into ours
  14. Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Ref was utter shit but we shouldn't be giving a 2 nil lead away to bottom of the league. We've taken 2 points off these this season and got knocked out the FA Cup by them. Bastards.
  15. Liverpool Football Club Thread

    Well shit the bed

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