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  1. Some Studio Ghibli easy for kids to enjoy, all on Netflix Spirited Away Howls Moving Castle My Neighbour Totoro Ponyo Secret World of Arrietty Then if you want you've got all the Disney live action remakes that the kids might enjoy. Looking back on Letterboxd and also on the kids DVD shelf, other family friendly films I'd suggest that went down well with my kids the last few years Jurassic Park* BTTF Trilogy* Labyrinth* Goonies Harry Potter films* Hocus Pocus* Secret if Kells Song of the Sea
  2. Does GOT and it's extended universe even have enough good will saved up anymore for anyone to give a fuck? A dire finale in one hand upsetting the show fans and an author who can't be arsed finishing his series off in the other. I've never felt my love of a series in both formats hit rock bottom so quick as I did with GOT.
  3. Gonna link this instead of quote so Harrison doesn't get notified before he's managed to see the episode, but this theory seems to be spot on That was the best of the 3 and I agree that they should have released all 3 together to start with as the end of this one looked to be the start of some explanations.
  4. When a keep slides in like that he's giving the opposition the chance to go down. Its a penalty and its Alissons fault.
  5. What the actual fuck has happened to this team. About to lose our hoke record to fucking Burnley. We have Spurs, City, Everton and Leicester coming up. Right now I can't see us winning any of them.
  6. Are we doing this again? I swear we did this the other day.
  7. But I'd argue Mings plays that because he knows Rodri is there. Like you said, it doesn't even touch the floor or is undercontrol and Rodri is making a b-line striaght for it. He goes straight for the ball in an offiside posstion. He's taking advantage of being 10 years offside to tackle from behind. As I've said, all season they've been giving offsides for ones that you can't even tell without moving lines to make them offside and yet this ones given without a second thought.
  8. Apparantly from the fact the City player is moving towards to ball to make a challenge. Fucking shambles.
  9. How in the hell is that not an offside for the City goal? He literally comes from an offside position to take the ball off the Villa player. What the actual fuck. Look at where he is AFTER the ball has been played forward. All season they've been calling offsides for a toe nail and then let that go.
  10. This didn't work out at all and I've watched all of Season 4 thats available and now I have to wait till the 25th for the next episode *cry face* Caught up on it all in less than a month. Been loving it.
  11. I have BvSM better than this, but Suicide Squad is easily the worst DCEU film. My personal favourite is how she just let WW2 and all other atrosoties/wars happen inbetween because.....*shrug*
  12. I've seen many MANY shit films and this doesn't come close to them, so whilst I agree its not the worst film ever (that gets thrown around way too easy) its still fucking shite.
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