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  1. Fantastic start to the series. The look on the dogs face when he said Milson was perfect. Martin was in top form. "Have you tried racing them against each other"
  2. I wouldn't have called it quits but I certainly could have watched Spider-man FFH as the epilogue and waiting 4-5 years until the next film. A nice chill out period and then the anticipation of knowing the next phase was coming would have been so good. Excitement levels would have been through the roof.
  3. He really is one of the greatest TV villains of the last 20 years.
  4. And then they'll travel and restart this all over again. Also Trumps and idiot, no way they go back to normal in 14 days
  5. Yeah it is. Earlier on in the book he takes on 4 people in his office at once (the film, he just apperates away with Fawkes) but this is the first time we ever get to see what true power Dumbledore has. He's talked about as being one of the greatest wizards of all time, but he's so stoic and laid back he only even busts out his true power when needed. JKR played it perfectly waiting 5 books to show it off, as you finally get to see why Voldemort is scared of an old man.
  6. Amy was amazing, it completely changed my view on her. It's incredbily powerful considering theres no talking heads in it and it's all just footgage from cameras.
  7. This is what I'm hoping for becuase I can't face This season has been so great, the ruses to keep this house this week so good. I loved the arc this show has taken overall from Season 1 to now. We're in full on Breaking Bad teritory now where as the first 2 season (at least) we're so far removed from BB baring the setting and a few cameos. Definitely the best TV going at the moment.
  8. Thank you, this is the response I was trying to think of earlier but just wasn't coming for some reason so I left it. I love the cinema, but also think this is a great idea for whats going on right now. I just personally don't like it as a replacement or secondary option for when things go back to normal. I would say that maybe a half way option between cinema and physical release would be great though, it could go Cinema > Home Streaming > Physical/Digital > Netflix/Amazon/Sky etc
  9. Yeah, just like the screeners that do the round every award season. It won't stop people.
  10. Maybe it's where I live then because I can go to the cinema for £6-7 a ticket and the savvy movie goer with kids takes treats with them. I think if you start offering people the ability to see a new releases from home, the cinema experience would eventually die and for me that's sad. I enjoy going to the cinema and so do my kids. I don't think movie makers would do it anyway because it would instantly mean 1080 pirate versions of new releases would be out out there straight away.
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